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Fendt Cargo T740 telehandler

Lift it up!

The Fendt Cargo T740 combines the advantages of a conventional telehandler and a wheeled loader into one machine. The Fendt Cargo T740 starts where other telehandlers stop and offers you more visibility, more power, more safety and more comfort. It is equipped with many clever details, perfect for the requirements of agriculture.

The clever details of the telescopic loader

The Fendt Cargo T740 starts where other telehandlers stop.
With many clever details, it combines the advantages of a conventional telehandler and a wheeled loader into one machine — perfect for the demands of agriculture.
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360° all-round visibility

_Icons_Web_Fendt_Cargo T740_Teleskop-Kabine_128x128.svg

Lifting, suspended cab

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Incredibly durable construction

Model overview

Maximum lift height:

Maximum load capacity:

Cargo T740

7,7 m

4,0 t

Fendt Cargo T740

Lift it up!

Flying high with the Fendt T740 telehandler

Whether at the biogas plant, for bale handling or for loading a wide variety of goods – a telehandler is an indispensable machine for many farms today. The Fendt Cargo T740 is impressive with its unique driving comfort even on uneven ground, its unique visibility for the driver and an enormous breakaway force.

Durable and safe

The Fendt Cargo T740 is designed for demanding continuous operation thanks to its robust and stable construction. With various equipment options, it can be adapted to the corresponding tasks and working conditions.

Stability against overturning

The combination of a 3.10 m wheelbase and a low centre of gravity give the Fendt Cargo T740 optimum stability.


Especially on uneven ground, the optional swing axle lock for the rear axle increases stability. The driver can choose between 3 functions as required:

  1. freely oscillating
  2. automatic activation at standstill
  3. permanently locked

Overload system

In order not to leave the safe area, the overload system supports the driver. A sensor on the rear axle detects the load condition and prevents the machine from tipping forward. Before the overload situation is reached, a visual and acoustic warning is given before the system switches off automatically. Should an overload situation nevertheless be reached, the overload protection can be bypassed via push-button to safely set down the load again.


The Fendt Cargo T740 has sufficient power and an optimised drive concept. What further increases its efficiency is optimal accessibility to the engine compartment. Strong at work, easy to maintain and time-saving.


The Cummins engine offers sufficient power for every application. From 3800 cm3 ,100 kW/136 hp nominal power and 520 Nm max. torque at 1200 rpm are available. The 160 litres of diesel and 16 litres of AdBlue ensure fewer fuel stops.

Engine compartment

The spacious engine compartment offers good accessibility on the right-hand side of the vehicle. At the same time, it is designed for optimal thermal management.

Daily maintenance

The one-touch opening bonnet combined with optimally placed radiator pack, air filter and dipstick saves a lot of time and effort in daily checks.

Reversible fan

The optional reversible fan ensures that the air intake is always free, even in dusty conditions, and thus provides correspondingly optimal cooling. At the same time, it further reduces the effort required for daily maintenance. It can be activated manually, by push-button or automatically in 3 different intervals.


In extremely dusty conditions, the optional cyclone pre-separator for the air filter is a good choice. This also helps to reduce the daily maintenance effort and at the same time extends the service life of the air filter.

Ground drive

Thanks to the continuously variable drive of the Fendt Cargo T740 with the CompactDrive transmission, the Fendt Cargo T740 accelerates like a Fendt Vario tractor. The perfect tuning ensures the best efficiency in every driving situation, either high-speed or high-torque.

Pushing operation

Thanks to its high tractive and pushing power, the vehicle is also suitable for typical wheel loader tasks in material handling. In addition, a differential lock in the rear axle prevents the wheels from spinning on one side.

High speed

With the powerful CompactDrive transmission, even 40 km/h transport speed is no problem. Thanks to cab suspension and vibration damping in the lift arm, unique driving comfort is guaranteed even in less than ideal road conditions. With the optional 2-hose, compressed air brake system, trailers up to 18.5 t can also be towed on public roads.
40 km/h

top speed

4-wheel steering

The standard four-wheel steering guarantees optimum manoeuvrability even in confined spaces. With standard tyres, the Fendt Cargo thus achieves a turning radius of 4.15 m.
4,15 m

turning radius

Steering as needed

Depending on use and need, the steering can also be switched between the 3 different steering modes while driving.

