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Fendt Former Four-Rotor Hay Rake with or without ISOBUS

Experience a new dimension of implement with the Fendt Former hay rake with ISOBUS control and a maximum operating width of 13.8 m. Thanks to myMemory, you can retrieve previously selected settings such as raking height, operating width and swath width at the touch of a single button on the Varioterminal. This saves time on the way to the next job. A transport height of below 4 m which is maintained without removing the tine arms also ensures comfortable and safe transport on the roads.

One step ahead when it comes to comfort and efficiency

Working widthTine arms per rotor
Former 12545 Gen 2 10,0 - 12,5 m4 x 12
Former 12545 PRO Gen 2 10,0 - 12,5 m 4 x 12
Former 14055 PRO11,5 - 13,8 m 4 x 13

Fendt offers the right solution for everyone when it comes to 4-rotor hay rakes. You have the choice between the Fendt Former 14055 PRO machine with up to 13.8 m working width and the special proConnect ISOBUS functions, the ISOBUScontrolled Fendt Former 12545 PRO Gen 2 with max. 12.5 m working width, and the similar Fendt Former 12545 Gen 2 as a standard machine, which are controlled via two hydraulic control units and manual settings.

It doesn’t get easier than this: The power of ISOBUS allows you to control any Fendt Former 4-rotor hay rake PRO model function at the touch of a screen.

Intelligent control

For the perfect headland, a smart sequence control oversees the lifting of the rotors, based on time or the tractor’s displacement signal. You can also adjust the lifting height on headlands to five levels. All values can be easily changed using the Varioterminal or other ISOBUS-capable monitors. Functions can also be conveniently activated at the touch of a button, or can be loaded onto the Fendt Vario joystick. With the innovative Fendt VariotronicTI headland management on the Fendt Vario tractors, headlands are handled like clockwork.

Automatically the right raking height

With the flexHIGH system, the Fendt Former 14055 PRO can be adjusted to the operating speed. When you drive faster, the resistance on the rotor at the front is increased by the larger volume of forage. This means that tines may be bent back and that the set operating height is not maintained. flexHIGH solves this problem by lowering the rotor slightly at higher speeds, therefore ensuring that no forage is left behind. The current position is always shown on the display via the position sensor. When standing, the rotor is raised so that the tines do not scrape the floor.

gapCONTROL allows you to monitor the overlapping range of the front and back rotors. An audible warning sounds to warn the operator if a critical limit is reached.

Fendt Former Two-Rotor Central Delivery Hay Rake

The right machine for the best possible forage harvesting.

The Fendt Former two-rotor hay rake with central swath shot is available to meet any challenge. From the entry-level model Former 671 with a low power requirement to the all-rounders Former 801/880 and 10065, as well as the professional units Former 8055 Pro and Former 10065 Pro, the hay rakes are a constant source of wonder. They cannot be beaten when it comes to durability and quality of work.

Working width

Tine arms per rotor

Former 671

5,80 - 6,60 m

10 / 10

Former 801

6,80 - 7,60 m

12 / 12

Former 880

7,20 - 8,00 m

12 / 12

Former 8055 PRO

7,20 - 8,00 m

12 / 12

Former 10065 PRO

8,80 - 10,00 m

15 / 15

Former 10065

8,80 - 10,00 m

15 / 15

The right drive

A free wheel has been integrated in the Fendt Former drive train, and each rotor is fitted with separate overload protection.

The Fendt Former hay rake implement driveline has a maintenance-free free wheel and a slip clutch for each rotor. The benefits are immediately obvious: When the PTO is disengaged, the rotors don’t come to a juddering halt, but gently come to a standstill. The rotor arms can also be made ready for transport straight after disengaging the PTO. to reliably protect the drive train. And that’s not all – the straight drive train ensures a long service life.

Very easy to adjust

The Fendt Former two-rotor centre delivery hay rake comes with easy operating width adjustment as standard. The four operating widths on the Fendt Former 671 are adjusted without tools using a lever. On some other models, a stepless hydraulic operating width adjustment system also comes as standard. All other models apart from the 8055 PRO: The transport height always remains low regardless of the operating width you have set.

Using the hydraulic operating width adjustment, the operating width can be conveniently adjusted without leaving the tractor cab. The easily readable indicator gives you information on the adjusted operating width.

The mechanical operating width adjustment can be completed in just 4 steps – without the need for any tools.

Ideal for headlands

The Fendt Formers are manoeuvrable and compact in the transport position. This means transport speed of up to 40 km/h are easily achievable.

The centre swath cloth helps forms the perfect swath. In order that high swathes and the swathes on the headland are not pulled apart unnecessarily, the swath cloth automatically folds up as soon as the rotor arms move into the headland position. The swath cloth also automatically folds of course in the transport position. An optional flow divider (depending on the model), which is supplied as standard on some models, the lifts the rotors in perfect sync.

Two-Rotor Side delivery Hay Rakes

Maximum flexibility with easy handling.

