Fendt and its Integrated Management System

Our efforts in the fields of quality, energy efficiency, environmental protection and occupational health & safety are the cornerstones of our Integrated Management System. What they all have in common is our commitment to ongoing process improvements:

1. Certified Quality Management System in accordance with DIN•EN•ISO 9001

More than two decades ago, we started integrating our individual quality elements into one system, creating a more effective overall structure for quality planning and assurance for the product and the processes involved. In 1995, the Fendt quality system was certified for the first time by an accredited independent organisation. Since then, we have had to prove our compliance with the requirements of this standard annually, as part of an external audit lasting several days. Over the years, the updates released on the standard have increased the scope of application, as well as the level of requirements. We are obliged to carry out scheduled system audits throughout the year.

2. Certified Occupational Health & Safety Management System OHSAS 18001

Our preparatory activities for an effective and transparent occupational health & safety management system were rewarded in 2008, with certification granted in accordance with the standard OHSAS 18001. System compliance is reviewed on an annual basis.

3. Energy Management Systems in accordance with DIN•EN•ISO 50001

Energy consumption and its reduction is a relatively new awareness-raising corporate goal in many industries. Since 2014, Fendt has gained official ISO50001 standard, as demonstrated in external annual reviews.