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Comfort at its peak.

Everything in view

The panoramic windscreen on the VisioPlus cab curves up into the roof and opens the view upwards and downwards. With a 77-degree angle, you have your work in full view, even when the front loader is raised. The large 6.2-m2 glazed area provides a perfect all-round view without a B-pillar to get in the way. Rain won’t stop you: with a 300-degree wiper field, the wipers provide a clear view over the complete front.

High-grade equipment

The high season can come: The Fendt 700 Vario has pneumatic cab suspension for perfect ride comfort. The three-point pneumatic cab suspension compensates perfectly for uneven terrain. You sit very comfortably and relaxed on the “Evolution dynamic Dual Motion” super comfort seat, which provides ideal support to the lumbar region. Suspended with compressed air from the vehicle compressor, the seat adapts itself to your weight. The seat is available with either a black fabric or genuine leather cover.

An individual work place

With the height-and tilt adjustable steering column, you can use an additional foot pedal to unlock the steering wheel and the dashboard, then gently tilt it as one unit with both hands to the position you want. Thanks to the hands-free speaking system with movable microphone, your hands are free while making your phone call with the best audio quality. The bearings in the VisioPlus cab have been optimised to absorb unpleasant noises from outside. Automatic climate control provides ideal ventilation and ensures the temperature is perfect in the cab. The active charcoal filter ensures the best breathing air, even during dusty operations.

300° wiper

The 300° wiper enlarges your field of vision and provides an unobstructed view over the entire front of the tractor and to the wheel arches.

Panoramic windscreen

Panoramic windscreen with 77° sight angle for a full view upwards and to the wheel arches.

Wide-angle mirror

The wide-angle mirror is integrated on the main mirror as secondary mirror and expands the field of view considerably.

Cables can be led into the cab from the outside, neatly and through the closed rear window. Dirt and moisture stay outside.

The suspension system and the individual armrest adjustment ensure comfortable work days. The comfort instructor seat features an integral writing table

Because the cab is more than just a workplace.

Comfortable entry, optimal suspension, ergonomic arrangement of the operating elements as well as more visibility and space with panoramic front window, 300-degree wiper, LED lighting concept, and much more - that is the Fendt VisioPlus cab.

Comfort Seat

The comfort seat features air suspension and easy armrest adjustment.

Super comfort seat

The air-suspended super comfort seat is equipped with an adjustable backrest, heating, low frequency suspension, pneumatic lumbar support and easy armrest adjustment. A three-point safety belt is available.

Super comfort seat Evolution dynamic DualMotion

In addition to the features of the dual motion comfort seat Evolution, the super comfort seat Evolution dynamic Dualmotion also offers active suspension. The seat cover is available in either a black fabric or black, smooth leather in combination with a leather steering wheel.

Pneumatic cab suspension

The pneumatic cab suspension reduces vibrations effectively and provides high ride comfort. It is supported on four points with integrated self-levelling: the cab rests on two conic bearings at the front and on two air spring elements at the rear.

The pneumatic cab suspension with braking and pitch compensation reduces vibrations to a minimum and provides high ride comfort. It is supported on three points and has an integrated self-levelling feature. (available for Fendt 700 Vario Profi and ProfiPlus).

Visibility and space

All-round view

One-piece side window and unobstructed all-round visibility without a B-pillar to get in the way.


The comfortable passenger seat with backrest and safety belt offers passengers safety and comfort for long work days.
A radio with CD and MP3 function and four stereo loudspeakers deliver the best sound quality in the cab.

The phone bracket

The phone bracket can be adjusted to accommodate various phone models.
The cockpit, including the steering wheel, is individually height-adjustable.


The integrated air conditioning ensures optimal cooling – manually controlled in the Power variant, fully automatic control in the Fendt 700 Vario Profi and ProfiPlus.
Numerous sockets are available for external current consumers.

The instructor seat can be folded down into a table with a clamp for documents.

Refreshments are always well within reach in the cooling compartment behind the passenger seat.

The hatch integrated in the roof liner offers additional ventilation on hot days.

The flexible swan neck microphone enables hands-free phone calls with the best sound-quality.

In the Fendt cab you will find many different storage spaces and compartments, so that everything has its place.

Efficient operation – comfortable driving.

