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An all-rounder that understands your job.

The Fendt 500 Vario has so many connections, more than any other in its power class. A total of 22 interfacesare well-placed at the front and rear: for hydraulics, ISOBUS, power beyond, front and rear PTO and much more. That guarantees versatile operations and trouble-free connection of implements. Thanks to the robusthalf-frame, an overall weight of 10.5 t is permissible, of which 8.5 t are for the rear axle alone. To permit flexibletrack adjustment, the Fendt 500 Vario is available with astub axle upon request.

Ideal visibility

The Fendt 500 Vario offers exceptional visibility and spaciousness. Its design is so compact and narrow that you really have everything in view – whether it is the outermost edge of the sprayer, the topmost straw bale or the entrance to the row.

Ideal versatility

The Fendt 500 Vario proves its flexibility in versatile operations, e.g. with a skid trailer.

When the tractor and front loader work together perfectly, that is called Fendt Cargo.

A true joy for anybody that does frequent front loader work: The Fendt 500 Vario and the Fendt Cargo front loader are ideal complements. From the agile, stable construction to the swift work up to the easy and convenient operation – everything works together here. You can see the fully raised bucket through the panoramic front window that curves up into the roof. The opening front window, which can be opened fully during loader work, has proven itself useful for work in warehouses, for example. Now you just have to decide between Fendt Cargo and Fendt CargoProfi.

Test your view: With the 360° all-round view from the cab

Get a real first impression of the Fendt cab in operation with a front loader. Move the following image to where you would like to look, either with your mouse, or, for an enhanced experience, download the YouTube app from the App Store or Google Play Store onto your smartphone or tablet. Then simply play the 360° video. And there’s a special feature: if you move along with your smartphone or tablet, you will discover all sorts of details. Have fun!

Experience the 360° Cargo with the YouTube app

Panoramic front window

Panoramic front window for a large, 77° viewing angle and a full view to the raised front loader and wheel arches.

Fast and easy loading? Lies at hand.

The controls for the front loader are optimally integrated in the overall operating interface on the right armrest and in the Varioterminal: you control the front loader with your right hand on the crossgate lever, your left hand is free for steering and reversing. You control the speed with your foot. With the reverser, you can change driving direction quickly and easily, without wear. The high hydraulic capacity of the Fendt 500 Vario ensures swift loading and unloading: The load-sensing pump delivers up to 158 l/min.

Fendt Front Loader Cargo

The standard crossgate lever controls two control valves very precisely without having to reposition your hand. Compleximplement functions can be controlled with the optional third and fourth hydraulic circuits. These are activated and controlled by pushbuttons on the crossgate lever.

Fine adjustments can be made to the valve functions using the Varioterminal. For example, you can control the flow rate precisely and easily using the rotary controls and function keys.

The optional hydraulic attachment lock and the vibration damping system can also be conveniently operated from the driver seat.

With the orange-coloured reverser lever, you can easily change directions with your left hand. Hold the lever in place, the tractor remains stationary. Let go of the lever and the tractor automatically drives in the preselected direction.

Ideal steering and damping system

Less steering and more fun at work with the frontloader thanks to the VarioActive steering. With this superimposed steering system, you can already achieve a full steering angle with just one turn of the steering wheel. The advantages are clear – especially in tight farmyards, but also at the headlands. Add to that the active damping on the front loader: Gas pressurereservoirs absorb vibrations and shock loads so they are not transmitted to the tractor body. The damping,in combination with the front axle and cab suspension,is so comfortable, you will surely remain seated a bit longer in the Fendt 500 Vario, even if you are already finished.

Intelligent loading with Fendt CargoProfi

Weight and tilt sensors, shaking function and job computer – with the Fendt CargoProfi, you can load even more precisely and have the quantity in view. The integrated weighing function reports when the target weight has been reached. The shaking function empties the bucket completely. The Memo function saves the position of the arm for frequently used procedures, for example, so that it does not need to be adjusted every time. Lift height limiting has proven itself useful in low halls and the tipping angle setting is practical for loading high trailers. End position damping ensures the front loader is raised gently and smoothly, which minimises loss of material through trickling.

