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More Versatility. Ready – for anything.

Equipped for all kinds of work

An extended application range means higher usage rates, which in turn have a direct impact on the costeffectiveness of your machine. Whether field, road or forestry work. To make your Fendt 900 Vario ideal for the job at hand, you can customise the tractor to suit your needs.

Reverse drive control

Put your Fendt 900 Vario to even further use with the optional reverse drive control. The pneumatic turning system lets you quickly rotate the entire operator platform. In reverse drive control mode, you still have your familiar control environment with the best view over the rear implement.

Flexible hydraulic system

The modular design of the hydraulics opens up a whole range of options. This includes a choice of 3 oil flow rates: 165 l/min, 220 l/min or 2 hydraulic pumps (220 + 210 l/min) with a volume flow of up to 430 l/min. The 2-circuit hydraulics system allows two driven units to be supplied with different amounts of pressure and oil flow. The valves come in a choice of UDK, DUDK and FFC couplings. The coupler housing accommodates different coupling sizes. As you would expect, all the coupling connections are easy to handle. The DUDK and FFC couplings can be coupled under pressure from both sides. Change around for different applications. The Fendt 900 Vario provides connections for up to eight control units; six at the rear and two at the front.

Tillage work requires tractive power and versatile hydraulics. With up to six control valves at the rear, you're ready for any challenge.

Call for traction, PTO and hydraulics power at the same time, any time. With ever-optimum fuel requirements. If you're always switching between the field and road, VarioGrip ensures the best efficiency.

Fully rotate the operator platform to work in complete comfort and have best view of the implement. The hydraulic side struts make light work of fixing the attachment. The bar axle offers a high degree of flexibility with different tyres and tracks.

Individuality at the front and rear

You can choose to customise the equipment on your Fendt 900 Vario. Both at the front and rear. In addition to the comfort ballast pickup, there are two front power lift versions available. With the retractable rear power lift, you can configure the vehicle just for traction work. You decide which connections and functions you need. With a fully equipped rear, the Fendt 900 Vario features a rear power lift, PTO, hydraulic side struts, attachment coupling, drawbar, ISOBUS, Power-Beyond, and much more. Not forgetting the full range of modular attachment systems like the CUNA coupling, Piton-Fix or Hitch (country-specific). At the front, you can opt for a front power lift, PTO, up to two front valves and an ISOBUS plug.

Rear PTO

For implements with consistently high torque requirements, the Fendt 900 Vario has the optional 900/1000 rpm speed option. It matches engine and PTO speed so that full engine torque is always available and sufficient torque reserves are available in the event of a sudden drop in engine speed.

Power lift and hydraulics

Short ball head coupling (with/without forced steering port plates)

Long ball head coupling (with/without forced steering port plates)

Retractable drawbar Cat 4, 50-mm pin

Offset drawbar Cat 3, 38-mm pin

Retractable drawbar Cat 3, 38-mm pin

Piton Fix (heavy duty)

Piton Fix drawbar


Ball-head coupling for rub blocks

Pivoting drawbar Cat 4, 38-mm or 50-mm pin (moveable)

Rear attachment:


Rub block with ball ends

Rub blocks with open arrester

Rear power lift with quick

arresters and side support

No rear power lift

At the front, the Fendt 900 Vario offers the option of an integrated power lift with position and load relief control. You can also have up to two front valves with a flow volume of up to 100 l/min, a front PTO and an ISOBUS plug.

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