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The perfect chassis for maximum output.

Payload champion

The flexible and easy conversion of the loading wagon into a forage wagon makes the Fendt Tigo the right solution for your farm. Alongside grass and maize, this wagon is also ideal for transporting wood chippings and other loads. Whether on a large farm with its own equipment, a biogas plant operator, or contractor, there’s something to suit everyone amongst the 9 combi wagon model variants. The combination of very high payload and dual use ensures that the capacity can be fully utilised, and enhances the return on investment in the Fendt Tigo. Components have been designed to be durable and extremely rugged to keep the Fendt Tigo operational at all times.

Boogie tandem chassis:
Regardless of the terrain on which you work, the standard tandem chassis of the Fendt Tigo PR or VR 65 provides optimised ground following. Heavy loads are distributed evenly and the high spring travel provides for a comfortable driving experience at a maximum weight allowed of up to 24 tonnes. Wide parabolic springs and few moving parts ensure exceptional lateral stability and minimal maintenance effort.

Hydropneumatic chassis:
With the Fendt Tigo XR and VR 75 you have a choice of support from a hydropneumatic (HPN) tandem or tridem unit. High loads are evenly distributed on both chassis, ensuring that the soil is well-protected. The hydropneumatic suspension with automatic levelling box provides you with the ultimate in ride comfort. The front and rear axles of the tridem chassis can be separately and actively controlled by the offset steering system. The HPN chassis can also be raised and lowered. The standard Fendt Stability Control (FSC) equipment on the Fendt Tigo XR (also available as an option on the Fendt Tigo VR) ensures constant roll compensation in bends and keeps the loading area parallel to the slope.

Without the automatic levelling control, the vehicle tilts downwards or to the side on slopes depending on the load and cornering speed (see Figure left). With the automatic levelling control from the FSC, the vehicle always stands parallel to the slope. The vehicle always adjusts to the best chassis height depending on the load (see Fig. right).

The stable chassis – Fendt Stability Control

Things get hectic during harvest time. There is a need for speed. In order that you can work efficiently and safely even on slopes, the Fendt Tigo offers an automatic levelling box thanks to the Fendt Stability Control (FSC). A downward or sideways slope which can pose a considerable risk with a full wagon, is compensated in the Fendt Tigo using the automatic levelling control. Complete spring travel is always available to the Fendt Tigo regardless of the load, and therefore ensures the ultimate in safety in the fields and on the roads.


All models can be fitted optionally with hydraulic or electronic forced steering. The efficient, smart drawbar design also allows a steering angle of 60° even with forced steering.

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    All models can be fitted optionally with hydraulic or electronic forced steering. The efficient, smart drawbar design also allows a steering angle of 60° even with forced steering.

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    The 60 km/h speed limit lets you get the best out of your hookup, and reach your destination quicker.

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    The Tigo PR series comes as standard with a 20 tonne boogie tandem axle unit. The largevolume tyres provide a huge contact area which is exceptionally gentle on the soil.

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    The hydropneumatic suspension with automatic levelling box provides the ultimate in ride comfort. If a bottom hitch with ball coupling is used, the Fendt Tigo 100 XR, or the Tigo 75 XR, can be operated with a maximum weight allowed of up to 31 tonnes.

Pleasing efficiency: Fendt Tigo makes the difference.

A convincing performer

The rotor of the Fendt Tigo impresses with its strength and huge output. With a cutting gap of just 3.5 mm – the smallest on the market – and the 25 mm wide rotor tines with Hardox contact surfaces, the Fendt Tigo stands out from the crowd with its quality of cut. The grass is fed exactly through the narrow cutting gap and has no alternative way out. It is actively conveyed through the table while the seven spiral rows of tines provide for an efficient, precise cut. With a feed channel of more than 1 m², the feed is carefully carried to the loading space even under difficult operating conditions. You thus achieve a precise quality of cut without crushing and optimum quality pre-compacted feed.

