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Drives your success – at full power.

Fendt VarioDrive

The revolutionary thing about this gearbox is a variable all-wheel drive, applied with independently driven axles. The drive train works on a hydrostatic-mechanical distribution of power. The diesel engine drives the planetary set. The ring gear, in turn, drives the hydropump. The hydropump then supplies two hydromotors. One hydromotor for the front axle and one for the rear axle. The rear axle is also driven mechanically. Fendt VarioDrive provides permanent traction.

Hydro motor for front axle
Diesel engine
Coupling for front axle hydro motor
Smart all-wheel coupling
Hydro motor for rear axle
PTO through drive
Planetary gear set
Hydraulic pump

Power distribution through Fendt Torque Distribution

The tractive power is decisive. You can only get the power to where it is needed by having permanent torque distribution between the front and rear axles. This is where Fendt Torque Distribution comes into play. The torque is distributed in a fraction of a second. If the front axle starts to slip, the smart-controlled all-wheel coupling automatically closes. The highlight of the variable all-wheel drive lies in the interaction of the rear axle and the front axle. A smart all-wheel clutch shifts the torque between the axles when needed. The torque is shifted to the gripping axle. If the rear wheels are not gripping, the torque is shifted to the front axle, and vice versa.

Tightest turning circle thanks to pull-in-turn

At the headland, Fendt VarioDrive makes all the

difference. The front wheel drive can actively pull the
tractor into the turn. This is the 'pull-in-turn' effect.
This reduces the turning circle by up to 10%. When you
turn a corner, the front wheels have to travel further
than the rear wheels. As the oil of the hydropump can
spread between both hydromotors, the speed on the
front wheels automatically increases.

Small turning radius thanks to the 'pull-in-turn' effect, e.g. 6.1 m for the Fendt 930 Vario with standard tyres.


The requirements are as individual as the customer. Because there are almost no limits to customer requests, Fendt offers an extensive range of tyre options. There's just one answer to 'maximum soil protection, with maximum power transmission' – it's Fendt VarioGrip. With Fendt VarioGrip, you can easily control the inner tyre pressure from your cab while on the move. Less tyre pressure increases the contact area of the tyre. And with a bigger contact area, there is more tread on the ground and the weight of the vehicle is spread over a larger area. On the road, on the other hand, you need more inner tyre pressure. This reduces rolling resistance and minimises wear and tear on the tyres. Compared to working on the field with unadjusted tyre pressure, with VarioGrip you can achieve up to 10% more tractive power and cover up to 8% more area with up to 8% lower fuel consumption.*

* Test results from South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Soest.

Fendt Grip Assistant

Besides the tyre pressure, the ballasting and working speed are also decisive for power transfer to the ground. The new solution is called: Fendt Grip Assistant. With the assistant, which is fully integrated in the Varioterminal, the right tyre pressure and optimal ballast weight or driving speed can be determined quickly. Depending on the implement or ballast of the tractor, the Grip Assistant recommends either front and wheel weights, or the optimal working speed.

Makes your work easier.


The Power joystick has two buttons for the VariotronicTI headland management system, cruise control and engine speed memory. The Varioterminal 7" gives an excellent overview.


The Profi joystick has four buttons for the VariotronicTI headland management system, two cruise controls, two engine speed memories and buttons to control two hydraulic valves. The Varioterminal 10.4" has two camera inputs.

VarioGuide Contour Assistant

The VarioGuide Contour Assistant software option adds Contour Segments and Single Track to the familiar VarioGuide wayline types. This makes your field work even easier and more efficient.

Contour Segments wayline

Until now, drivers have had to record different waylines so they can work on the different sections of field. They also had to manually switch between the waylines as they worked. You can use the Contour Segments wayline to record each segment and wayline in a one-off circumnavigation of the field, or apply them directly from the existing field boundary. All relevant waylines are grouped into one unit. Contour Assistant automatically detects the right track.

Single Track wayline

Use Single Track to record an almost endless track with an open contour. You no longer need to automatically generate parallel tracks. This feature is ideal for plant protection, as you can record a single track and apply it to the whole field.

VariotronicTI headland management

With the VariotronicTI headland management system, you can apply any of your turning sequences at the touch of a button. You can store up to 25 implements. In combination with VarioGuide, VariotronicTI automatically detects the position and automatically initiates all the recorded steps at the headland.

The next step to your Fendt 900 Vario