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Rear mounted Fendt Slicer

Fendt Slicer rear mowers - Harvest time for big and small.

The Slicer family shows its most comprehensive side in the classic mower. Incisive mowing experiences begin with Fendt at a working width of just 2.05 m and reveal themselves in true size at 4.50 m. Whether side-mounted in a modular system or centrally mounted with all the refinements of the art of mowing. Everyone will find their slicer here - for the big cut or the small big cut.

Simply increase the power.

Centrally suspended

The Fendt Slicer TLX features wide area coverage, an exceptional cut and easy handling, mainly courtesy of the special centre suspension. The mower unit on the Fendt Slicer TLX is suspended at the centre of gravity. This ensures excellent ground following to protect the sward. On the Slicer TLX, the TurboLift system also provides a unique floating cut.

Slicer 3670 TLXRC

Number of cutting discs

Slicer 3160 TLX

3,10 m


Slicer 3160 TLXKC

3,10 m


Slicer 3160 TLXRC

3,10 m


Slicer 3670 TLX

3,60 m


Slicer 3670 TLXKC

3,60 m


Slicer 3670 TLXRC

3,60 m


Folds like clockwork

The diagonal transport folding of the Slicer TLX turns the tractor and mower into one unit on the road. Depending on the operating width, the mower folds open by up to 120°. This gives you the best possible weight distribution, compact transport size and low transport height for safe and easy road transport. Alternatively, the Slicer TLX can also be suspended in the diagonal position and parked compactly.

Perfect cut in any conditions

The diagonal transport folding of the Slicer TLX turns the tractor and mower into one unit on the road. Depending on the operating width, the mower folds open by up to 120°. This gives you the best possible weight distribution, compact transport size and low transport height for safe and easy road transport. Alternatively, the Slicer TLX can also be suspended in the diagonal position and parked compactly.

Die Schutze lassen sich werkzeuglos großzügig aufklappen. Damit fallen Wartung und Reinigung leicht.

Mit der mechanischen und gut ablesbaren Arbeitshöhenanzeige kann die Höhe des Unterlenkers schnell und einfach eingestellt werden.

Perfect power distribution

The simple, straight-line and low-maintenance drive line directs power via implement drivelines to where it is needed, i.e. on the cutterbed. A direct powertrain function is also guaranteed in combination with conditioners. The SafetySwing impact guard is used in case you hit an obstacle during mowing, by swinging the mower up and to the back, and returning it to its start position. The Slicer TLX features exceptional user friendliness, thanks to details such as the standard tool box, the surrounding plastic impact guard, and the front guard which can be opened without tools. On request, a hydraulic transport lock or hydraulically collapsible outer guard is available.


Swinging protection SafetySwing is the patented, mechanical collision protection of the Fendt Slicer TLX mowers. It triggers in the event of a collision. Due to the large lever arm, the mower unit swings safely away to the top rear and thus flies over the obstacle. It then automatically folds back into the working position so that work can continue without interruption.

Glide across the sward; harvest quality crops.

Patented guide system

The patented guide of the Fendt Slicer TL mowers ensures optimal stability and guidance of the cutterbed both lengthwise and diagonally. The result is excellent ground following and protection of the sward. The mower has a swing range of 13° both up and down. The guide also relieves the lift arm and the mower's pivot, resulting in zero torque on the centre suspension. All this ensures a long lifetime.

Direct powertrain function

The Fendt Slicer TL part-turn gearbox is also designed for very high-horsepower tractors. The drive shaft with free wheel and overload protection protects against major damage. The Fendt Slicer TL also has an impact guard through which the mower can swing out up to 22° towards the rear. This also enables the release force to be adjusted. By activating the EHS valve and briefly reversing, the mower again returns to the operating position.

Perfectly positioned even in transport

For transport purposes, the Fendt Slicers are easily swivelled slightly more than 90° towards the rear. The swivel action can be performed from the convenience of the tractor cab. The compensation cylinder and the TurboLift system therefore have a counter effect on the mower's movements during driving, and ensure a smooth and safe ride on the roads.

Excellent maintenance concept

The Fendt Slicer TL will also make you smile when it comes to ease-of-maintenance. The wide-opening full-cloth front guards allow easier access. The rear guards can also be opened wide on models without conditioners. Changing knives and cleaning is therefore quick and easy. Spare knives are always on hand in the large tool boxes.

Working width

Number of cutting discs

Slicer 4080 TL

4,00 m 8

Slicer 4590 TL

4,50 m 9

Clear the field from the side.

A relaxed working environment:
Fendt Slicer rear-mounted mowers with side suspension and compact angle drive come in different versions. We offer models that have the mower discs running down the middle, as well as models with mower discs running in pairs. Models with paired discs come with a quick-release blade system and the DriveGuard mower disc guard fitted as standard.

No compromise:
Fendt Slicers with side suspension are perfect for medium-sized farms. They facilitate a vast range of applications and can also mow ditches and slopes using the side suspension. The adjustable lower link bolts allow easy adjustment to suit a range of tractors, therefore allowing the full operating width to be used.

The elastic V-belt drive is automatically tensioned and turns at 540 or 1000 rpm.

Mow ditches and slopes up to a gradient of 30°.

The spring-mounting ensures low ground pressure and protects the sward.

Best protection:
A spring-loaded impact guard reliably protects the machine against damage. The continuous frame lends these models additional stability. The V-belt provides an efficient powertrain function and also serves as overload protection. The mower unit load relief can be easily adjusted using a spring. Sward protection and high-quality forage also play an extremely important role here.

Comfort always a standard feature:
The full-cloth guard which is foldable on both sides provides easy access to the cutterbed. Some models can even be equipped with a tine or roller conditioner. Fendt Slicer rear mowers have an easily accessible toolbox for quick access in the fields.

Working width

Number of cutting disc

Slicer 270 P

2,55 m


Slicer 320 P

3,00 m


Slicer 350 P

3,50 m


Because a lightweight design and durability does go hand in hand.

Smart structure

Fendt Slicer ISL mowers feature a weight-optimised design and low power requirement, so that even small tractors can be used to work large widths. The discs, which run in pairs, as well as the flat structure of the cutterbed, ensure the perfect cut. A clean cut view is therefore achieved even if cutting heights are very low. The drive operates from above directly into the first mower disc. This prevents the forage from being shunted, especially on slopes. Easy-to-replace large, hardened skid shoes on the underside also extend the service life.

The perfect lift

The Fendt Slicer with side hitch and spur gear drive stands out from the crowd thanks to its exceptional user friendliness. Only one hydraulic cylinder is needed for lifting on headlands. The rear power lift does not have to be engaged for lifting. The cutterbed always lifts parallel to the ground surface. You can also switch easily between working mode and transport mode by actuating a hydraulic valve. You can also benefit from the compact transport position and the centre of gravity which is close to the tractor. This ensures safety and stability on the roads.

It's easy to get the best cutting results, even in tall crops.

Switch from working mode to the compact transport position from the comfort of your cab.

Maximum lifetime and stability:
All drive components operate in an oil bath, meaning that all sections are properly lubricated even when mowing embankments or ditches at an angle. Extreme care has been taken in sealing the cutterbed, so that no oil will leak to contaminate the forage, even after years of use.

Well protected:
With Fendt Slicer ISL mowers, you're always on the safe side. The spring-loaded impact guard protects the mower against damage. Furthermore, the individual mower discs are also protected by a shear bolt. The elastic V-belt with automatic V-belt tensioning also acts as overload protection.

Working width

Number of cutting disc

Slicer 2460 ISL

2,42 m


Slicer 2870 ISL

2,82 m


The next step to your Fendt Slicer

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