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Flexible. Compact. Robust. Fendt Tigo XR, VR and PR.

Ultimate in feed quality. Vast loading space. Quick unloading. The forage wagons Fendt Tigo PR, VR and XR meet these requirements. The multifunctional bulkhead with VarioFill gives you another 6 m³ for impressive loading volumes. Whether silage or hay: Automated loading with continuously adjustable pre-compacting pressure makes the most of every cubic metre and actively supports the unloading process. The results are a clean, emptied trailer and top quality feed.

Safely on track.

With the Fendt Tigo, you're always right on track, either on low-lying land, on the roads or on difficult terrain. Whatever the slope, with Fendt Stability Control (FSC) the vehicle is always kept level. Its stability is impressive, even when taking corners, You feel the safety and the singular drive comfort with each load.

A comfortable ride.

Volumes in accordance with DIN 11741

Permissible overall weight*


31 m³

17.000/18.000 kg


31 m³

20.000/22.000 kg


36 m³

20.000/24.000 kg

TIGO VR 6537 m³24.000 kg
TIGO VR 7542,5 m³24.000 kg


38 m³

22.000/24.000 kg


44 m³

24.000/31.000 kg


50 m3

31.000 kg


54 m³

31.000 kg

* specific to the country

Fendt Tigo XR, VR and PR. 100 percent use, always.

The perfect team = Fendt Vario + Fendt Tigo

Together, both these machines form the team with best efficiency and payload. While the Fendt Vario tractor is impressive with its high payload owing to the intelligent lightweight design, the Fendt Tigo forage wagon is the best companion – light to tow and compact. This vehicle is a whole metre shorter than its competitors thanks to the revolutionary bulkhead. With its TIM ready function (Tractor Implement Management) the Fendt Tigo VR and XR steer according to the output and speed of the Fendt Vario. It's the perfect team.

100 percent use, always.

Whether a loading wagon or a forage carting, the Fendt Tigo always gives its all. You work efficiently, flexibly and harvest without any loss of quality with the versatile Fendt Tigo. It is the ideal combination of compactness and innovation. It wins you over with effective arguments:

  • High loading volume of 31 m³ to 54 m³ (DIN) in a lightweight and compact design
  • Adjust the downward pressure on the feed onscreen
  • 80 ° pivoting multi-functional bulkhead with VarioFill
  • Small distance between pick-up and cutting rotor
  • Direct, maintenance free and durable oil bath drive
  • Parallel ISOBUS operation using the drive lever, Varioterminal and loading vehicle terminal
  • You can opt to have the Tigo XR and VR steer the tractor, with the TIM ready feature (Tractor Implement Management)
  • Optional extra wide, hydraulic high performance pick-up avalaible
  • Available with FlexSharp knife sharpener
  • Always ready as loading wagon and harvest transport vehicle without any conversion effort

A female contractor drives Tigo loading wagons.

Contractor Nadine Lieker not only has her employees under control, but also the machines. The young woman, who is enthusiastic about technology, prefers to sit behind the steering wheel herself and drives the really big teams.

The next step to your loading wagon Fendt Tigo