Fendt supports aid initiative CIVIL RELIEF MUNICH

With safe and free transports directly to host families in Munich and Bavaria, the aid initiative CIVIL RELIEF MUNICH provided significant help for Ukrainians who had fled. Now that the state of Bavaria is no longer accepting refugees, the initiative has shifted its focus to integrating Ukrainians into society. Fendt supports the aid campaign through donations as well as committed Fendt employees.

A few weeks ago, fleeing women and children needed a safe way out of the war zones in Ukraine. The refugees left their homes without knowing when or if a return would be possible. In Germany, many host families have already been able to provide safe refuge.

Christoph Gröblinghoff (Vice President and Chairman of the AGCO/Fendt Management Board)

"Just like many others, I am shocked to see the circumstances under which people have to flee Ukraine. Organized transport to a safe environment gives those refugees some stability, and integration assistance helps them find their way in their new surroundings," said Christoph Gröblinghoff, Chairman of the AGCO/Fendt Management Board. "There is a great willingness to help among our employees. Colleagues are also getting personally involved in their free time. As a company, we can support the CIVIL RELIEF MUNICH initiative with donations of money and goods."

With fast, free and, above all, pragmatic help, CIVIL RELIEF MUNICH lends a hand wherever support is needed and does so in a completely unbureaucratic manner. Volunteers brought urgently needed medicines, food and specifically requested relief supplies and donations in kind to the Polish-Ukrainian border as quickly as possible. On the way back, Ukrainians were then transported by car in convoy directly to host families in Munich or the surrounding area. The transports and relief supplies were organized in consultation with the Ukrainian authorities. Numerous companies, including Fendt, support the private alliance CIVIL RELIEF MUNICH with donations of money and goods.

Eric Hansotia (Chairman and CEO, AGCO Corporation)

"As an international company, we are taking a very close look at the developments in Ukraine. The fate of the Ukrainian people moves me and also many AGCO employees very much. Together with the AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF), we are supporting the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) emergency relief operation. We want to prevent this humanitarian crisis from also turning into a famine," says Eric Hansotia, CEO and President AGCO Corporation. "In addition, our employees at various locations are also involved in local initiatives, providing support where help is needed most to improve people's lives."

Read more about the AGCO Agriculture Foundation fundraiser:

Help now

CIVIL RELIEF MUNICH is involved in the Lighthouse Ukraine campaign of the "Munich helps" organization. On Sunday, July 10, the next event will take place from 10:00 - 18:00 in the old congress hall in Munich. Active commitment is still needed for the integration of Ukrainian guests.


The relief action CIVIL RELIEF MUNICH started shortly after the beginning of the war at the beginning of March 2022 when neither in Poland nor in Germany official structures for the reception and care of war refugees existed. Through the support of many volunteers, over 2,300 women, children and other people in need of help from the war zones of Ukraine have now been placed with German host families.

Over 1,000 volunteers have regularly traveled to the border area of Ukraine with a fleet of over 40 vehicles. Thanks to the decentralized organization of the volunteers and the use of private and professional networks, help can be provided unbureaucratically and very quickly. Donations arrive directly where they are needed, as this organization ensures the needs and delivery of goods through its specially developed network of official authorities.