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Reliable tying: Always a feature of Fendt round balers.

You have the choice

All Fendt round balers are compatible with both net and twine ties. The tie must always work reliably, in order to ensure that you can attain high daily outputs and satisfactory bale quality levels.

VarioNet and VarioTwin

Fendt round balers offer two different tying types. VarioTwin is a simple and inexpensive twine tie featuring a variable speed control facility. On the other hand, VarioNet is a net tie that is perfectly compatible with all standard net widths. It features a net brake that can be adjusted using tension springs. Thanks to the intelligent design of the net guidance system, the net is automatically broadened. Consequently, the bales are also perfectly formed at the sides, and reliably protected. This also makes storage easier.

Very easy set-up

In order to make things easier for you, we have focused sharply on user-friendliness. This can also be seen from the intuitive operations: Among other things, the terminal allows you to set the time for active net supply; this is especially useful if the situation involves dry straw. The number of net turns and the net deceleration can quickly and easily be adjusted using the terminal.

Net changes made easy

Thanks to EasyLoadSystem, the nets on all Fendt round balers can be changed very easily indeed. All you have to do is insert the net roller into the EasyLoadSystem and close it. A centring crank then automatically brings the net roller into the ideal position.

The Easy Load System makes it possible to add net rollers in the shortest possible time.

Regardless of whether the situation involves a net tie or a twine tie: Fendt round balers always tie bales reliably.

Net rolls can be inserted quickly and easily into the parking position, so that you always have enough material on hand.

Choose the best controls for your round baler.

ISOBUS for maximum convenience

For each Fendt variable round baler there are three operating version available. Your Fendt round baler can be best controlled via the ISOBUS interface. If the round baler and tractor are equipped with ISOBUS, simply connect the ISOBUS plug in the tractor, and gain full control over the baler via the terminals integrated in the tractor, such as the Fendt Varioterminal. It can be used to make default settings for the crop, to select the soft core function, select 10 pre-set bale densities, monitor the fill level and pre-select the knives.

E-Link Pro

E-Link Pro is an external touch panel which communicates with the baler via the ISOBUS standard. If offers almost the same range of functions as on the Fendt Varioterminal to control the baler. The E-Link Pro is quickly and easily fitted on the tractor and is simple to operate. The high-contrast display can be read easily even in strong sunlight.

E-Link Control

All key information is also at your fingertips in E-Link Control. The control terminal is user-friendly and even offers a help menu, with which the explanation of individual functions and settings can be read directly off the terminal. Acoustic signals also help during work.


E-Link Control is user-friendly and can be quickly fitted to any tractor.

  • Mosaic

    E-Link Control is user-friendly and can be quickly fitted to any tractor.

  • Mosaic

    Thanks to ISOBUS, the baler communicates seamlessly with the ISOBUS terminals integrated into the tractor, for example the Fendt Varioterminal.

  • Mosaic

    E-Link Pro is an ISOBUS operating terminal, which controls the baler functions via touch.