The Fendt Former two-rotor hay rakes with side swath deposit gives you the flexibility you need for your everyday routine. It allows you to decide quickly and easily, and with no tools, whether to deposit two swathes or a single swath. The overlapping of the two rotors is extensive when depositing a single swath, which ensures a clean forage transfer from the first to the second rotor therefore guaranteeing best results, even in difficult conditions and when cornering.

Perfect cam track

On the left you can see the tines lifted by CamControl. The impressive ground clearance protects the swath. The image on the right shows a conventional system, which has left the swath damaged.

Efficient deposit

An automatic sequence control is integrated as standard so that the two-rotor hay rake lifts perfectly on headlands. This ensures that the rotors are lifted and lowered at offset times and therefore always ensures a perfect swath, even on headlands. The lifting process can therefore be adjusted to suit the road speed and operating conditions.

Perfectly sorted

Typically Fendt: The Fendt Former hay rakes are planned down to the last detail, and nowhere is this clearer than on the hydraulic connections. Thanks to the KENNFIX® connector, the long hours of sorting hoses are a thing of the past, and the connections which belong together can be permanently identified.

The Fendt Former two-rotor side delivery hay rakes are also quick and safe on the roads, and can be folded to form a compact unit.

Working widthTine arms per rotor

Former 1402

5,75 / 6,65 m 10 / 12
Former 14525,80 / 6,70 m 12 / 12
Former 16036,60 / 7,70 m 12 / 12
Former 78507,80 / 8,40 m 13 / 13
Former 7850 PRO7,80 / 8,40 m 13 / 13

Two-Rotor Side delivery Hay Rakes drawn

Embodies versatility and drive.

Pure flexibility

The Fendt Former 1502 is a lightweight that packs a punch. Thanks to its trailed design, this manoeuvrable and versatile machine is ideally suited for large working widths of up to 7.00 metres (with two-swath delivery) even with smaller tractors. In the case of one-swath delivery, the working width can be hydraulically set steplessly between 3.60 m and 6.30 m. This allows maximum flexibility in use. Tailor your swath shot to suit your current harvesting conditions. Thanks to the standard sequence control, the rotors are lifted at the end of the field according to a time delay, which produces perfect swath ends.

Working width

3,60 - 6,30 / 7,00 m

Number Tine arms per rotor

12 / 12

Optimal adjustment

Even in the toughest conditions, you can always rely on perfect ground following thanks to the Cardanic rotor suspension and twistable frame. As the rotors are independent of the frame, they can be precisely adjusted both longitudinally and diagonally. This minimises forage contamination and grips everything cleanly. Even the crop which gets into the dips and recesses is baled without losing it. The horizontal tilt of the rotors can be easily set adjusted using the cam bolts, and also even more precise raking. The cam track can be adjusted separately to optimise swath delivery, regardless of the forage type.

Guaranteed smooth running

The large 18/8.50-8 tyres make the running extremely smooth. This not only guarantees that you can work well and comfortably, but also ensures safe transporting, during which each rotor runs on 4 wheels. Tow bars or adjustable drawbars allow you to hitch and unhitch the machine really easily. When it comes to safety, the rotary hay rake scores well with a free wheel and overload protection as standard in the drive train.

The front rotor has 4 hyper balloon wheels 18/8.50-8. Optionally, gauge wheels of the same size can be fitted on the left and right.

The rotors’ horizontal tilt can be easily adjusted by loosening the clamp bolt and then simply turning the cam bolts.

Optionally, the rear swath former can also be operated hydraulically.

Fendt Former Single-Rotor Hay Rake

Great work: a good job done, and that goes for small tractors too.

Its lightweight and stable design, and the low power requirement means that the Fendt Former single-rotor hay rake is also ideal for large working widths with small tractors. When it comes to quality of work, the single-rotor hay rakes are more than large models: Clean raking – even on slopes – is guaranteed. The hay rake closely follows the tractor’s wayline thanks to the headstock with trailing device, And the swath shot on the right-hand side gives you a constant view of the results of your work.

Working width

Tine arms per rotor

Former 351 DS3,60 m10

Former 351 DN

3,60 m


Former 391 DN

3,80 m


Former 400 DN

3,80 m10

Former 426 DN

4,20 m


Former 456 DN

4,50 m


Despite their compact size, the Fendt Former singlerotor hay rakes have a very wide chassis. This ensures the best possible ground following, even on slopes. A tandem axle is fitted on request to improve the ground clearance and stability once more. The longitudinal tilt is adjusted using the tractor’s lower link or the height of the feeler wheel. The diagonal tilt is adjusted via the screw.

The swath width is easily determined by the position of the swath cloth. This can be steplessly and conveniently adjusted in the position. When you change from transport to operating mode, the cloth simply folds up or down. The spring-balanced swath cloth and hoop guard makes it easy. On request, the swath cloth even folds out hydraulically and therefore conveniently from the operator's seat.

The operating depth can be adjusted quickly and easily using the linear height adjustment.

Experience in Hay

A century of silage expertise Tradition, innovation and passion – that’s the recipe for success of the silage centre of expertise in Feucht.