2018-08-22Press release

Harvest your success:
The new Fendt forage harvesting solution

As part of the full-line programme, Fendt presents new machines in the field of forage harvesting technology. There are product innovations for disc mowers, hay rakes and in the Alpine range.

2018-08-22Press release

Harvest your success:
The new Fendt forage harvesting solution

As part of the full-line programme, Fendt presents new machines in the field of forage harvesting technology. There are product innovations for disc mowers, hay rakes and in the Alpine range.

Pulling power: The new disc mowers Fendt Slicer TKC & TRC

Fendt tractor with the slicer in action

The mower for more flexibility

This trailed mower with transport suspension comes in two working widths. Both the 3.0 m working width version and the 3.5 m working width version can be equipped with a tine or a roller conditioner. The centre-mounted Deichsel hitch ensures flexibility when working. The mower can be pivoted in the middle as well as on the left or right behind the tractor, making it easier to work in convoy.

There is less load on the tractor compared to a three-point mower, which means you can use smaller tractors for the same work. The improved weight distribution of the assembly is also an advantage on slopes. When lifting at the headland, there's more stability against overturning.

Three-dimensional ground adjustment

For a three-dimensional ground adjustment all new models of the Fendt Slicer T have been fitted with the cutter bed at the outer points of the stable supporting frame. The top-lying frame gives the mower unit more freedom of movement. The three-dimensional ground adjustment ensures that even in the case of uneven ground the cutter bar follows the ground contour, so that it can be cleanly cut and the stems are fully protected. This type of cutter bed pick-up also prevents the cutter bed from twisting. The compact angle drive of the Fendt Slicer T results in a clean cut, as each mower disc is driven separately with the same force. The central stepless cutting height adjustment can easily be adjusted from 3.5 to 7 cm and without tools via a crank.

Fendt Slicer in use

Power-saving and long-lasting

With the towed hitch and the traction point being way out front, the mower is easy to use with reduced fuel consumption. To prolong the service life of the new disc mower units, all models have been equipped with a part-turn gearbox. This prevents the joint shaft from being snapped off and allows a particularly even power output with low wear.

Features at a glance:

  • 3.0 m or 3.5 m working width
  • Switch from tine to roller conditioner
  • Centre-mounted Deichsel hitch for higher flexibility
  • Three-dimensional ground adjustment
  • Compact angle drive
  • Crank to adjust the central cut height without tools
  • Easy to pull and fuel-efficient
  • Swivel gear that's gentle on the PTO shaft

New for the Fendt Alpine range: The conditioner Fendt Booster 285 DN

The new tine conditioner

Efficient conditioning

The new tine conditioner with a pick-up width of 1.82 m results in a high feed throughput with to its large rotor diameter, even at high flow rates. The flexible tines with notching ensure a more gentle feed intake. The checker plate and V-shaped countercomb with four different intensity levels mean the wax layer of the leaves and stems can be removed more efficiently. For a good feed distribution and drying of the product, a wide distribution device is fitted as standard, which helps to distribute the crop either over the entire mowed width or in a narrow swath. Carefully processed fodder remains in the swath width of your choice, for flexibility to suit the weather and harvest conditions.

Safe and robust

The new Fendt Booster 285 DN is a conditioning machine for the rear-three-point hitch, particularly suited for Alpine use due to its compact and light construction. The good weight distribution of the assembly ensures the all-important stability on the slopes. The machine running-off in the hillside position is prevented by the low-lying traction point of the conditioning unit. An integrated follow-up device ensures the machine runs quietly and is well balanced when lifting at the headland. There are optional shock absorbers to stabilise the machine when lifting on particularly steep terrain.

Fendt Booster 285 DN in action

All the features at a glance:

  • 1.82 m pick-up width
  • Tine conditioner with large rotor diameter
  • Better weight distribution for more slope stability
  • Compact attachment and light construction
  • Higher efficiency due to tines with notch, countercomb and checker plate

Precise swathing made easy: The new Fendt Former 1502

Fendt Former 1502

Higher surface capacity and flexibility

The new Fendt Former 1502 allows the swath shot to be adjusted individually to the feed quantity and the feed type. Choose between different working widths as standard and a 1 or 2 swath shot. The working width can be adjusted hydraulically and steplessly and provides a 1-swath shot at 3.60 m to 6.30 m and at a 2-swath shot at up to 7.00 m. An adjustable cam track gets you the swath shape you want. So that the swath shape remains clean at the headland, there is a standard sequence control so you can first lift the front rotor while the rear rotor forms the swath cleanly to the end.

Clean raking results

This light weight machine is equipped with 12 tine arms on each rotor and has a rotor diameter of 2.96 m. The gimballed rotor suspension and the highly flexible frame adapt extremely well to the ground. The rotors are independent of the frame so that they can be adjusted to the ground in a longitudinal and transverse direction. As such, crop can be salvaged from cropped terrain without loss, while minimising forage contamination.

Fendt Former 1502

Easy to handle

Attaching and detaching the machine is made easier with a tractor linkage hitch. This design combines well with smaller tractors without the need to do without with the large working width of the Fendt Former. With the tine arms attached, its transport width is below 3 m, so that the setup time is minimised.

All the features at a glance:

  • 1 or 2-swath shot
  • Variable working width at 1-swath shot from 3.60 m to 6.30 m, at 2-swath shot up to 7 m
  • Gimballed rotor suspension and torsion-resistant frame for better ground adjustment
  • Parallel lifting of the rotors
  • Standard sequence control
  • Adjustable cam track
  • Transport width with inserted tine arms under 3 m

Our range of Fendt rakes continues to grow

With the Fendt Former 400 DN and the Fendt Former 10065, two new models are added to the rake product range. This will give Fendt customers even more choice in the future.

Small and robust: The new Fendt Former 400 DN

The 1-rotor rake program will be expanded in the future by the Fendt Former 400 DN. The rake with a working width of 3.85 m is characterised by a robust 4 rake head and a reinforced frame. The new rotary rake is a good alternative for customers to the Fendt Former 391 DN if you need a small working width but a sturdy rake.

Simple and effective: The new Fendt Former 10065

The 2-rotor rake is technically similar to the Fendt Former 10065 PRO. There are differences in the electro hydraulic comfort control and the rotor single lifting. If you can do without these, this mid-size rake gives you an efficient machine with a generous working width of 8.80 m - 10.00 m, mechanical working height adjustment and all the standard features of the Fendt Former 10065 series.

Product improvements

All Fendt Cutter FPV models can be purchased in the future with a hydraulic folding of the side guard. In the future, you will no longer have to get out every time you come to a new field to mechanically fold in the side guard. As well as the ease of use, shorter prep times are also an advantage.

The 2-rotor side-rake, the Fendt Former 1603 will also come with the swath cloth automatically folding, for better ease of use.

The new products are available from 23 August 2018, at the Fendt Field Day in Wadenbrunn.