2019-07-02Press release

Harvest your success: New tedder models for Fendt harvesting solutions

With the new Lotus, Fendt introduces a unique tedder for large and medium farms, perfect for preparing forage. The popular Twister tedder range is joined by a top-end fitted model, the Fendt Twister 11010 DN.

2019-07-02Press release

Harvest your success: New tedder models for Fendt harvesting solutions

With the new Lotus, Fendt introduces a unique tedder for large and medium farms, perfect for preparing forage. The popular Twister tedder range is joined by a top-end fitted model, the Fendt Twister 11010 DN.

Fendt performance tines

The new Fendt Lotus tedder series includes 3 models – the fitted Fendt Lotus 770 and the attached Fendt Lotus 1020 T and 1250 T.

For the ultimate base forage, all Fendt Lotus models are equipped with Fendt performance tines. With their innovative design, these tines are more flexible than conventional tines – the dragging tine position means the outer tine is always faster than the inner tine, which allows for a better ground adjustment. Performance tines also protect the sward from damage. The tine position and shape guarantee the best pick-up action for the mowed crop, to effectively turn even wet and heavy forage. The tine position also allows for particularly high working speeds. This means that the Fendt Lotus achieves up to 15% higher area output than tedders with traditional tines.

Tine attachment and edging

The special tine attachment with a changeable angle means you can easily adjust the drop distance. It can also be used to adjust the edging device. The tines at the outer rotor are placed in the innermost position for a clean field edge and a perfect distribution of the mower. If all the tines are placed in the innermost position, night swaths can also be generated at a slightly reduced speed – without an extra night swath drive.

Rotor speed

The dragging tine position prevents an over aggressive acceleration of the mower. With a rotor speed of between 400 and 450 rpm, the Fendt Lotus is also extremely gentle on the harvested crop while still providing the acceleration needed for effective distribution. This is all thanks to the position of the double performance tines, the special angle of the tines and the steep position of the rotors – for huge acceleration and the best tedding action in its class.


With high running times, reliable technology and a long service life, the Fendt Lotus tedder is designed to be particularly stable. The frame construction is well thought-out, the joints are finished in cast, sturdy enclosures and the struts of the hoop guard design are extremely solid. The drive shafts are equipped with double cross-joints, so the tedder can rotate flexibly. The double cross-joints are completely maintenance-free. The large rotor plates with flat and extra strong tine arms not only offer the best power connection, but also increase the lifespan by a long way.

Fendt Lotus 770

Maximum stability even under difficult conditions – that's what the fitted model Fendt Lotus 770 offers with a working width of 7.70 m. The innovative Stabilo tracking device always keeps the tedder on track. There is no rocking when working in unfavourable mowing or field conditions. Even at high working speeds, the Fendt Lotus 770 is capable in the extreme. The tracking device also has an automatic locking system, which ensures a particularly high level of safety and stability during road transport. With a stable 3-point fitting, the Fendt Lotus is equipped with 4 pivot points and 2 connecting bars. Its trapezium design creates a virtual pivot point in the middle of the tractor. The Stabilo tracking system has a larger lever and effortlessly keeps the tedder on track. It also simplifies cornering and headland work. As well as its high stability, the frame is marked above all by its long service life and maintenance-friendly design.

The Fendt Lotus 770 comes equipped with hydraulic transport-mode conversion as standard. This not only increases ease of use, but also functional safety on slopes. During transport, the outer rotors swing up. It has a great centre of gravity and the front axle relief is low. The transport width remains below 2.95 m.

To fully protect the tedder from damage, the Fendt Lotus 770 is equipped with a particularly reliable powertrain. The cam clutch ensures a torque transmission of 1,000 Nm. This means that even high working speeds with taller crops are not a problem.

Fendt Lotus 1020 T and 1250 T

The drawn Fendt Lotus 1020 T and 1250 T stand for impact power and performance, even in difficult conditions. With this in mind, the tedders are equipped with a solid drawbar to ensure smooth running and continuous tedding power. The fitted frame with a back-set pivot point also stabilises the driving behaviour and gives the Lotus a high level of manoeuvrability, thanks to the short frame length. The excellent tracking behaviour significantly increases operating and driving comfort. The drawn Lotus models even tackle turns with confidence.

With a working width of 10.20 m and 12.50 m respectively, the drawn Lotus tedders achieve the highest output while being gentle on the soil and harvested crops. The stable main frame and the independent chassis ensure that the gauge wheels are not weighed down by the main frame, and avoids sinking on soft ground. With this, the Lotus 1020 T and 1250 T have an improved ground adjustment and apply less ground pressure. Despite a large working width, these models also have compact transport dimensions. For road transport, the rotors are placed one after the other on the frame. This protects the rotary joints, as the load is reduced while keeping the dimensions particularly compact.

The powertrain of the drawn Fendt Lotus 1020 and 1250 tedders is extremely stable and very easy to run, with maintenance-free, double-sided cross joints.

To match the high driving speeds and area outputs, the drives are secured and protected at 1400 Nm and 1500 Nm respectively.

All the features at a glance:

  • Working widths of 7.70, 10.20 and 12.50 m
  • Unique Fendt performance tines
  • Headland spreading gear
  • Dragging tine position
  • Rotor speed of between 400 and 450 rpm
  • Stable frame design with maintenance-free double-cross joints
  • Fitted version: Fendt Lotus 770 with Stabilo tracking device
  • Drawn versions: Fendt Lotus 1020 T and 1250 T with stable drawbar and back-set 3-point pivot.

Twister 11010 DN

With the new Twister 11010 DN tedder, the Twister series welcomes a new top-of-the-range fitted tedder model. Equipped with 10 rotors, the Twister 11010 DN is an ultimate combination of the powerful technology of attached machines and the stability of fitted tedders. The Twister 11010 DN has a three-point fitting, with a working width of 10.72 m. It is still compact for transport purposes, though. Thanks to the synchronised lifting of the rotors, working on a slope is easy. The rotor speed can be reduced using the optional night swathing gearbox, to shape the perfect night swaths and protect the harvested material from the dew – perfect for small harvest time windows.

The automatic safety switch-off with integrated free wheel is the ultimate safety feature on the Fendt Twister 11010 DN. The switch-off cuts the power if the machine is lifted above the headland setting. The self-centring crosspiece joints prevent damage to the drive train. The Fendt Twister 11010 DN is also equipped with a reinforced pendulum brake.

The Twister 11010 DN can be equipped with a hydraulic swath cloth for edging. This means you get an edging effect not by offsetting the tedder – like on conventional three-point machines – but with a swath cloth.

All the features at a glance:

  • 10 rotors
  • 10.72 m working width
  • Compact transport size
  • Three-point fitting
  • Optional night swath gearbox
  • Automatic safety shut-off with integrated free wheel
  • Reinforced pendulum brake
  • Optional hydraulic swath cloth