Fendt Front Loader CargoProfi

Strong and adaptable: The linkage

The rear linkage on the Fendt 500 Vario has a high lift capacity of 7,780 daN, the front linkage has 3,420 daN. Load relief control is available for the comfort front linkage, which has proven itself to be especially beneficial when working in uneven terrain. It allows the weight of the implement to be transferred to the tractor. The implement guidance is ideally adapted to the uneven ground – perfect for operations with a front mower, mulcher or snow plough.

Front linkage

The front linkage is fully integrated in the half-frame and therefore especially stable. The lower links can be folded up for more clearance during front loader work and greater manoeuvrability.

Rear linkage

The rear linkage has a high lift capacity over the full height. The load-compensating lowering valve guarantees uniform lowering of implements with different weights. The double-acting rear linkage enables fast and easy tyre changes in the workshop mode, for example.

Hydraulics for a lot of movement

The Fendt 500 Vario is equipped with modern loadsensing technology with a delivery capacity of up to 158 l/min. Up to seven electrohydraulic double-acting valves are possible, five at the rear and two in the front. 55 litres of hydraulic oil can be used and are fully available to hydraulic consumers. Separation of the oil supply to the hydraulics and gearbox means that the 500 Vario is ideal for use of bio-based oil in hydraulic circuits. The new leakage oil container, which is integrated in the front and rear lift, also contains clean oil. The oil collected there can be reused.

Connections at the front

  • Top link
  • Two double-acting control valves
  • Unpressurised return front
  • 7-pin socket
  • Front PTO (standard: 1000, optional: 540)
  • Front linkage (standard: vibration damping, optional: electronic position control, load relief front linkage control)

Connections at the rear

  • Signal socket
  • ISOBUS connection
  • Hydraulic top link
  • Five double-acting control valves
  • Unpressurised return rear
  • Compressed air brake
  • Control line power beyond
  • Pressure line power beyond
  • Hydraulic trailer brake
  • 7-pin socket
  • Lower links catch hooks
  • ABS socket
  • Rear PTO (standard: 540 / 540E /
    1.000; Option: 540E / 1,000 / 1,000E)
  • Hitch
  • Bottom hitch

DCUP Couplings

The hydraulic connections on the Fendt 500 Vario can always be coupled under pressure (CUP). The optional, double-sided couple under pressure couplings are especially easy to connect.

  • Mosaic

    Three-speed rear PTO with 1000E economy PTO

    The direct force path from the engine to the PTO stub means the Fendt 500 Vario transmits power to the PTO especially efficiently. With 540, 540 E and 1000, the Fendt 500 Vario offers three PTO speeds for different kinds of work. The optional 1000E PTO lowers the engine speed and thus saves more fuel, even at higher PTO speeds.

    Learn more

  • Mosaic

    DCUP Couplings

    The hydraulic connections on the Fendt 500 Vario can always be coupled under pressure (CUP). The optional, double-sided couple under pressure couplings are especially easy to connect.

  • Mosaic

    Controls at the rear

    The rear linkage, PTO and hydraulic valves can also be controlled externally on the rear mudguard. That makes mounting implements at the rear especially easy.

  • Mosaic

    Power Beyond

    Power beyond pressure and control line for efficient drive and control of the implement.

  • Mosaic

    Compressed Air Duomatic Coupling

    The compressed air Duomatic coupling enables faster coupling of compressed air lines.

  • Mosaic

    ISOBUS Interface

    ISOBUS socket for connecting implement control.

Ideal ballasting

A flexible ballasting system with front weights up to 1,250 kg and wheel weights with max. 600 kg each ensures maximum traction. A low vehicle weight of only 6 tonnes makes the Fendt 500 Vario very fuel efficient and gentle to the soil in the field.

Front weight with 1,250 kg

Front weight with 870 kg

Front weight with 400 kg

Wheel weights from the 500 Vario

Wheel weight with 600 kg

Wheel weight with 300 kg

Wheel weight with 200 kg