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Top class impact power.

Speed and performance

Be the best every time, with the Fendt Lotus 1020 T and 1250 T. Our towed Lotus tedders stand for impact and performance – even under difficult conditions. The Fendt Lotus 1020 T and 1250 T are equipped with their own chassis for that very reason. This guarantees a smooth run for consistently high travel speeds on the field. The short frame length also makes the Lotus highly manoeuvrable. The excellent tracking behaviour makes it a pleasure to drive. The Lotus 1020 T and 1250 T are safe to handle even when cornering.

Gentle giants

Despite their considerable working width, the Fendt Lotus 1020 T and 1250 T are super gentle on the crop and sward. Their own accompanying chassis specify the working height and ensure that the gauge wheels are not loaded by the main frame. This avoids sinking on soft ground. As a result, it adapts better to the ground, creates less soil pressure and protects the sward.

The cool professional under extreme conditions:
The large Lotus models are equipped with an extremely robust drive train. This is secured to up to 1,400 and 1,500 Nm – so the Lotus models can handle fast working speeds with taller crops.

Sophisticated attachment:
The Lotus models 1020 T and 1250 T are attached with the arrestors on the lower links, so the front part of the frame forms a unit with the tractor. The rear-shifted pivot point makes the attached Lotus models ultra manoeuvrable and easy to handle. The relatively short overall length of the machine makes manoeuvring even easier.

For road transport, the rotors are placed on the frame. This protects the pivot joints, as there is no stress on them at all when they are folded in. The special transport position, with the rotors lined up in a row, means that even the larger Lotus models are compact enough for transport.

The large, forward-running transport wheels make sure it runs very quietly with a consistent working depth.

You can set the working depth to any level. With the help of the easily accessible crank, you can accurately adjust the raking height.

Rear-shifted pivot point and shorter frame length for outstanding manoeuvrability – despite the larger working width.

The combination of a robust attachment frame and drawbar ensures stable and safe handling.

The next step to your Fendt Lotus