Precision, right on the mark

Grass harvest, no problem – the Fendt Tigo guarantees you optimum output. The perfect interplay between pick-up and rotor result in an ideal crop flow and highest loading performance. The transfer point of the pick-up is close to the cutting rotor. The crop therefore travels only a short way from the feed to the rotor. Thanks to the shorter design and low peripheral speed of the rotor, you achieve optimum raking performance and feed transfer even with short, dry feed. This allows you to work preserving the feed to give outstanding quality.

The synchronised peripheral speed allows the pick-up to bridge the gap to the rotor at a low, gentle speed.

Efficiency is equal to output

The more effective the power flow of a gearbox, the higher the generated output. Achieve optimum performance potential with the unique propulsion system of the Fendt Tigo. The maintenance-free high-performance gearbox integrated in the chassis suspension frame runs in the enclosed, permanent oil bath and is extremely smooth. The outstanding smoothness takes the strain off the operator and provides a comfortable working environment. Contamination of feed due to dripping chain lubricants is also impossible. Combined with the extremely wide pick-up of the Tigo XR, the torque protection of the drive is 3,000 Nm. This corresponds to a formidable power increase of 25%.

The power of the main drive is conducted from the feeder shaft to the drive stump of the cutter rotor by extra strong spur gears with a force-fitting involute teething.

Are you still waiting to switch on or are you already on the move?

You save time and money with Fendt Tigo. The patented solution for replacing individual rotor segments, means nothing flusters you any longer. Thanks to the innovative design, you replace only the individual rotor teeth in case of damage by foreign object or wear. The T-shaped, 25 mm wide contact surface of the rotor segments guarantees high stability. At the same time, the Fendt Tigo develops more thrust with little effort.

The rotor teeth are divided into three elements and can be removed individually. Three new elements are locked for simple replacement and then welded three times with individual locks.

To protect the rotor against corrosion and contamination when working with maize, the Fendt Tigo has a maize channel cover that can be fitted quickly and without tools.

With a diameter of 800 mm and 7 spiral tine rows made of Hardox steel, the rotor is equipped on both sides with large spherical roller bearings.

Intelligent technology. Simple operation.

Fendt Tigo XR and VR take over the controls

With TIM (Tractor Implement Management), the flow on the Fendt Tigo XR and VR can now be fully automated. The combi wagon regulates the driving speed of the tractor to suit the pick-up volumes. Depending on the swath strength, a speed sensor sends ongoing feedback on the torque at the pick-up. With TIM ready, the Tigo VR/XR and Fendt Vario team self-adjusts for constant productive results. This smart assist is also a great help for the driver, who can fully concentrate on the loading process.

Easy, intuitive controls

The AUX-N ISOBUS functionality means the Tigo can be controlled with the joystick. This offers individual functions such as lifting the pick-up at the push of a button, which improves the ergonomics of the controls. With a Fendt Vario and Tigo hookup, you can assign up to 10 ISOBUS functions to the Variotronic multi-function joystick.

Unique system:
You have the choice! With the unique operating concept, you can configure all settings in parallel using 3 different options. Easily steer the loading wagon on the Varioterminal with ISOBUS or assign your main functions to the joystick of your Fendt Vario. The Fendt Tigo has the right feature for everyone.

No limits:
The Fendt Tigo offers you the ultimate in flexibility and compatibility. You can steer the Fendt Tigo comfortably using the loading wagon terminal even with old tractors without ISOBUS. As soon as your new ISOBUS-capable tractor expands your fleet, you can change to the Varioterminal.


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    You can go to the loading and unloading menu and the general settings from the Start menu.

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    Control the bulkhead and the cutter unit on your terminal. Even the pick-up and drawbar can be conveniently adjusted from here.

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    With TIM ready, the Tigo XR and VR can adjust the speed of the tractor according to the swath strength and pick-up capacity.

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    The weighing system optionally integrated at the hydropneumatic chassis suspension shows the crop yield to you comfortably in your cab. Thus, you maintain a constant control on the weight and the payload.

The table and scraper floor can be conveniently and easily operated directly on the loading wagon.

The next step to your loading wagon Fendt Tigo