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IDEALbalance™ System

Grain pan IDEAL
The front grain pan is concave to gather the material in the middle of the pan. With a Dual Rotor, the rear grain pan is convex, so the crop collects at the outer ends. This distributes the crop in the machine properly in all conditions. On 15% gradients, this straightforward design avoids up to 60% losses compared to flat pans. IDEALBalance™ is built into all Fendt IDEAL model as standard. The IDEAL 7 comes with a special grain pan option, just right for the single rotor.
rear grain pan Fendt IDEAL CGI
Outstanding technology.
To ensure that nothing but clean crop lands in the grain tank, Fendt IDEAL models are equipped with the unique and ingeniously simple IDEALbalance™ system. The core of the system is the double grain pan. The front grain pan collects the material threshed out at concaves and transports it forwards it to the front part of the preparation floor. The rear grain pan collects the material separated by the rotor tines and directs it to the rear part of the preparation floor. The makes full use of the preparation floor and the product is well cleaned.
IDEALbalance™ System CGI