  1. Front wheel steering for road traffic and transport trips
  2. All-wheel steering for the tightest turning radius in confined spaces
  3. Crab steering, for example, to place palletised goods precisely close together when loading them


The working hydraulics on the Fendt Cargo T740 have their own load-sensing axial piston pump with a delivery rate of 170 l/min. This provides the exact hydraulic power required for each work function powerfully and efficiently. Travel drive, brake system and reversing fan are supplied via separate hydraulic pumps.

Precise control

The delay-free signal processing between the multifunction joystick and hydraulic control block ensures optimum, sensitive controls for all hydraulic functions.

Hydraulic connections on the boom head

At the boom head, the Fendt Cargo T740 already has a double-acting hydraulic valve with relief for easy coupling and uncoupling of the attachments with additional hydraulic function as standard. The valve can also be used for continuous drives with adjustable oil quantity. Another double-acting valve can be selected as an option. There is also a 7-pin socket for electrical connections.

Auxiliary hydraulics at the rear

A double-acting hydraulic valve with up to 65 l/min hydraulic oil flow is also available in the rear for hydraulic supply to trailers.


The workstation of the Fendt Cargo T740 is optimally designed in terms of visibility, the arrangement of all operating and display elements and suspension comfort. The focus is on relaxed and ergonomic working.

Unique field of view

It is not only the elevating cab, which raises the driver's viewing height to over 4 metres, which makes it a unique overview. Looking forward, only the narrow, 2-way adjustable steering tower is visible. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windscreen, which is rounded off at the top, neither the instruments nor the displays or controls interfere with the driver's view of the main working area. There is also a memory function for the lifting height for regularly recurring work.

viewing height

Comfortable environment

To counteract possible glare from the sun, the Fendt Cargo T740 is equipped with sun blinds for the roof and front windscreen as standard. The air-sprung comfort driver's seat with seat heating is gentle on the driver. The air conditioning ensures an optimal climate in the cabin in summer and winter. USB charging connection as well as 12V/24V power supply are available and, of course, a radio including USB and SD interface, as well as MP3 and Bluetooth function are available ex works.

Highest position of the cabin

Starting position of the cabin

Fendt attachments

Various buckets

Light material buckets, loading buckets, earth-moving buckets

Silage bucket

with hydraulic grab

Bale spike

Foldable for road travel

Round and square baler tine

Clamping range 800 mm to 1800 mm

Pallet fork

Fork tine length 1200 mm or 1500 mm

Tine adjustment with lateral shifter

Sideshift adjustable independently of the opening area

Adapter frame for Euro hitch

Compatible with Sennebogen quick release.

Optional features

Reversible fan

guarantees reliable cooling even with high dust loads and enormously reduces the cleaning effort.

Cyclone blower for air filters

extends the service life of the air filter between cleanings, even with high dust loads.

Dirt wiper on telescope

Second auxiliary valve at the rear

enables the tipping of trailers or the operation of augers.

Third hydraulic auxiliary circuit on the boom

Radio incl. USB and SD interface

withMP3 and bluetooth functions

Camera system

or camera system Premium with 2nd camera on right side

Two headlights (LED)

on the basic boom for optimum visibility in the dark at any load height.

Headlight protection grillefront

Pendulum axle lock

of the rear axle raised to increase stability.

Pneumatic brake system

allows driving with trailers up to 18.5 tonnes.

Automatic central lubrication system

enormously shortens the time required for regular maintenance.

Technical data Fendt Cargo T740

Maximum lifting height
7700 mm
Maximum load capacity
4000 kg
Maximum power ECE R 120
100 kW / 136 hp
Hydraulic powershift variable flow pump
170 l/min
Hydraulic operating pressure
300 bar
Operating weight
9400 kg
Overall width (with standard tyres)
2435 mm
Overall height (with cab lowered)
2470 mm
Ground speed
20 / 30 / 40 km/h
Max weight trailer hitch
18500 kg

The way to your new Cargo T740

Next steps

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