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More Safety & Comfort. Ready to feel good.

More secure

Everyday security is non-negotiable. Features like the new security locking system, which fully protects the vehicle and its contents from theft, the bonnet camera and the electrically telescopic mirrors, ensure greater security in everyday life.

Everything in sight:
The optional electrically adjustable mirrors and wideangle mirrors give you the widest possible panoramic view. The mirrors can be extended to adapt to any vehicle width. You can do all this from the comfort of your cab on the Varioterminal.

Pure comfort – Fendt Life Cab:
The Fendt 900 Vario's spacious Life Cab offers the highest level of comfort. From the pneumatic 3-point suspension, the air-conditioned seat and numerous storage compartments, to the new infotainment package with 4.1 sound system, the cab with all its features provides an exceptional feel-good factor.

Bonnet camera

The built-in front camera gives the driver a direct view of the front power lift. The image is shown on the Varioterminal. This makes it much easier to attach and detach front weights and attachments. You can spot anyone right in front of the tractor and avoid any accidents.

Fendt Stability Control

More safety and improved driving comfort on corners: Fendt Stability Control automatically reduces the side tilt at driving speeds above 20 km/h and actively stops any tipping on corners. So that the machine can still swing about in the field, the system kicks in only when braking at speeds up to 15 km/h.

Security lock system

Ultimate protection against theft and unauthorised fuel siphoning: The key system has various locking barrels, which are randomly assigned to one vehicle only. Only this key then unlocks the tractor bonnet, cab door, ignition lock and fuel tank.

Electrically adjustable comfort mirrors

The rear and wide angle mirrors can be easily adjusted electrically on the terminal. The mirror brackets also go in and out easily. Blind spots are a thing of the past. Even when using large attachments in tight spaces, the driver has the best overview at all times.

You're in safe hands with Fendt Assist systems

Assist systems like Fendt Stability Control (FSC), handbrake assist and steering lock ensure safety on the road and on the field. Fendt Stability Control stabilises the vehicle on road journeys, from speeds of 20 km/h. The electro-pneumatic handbrake controls the brake on its own when you get out of the cab or turn the engine off. Likewise, the handbrake assist automatically releases the handbrake when you start off. The steering lock reduces the risk of the trailer rocking with unlocked axles at high driving speeds.

Infotainment package with sound experience

Four high-end speakers and a subwoofer deliver superior sound quality in the cab. Enjoy playback from your smartphone via USB, AUX-IN and Bluetooth. FM/AM/DAB+/HD and two antennas with permanent channel search also ensure excellent radio reception. Make phone calls in your Fendt 900 Vario with a fantastic quality heads-free kit: 8 microphones installed in the sunroof mean your hands are free and sound is excellent. Controls are on the Varioterminal and the side membrane keypad.



The ambient lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere for night work. All functional elements have backlighting.

  • Mosaic

    The front-facing work area is fully illuminated with 4 powerful LED headlights. The LED daytime light provides better visibility on the road.

  • Mosaic

    A total of 66,230 lumens of LED light provide all-round illumination and more visibility at night.

  • Mosaic

    With the coming-home function, you don't have to stumble around in the dark when you turn the engine off. Headlights and step lights safely guide you home.

  • Mosaic

    Get in and out of the cab safely even in the dark, with the entrance lighting built into the side of the tank.

  • Mosaic

    The ambient lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere for night work. All functional elements have backlighting.

Full functionality.

The 220° windscreen wiper on the right cab window ensures the best view to the right, even under the toughest conditions.
Sunscreen blinds both at the front and side protect the driver from sun glare.
You can electrically adjust the rear and wide angle mirrors. The mirror brackets also go in and out. This gives your an uninterrupted and outstanding overview, even with large attachments. You can make the settings on the terminal with buttons or by touch (hotkeys in the cockpit).
All the controls are arranged in a simple and clear layout on the backlit membrane keypad.
The convenient mobile phone holder on the armrest can also be adjusted for different smartphone models.
With the auxiliary device mounted on the right side of the cab, you can easily arrange additional terminals for the best visibility.
For use with reverse drive control, just rotate the operator platform a full 180°. You can then use all your controls in reverse as easily as you do in forwards mode. Despite the reversing driver station, passengers do not have to do without the comfort seat.

Functional storage: choose from 3 options

1) Pull-out washing bowl

2) Plastic pull-out toolbox

3) Metal pull-out toolbox

The next step to your Fendt 900 Vario