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New paths for a higher yield: Precision farming.

Uniquely flexible choice of receivers

The VarioGuide steering system ensures optimum work results and maximum comfort. With the NovAtel receiver, you are always on the right track with the SBAS, TerraStar-L & C and RTK correction signals. If you go for a Trimble® receiver, you can use SBAS, RangePoint™ RTX™, CenterPoint RTX™ and RTK. Should you lose your RTK signal due to the terrain, VarioGuide continues to work reliably up to 20 minutes without a correction signal thanks to Trimble®-xFill™ technology or NovAtel® RTK Assist.

New waylines with Fendt Contour Assistant

Fendt machines with the Varioterminal 10.4 and VarioGuide system with the NovAtel® or Trimble® receivers can now use the Fendt Contour Assistant. This adds the “Contour segments” and “Single track” types to the familiar VarioGuide wayline types, and helps you to work even more efficiently and comfortably. The different segments are recorded by just a single lap around the field using the contour segments wayline type. Field boundaries can therefore be quickly and easily established. In the case of a single track, all

tramlines are created as virtually endless contours by leaving the track.


ISOBUS implement control

You can control ISOBUS-capable implements via Variotronic implement control directly per joystick or Varioterminal.


SectionControl guarantees that there is no overlapping

With the fully automatic Sectioncontrol, you can always plant seeds, spread fertiliser or apply pesticides precisely in the right spot. This prevents double treatment and distances are automatically maintained. With the aid of the Sectioncontrol assistant, you can set the correction values for each implement quickly and easily. The switch on and off points are set precisely from the very beginning, which automatically results in economical application.

ISOBUS-capable implements can be controlled directly via the Variotronic implement control on the joystick or Varioterminal.

The VariotronicTI headland management saves all the procedures when performing a turning manoeuvre. VariotronicTI automatic triggers the sequences precisely at the right place.

Variable application with VariableRateControl (VRC)

Data transfer with VarioDoc Pro now permits variable rate application, based on the needs of the soil or plants, and therefore saves operating inputs. Based on VarioDoc Pro for documentation, the VariableRateControl solution for precision farming is now available. The individual requirements for seeds, fertiliser and pesticides are shown on application maps. They are then called up during operation and automatically executed. The big advantage: operating inputs can be defined and planned with the aid of the field database and then applied with utmost precision.


The Varioterminal informs you about the next maintenance and servicing dates, it even has a reminder function.

From update to upgrade

With Fendt Variotronic, you are always up to date even after many years. You can even add functions after purchase. How can I do that? With unique software updates giving you new additional functions, which Fendt provides free of charge up to twice a year. The easiest way is to have your sales dealer update your Variotronic during its service (subject to labour costs). This ensures that your Fendt machine is technologically advanced, maintains its value and provides return on investment in the future, just like the day you bought it.

Lifelong benefits

Enjoy a lifetime of benefits as a Fendt customer. This starts when you buy your Variotronic machine and simply continues throughout your machine's service life, as we make newly developed functions available to existing machines of current and older model years (provided their hardware is compatible) rather than restrict them to future models. Operational safety, impact and ease of use never lose their importance. This ensures maximum performance capacity and proactive value retention.

Upgrades and retrofits

Would you now like to benefit from certain features that you chose not to buy at the time? Well, it's a good job you chose a Fendt with Variotronic! Whether VariableRateControl, SectionControl, VariotronicTI automatic headland management system or VarioDoc Pro – you can now add these functions later on! This ensures maximum performance capacity and proactive value retention.