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Grain tank and discharge

Unprecedented discharge speeds
Fendt IDEAL combines come with a choice of 2 grain tank versions. The Streamer 210 with a 17,100 l capacity and a 210 l/s unload rate, or the Streamer 140 with 12,500 l and 140 l/s. The enormous volume and increased unloading rate do justice to the enormous output of the Fendt IDEAL. The key to the enormous speed is the huge diameter of the unloading auger. The large diameter of 480 mm with a few auger flights allows for simultaneous low speeds which garantuee high crop quality. Gently and with low power requirements, the grain tank is fully unloaded within 81 seconds.

Fewer and shorter stops for unloading are soon reflected in a greater daily yield – sensors for yield and moisture and a grain quality camera are fitted to the elevator. The data is accurate to 98%, and applied with the VarioDoc ISOBUS standard, live yield mapping and IDEALharvest™.
Fendt IDEAL grain tank CGI
High-performance elevator
The clean grain elevator is designed for a throughput of up to 200 t/h. The elevator housing measures 239 mm in diameter. This leaves enough space for high throughput in all crop types. 40 convex paddles ensure maximum performance with gentle handling of the crop.
Fendt IDEAL Grain tank elevator CGI
Efficient transfer
The Fendt IDEAL gives you a choice of unloader widths of 7.6 m, 9.15 m or 10.6 m, measured from the middle of the machine. Both the largest versions can also be folded into the transport position behind the combine. A flap is fitted to the end of the unloading auger to prevent unnecessary losses when the unloading process stops. This is automatically opened or closed by a hydraulic cylinder when the unloading process starts and stops, and therefore reliably prevents valuable crop from dribbling away. In order to maintain good unloading in grass seed harvesting, a special grass seed kit was also developed in addition for the IDEAL. This prevents grass seed blockages and allows the grain tank to be fully emptied.
Fendt IDEAL CGI with three discharge pipes to represent the three transfer ranges