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More visibility for the best perspective

The Fendt VisioPlus cab with its unique glazed are assets the benchmark for overview and visibility. A total of 6.2 m2 of glazing offers a continuous all-round view without any B-pillars to get in the way. The panoramic front window of the VisioPlus cab, which curves up into the roof, extends the view upwards and downwards,enabling a viewing angle of 77 degrees – you can see the entire raised front loader from the driver seat.

The real virtual Fendt Cab Experience in 360°.

Get a real first impression of the Fendt VisioPlus and simply play back the 360° video with your smartphone or tablet. And there’s also a special feature: if you move along with your smartphone or tablet, you will discover all sorts of details throughout the cab.

To 360° experience with the YouTube App

For comfort and visibility – our VisioPlus cab


  • Mosaic

    The Fendt 500 Vario offers exceptional visibility and spaciousness. Its design is so compact and narrow that you really have everything in view – whether it is the outermost edge of the sprayer, the topmost straw bale or the entrance to the row.

  • Mosaic

    Electrically adjustable external mirror with wide-angle mirror expands your view towards the rear. Fogged mirrorsare a thing of the past: heated external rearview and wide-angle mirrors also keep the view towards the rear free in the winter.

  • Mosaic

    The opaque roller shade is adapted to the curved front window and can be adjusted to any desired position.

The 300° front wiper

Rain won’t stop you: With a 300-degree wiper field, the front wiper keeps your field of vision over the entire front and to the wheel arches free.

Seat suspension with freedom of movement

Take your place in your ideal driver seat. Everything that makes a long work day comfortable is available here, from the air-suspended seat up to the leather seat with pneumatic support and climate control. Thenew, dynamic moveable driver seat, the “Super Comfort Seat Evolution dynamic Dualmotion” is especially beneficial for your back – the upper part of the backrest moves along with your body when you turn around to look towards the rear and also supports your back when working in reverse. For greater safety, a three pointsafety belt is available as an option for the supercomfort seat.

Comfort Seat

The comfort seat features air suspension and easy armrest adjustment.

Super comfort seat

The air-suspended super comfort seat is equipped with heating, a rotary adapter, low frequency suspension, pneumatic lumbar support and easy armrest adjustment. For greater safety on the road, and especially for municipal operations, an optional three-point safety belt is available for this seat.

Super comfort seat Evolution dynamic

In addition to the features of the super comfort seat, the super comfort seat Evolution Dynamic has side-to-side horizontal damping and climate control. The suspension can be adjusted pneumatically through compressed air from the vehicle compressor, so the seat suspension can be ideally adapted to the driver’s weight.

Maximum comfort with the super comfort seat Evolution dynamic Dualmotion

Robust and sophisticated in leather

The super comfort seat Evolution dynamic Dualmotion is also available with a genuine leather cover. In the new leather package, both the driver and passenger seat as well as the steering wheel are covered with smooth black leather.

Movement for the back

The upper part of the backrest on the new super comfort seat Evolution dynamic Dualmotion turns along with the driver when looking towards the rear and provides support when working in reverse. The seat is also fully equipped with a seat heater, climate control and pneumatic suspension.

Pneumatic cab suspension

The four-point comfort cab suspension with integral self-levelling reduces vibrations to a minimum.

Comfortable & well-designed

Often the little things are what ensure comfort. The wide entrance steps and easy-to-reach grips are especially comfortable to use. Inside, the dust and water-tight cable lead-throughs have proven effective during work in the field. The door seals fixed on theframe allow the doors to be closed easily. The airconditioning system is standard, and automatic climate control is available up on request..

Ideal view to the rear

Electrically adjustable external mirror with wide-angle mirror expands your view towards the rear. Fogged mirrors are a thing of the past: heated external rearview and wide-angle mirrors also keep the view towards the rear free in the winter.
Snacks and drinks remain pleasantly refreshing in the cooled storage compartment. The compartment behind the passenger seat can be opened with one hand.

Roof hatch

Especially popular in the summer: The hatch integrated in the roof liner provides fresh air, fast and draft-free.

Only one handle

A special feature of the Fendt 500 Vario is the vertical handle on the rear window, which permits the window to be opened and closed comfortably when seated.
In addition to a large storage compartment, there is also space for a tachograph in the roof.

Ideal cooling

The standard-equipped integral climate control delivers the ideal temperature. Automatic climate control is available for the Profi variant.

Multimedia on Fendt 500 Vario

In addition to a CD and MP3 player with Bluetooth, the radio also has a
moveable microphone for hands-free phone calls in best audio quality.

Comfort passenger seat

The comfort passenger seat is ergonomically shaped and additionally cushioned. It has a safety belt and when folded down it acts as a table with a document folder.
Much appreciated are also the comfort passenger seat with safety belt and foldable backrest with table function and document holder.

Swivelling cockpit

For an ideal sitting position, the steering wheel must have the right height and tilt angle. That is why the steering wheel can be adjusted individually along with the cockpit of the Fendt 500 Vario.

Swan-neck microphone

Hands-free phone conversations in best audio quality – that is possible in the Fendt 500 Vario thanks to the flexible, moveable swan-neck microphone.

Central operating elements

The central operating elements for the tractor and implement are located on the right-hand armrest. Varioterminal, multi-function joystick, crossgate lever, linear module and membrane keypad move along with your sitting position, since they are attached to the armrest.

No B-pillar

You have an unobstructed view to the right, because there is no B-pillar to get in the way. Thanks to the one-terminal strategy, you can operate all ISOBUS-capable implements with the Varioterminal, so you do not need an additional terminal.

Integral cable lead-through

The integral cable lead-through prevents dirt, water and dust from entering the cab. The seal also keeps noise outside.

Swan-neck microphone

Hands-free phone conversations in best audio quality – that is possible in the Fendt 500 Vario thanks to the flexible, moveable swan-neck microphone.

Ergonomics as never before

When developing the Fendt 500 Vario, special emphasis was placed on the ergonomic design of the operator environment. The practical arrangement and colour coding of the operating elements guarantee continuous, fast and logical operation. All the functions are arranged on the fully integrated multifunction armrest and always within reach. The steering wheel can be quickly and easily adjusted in height and tilt, the instrument cluster swings along with it and is therefore always in an ideal position.

Bright all around.

More light when working – delivered by the 360° LED lighting concept with light intensity totalling 35,000 lumen. From the front and rear of the roof, as well as on the side of the A-pillars and mud guards,they light up the entire working area as light as day when working a night. And another benefit: LED saves electricity. The following headlamps are available in LED for the Fendt 500 Vario: 4 roof rear, 4 roof front, 2 roof front inside, 2 A-pillar, 2 mudguard rear.

Simply ingenious: The crossed illuminationof the work lights in the roof prevents shadows.

On the Fendt 500 Vario Profi, the driving lights are supplemented with corner lights, which also illuminate the entire wheel arch. Chrome trim gives the tractor an elegant appearance and its striking “eyes”.

The lighting is easily set and adjusted thanks to its straightforward keys. With the intelligent one-button system, all lights can be switched on and off with only one touch of the keypad – especially practical when frequently changing between field and road driving in the dark.

Coming home function

Coming home function: For a safe way home, the headlights and cab lighting keep shining, even after the engine has been switched off.

Quality in every detail.

A beautiful design is more than just good to look at. When designing the Fendt 500 Vario, special emphasis was placed on each individual element. The colour, material and build quality are also a part of an appealing design. Ultimately, it depends on functionality. For example, only when the leather cover of the seat has fulfilled its job ideally is the comfort really perfect.