The overall concept with the Fendt operating elements on the right armrest, including the Varioterminal, multi-function joystick, crossgate lever, linear modules and membrane keypad, has proven itself in operation for many years already. To operate the tractor, implement and Smart Farming functions, there are two terminal variants available for the Fendt 700 Vario, the 7'' terminal with a new design as well as the larger 10.4'' terminal. Both terminals are operated both per touch and keys.

The Varioterminal 7''

Straightforward, intuitive and convenient – the new Varioterminal 7” with LED backlighting brings together all tractor and implement functions in one terminal. ISOBUS-capable implements can also be controlled directly with the Varioterminal. You will find your way around easily in the flat menu hierarchy and the clear display. Simply touch the corresponding menu item directly on the touchscreen or click a key. The stylish, borderless LCD display in smartphone look delivers bright colours and a sharp resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It is extremely scratch-proof and easy to clean. The display dims automatically at night, prevents blinding.

Varioterminal 7"
Cruise control buttons
Engine speed memory controls
Crossgate lever for the 1st and 2nd Auxiliary hydraulic control units
Hand throttle
Pedal range
Power lift control module (EPC) for rear linkage
Control panel with membrane keypad for transmission, hydraulic and PTO functions. TMS activation, speed range election, 4WD and differential lock engagement, front axle suspension, PTO speed selection

4-in-1 Terminal: The Varioterminal 10.4''

Tractor and implement controls, camera function as well as guidance and documentation are completely integrated in the Varioterminal 10.4''. The straightforward screen layout is practical and can be display full-screen and half-screen modes as well as four individual images, each with a different function. The high-quality touch display made of scratch-proofglass has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and 16 million colours for a sharp image, even in night mode. Touch operation reacts sensitively and quickly. Key operation isalso available.
Varioterminal 10.4''
Cruise control buttons
Engine speed memory keys
Hand throttle
Control elements für Auxiliary hydraulic control units 5 - 7
Pedal range
Crossgate lever for 1st and 2nd Auxiliary hydraulic control units
Electrohydraulic operating module for rear linkage with quick lift switch, depth control and PTO actuation (optional for front linkage)
Membrane keypad for activating TMS, VariotronicTI, speed range selection, 4WD and differential lock engagement, front axle suspension, PTO speed selection and VarioGuide.

Everything at hand: Multifunction joystick

With the multifunction joystick, you can control the tractor easily and precisely. The 4-way multi-function joystick accelerates the Fendt 700 Vario without steps. The joystick lies well in the hand and numerous features can be activated directly on the lever: cruise control, speed memory, the hydraulics and additional automated functions, such as the headland management. The valves can be freely assigned with the Varioterminal and triggered by a click on the multifunction joystick.

25 implement memories

All settings in the Varioterminal can be saved under a unique name and called up at a later time. For example, if you have set the engine or cruise control speeds, or configured the hydraulics and linkage, these settings can be easily reloaded and adjusted, if necessary. Of course, operators can also save their own custom settings.

See more.

In the Fendt 700 Vario, you also work safely and effectively in the dark. The lighting on the Fendt 700 Vario is so precise, inside and outside, that everything is very well illuminated 360 degrees around the tractor. The lights on the steps to the cab already provide safety and a sure feeling. Equipped with high-quality LED headlamps, night becomes day. Dipped and main lights in the bi-LED headlamps offer a wide view as well as increased safety on the road. They have especially strong illuminating power with low power consumption and a long lifetime.


Coming Home Light

Get back home safely: The integrated coming home light permits operators to climb down from the tractor safely, even in the dark. The headlights continue to shine a while longer after the tractor is switched off.

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    Coming Home Light

    Get back home safely: The integrated coming home light permits operators to climb down from the tractor safely, even in the dark. The headlights continue to shine a while longer after the tractor is switched off.

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    Night mode

    In night mode, the display is dimmed to keep the lighting at a pleasant level for the operator. Thanks to the alternative display, the settings and icons are easy to see.

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    One-button system

    The lighting is easily set and adjusted thanks to its straightforward layout. With the one-button system, all previously set work lights can be switched easily and quickly with just one touch of a button in the membrane keypad.

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    With the corner lights, you have the entire wheel arch in view, even at night. The corner lights are also available as extra bright LED lights.

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    Work lights

    The beams of the work lights cross each other. This prevents all shadows and reflections so operators profit from an optimally illuminated field of vision.