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Maximum cutting performance from the first to last stalk.

High-performance table

The better the quality of the cut, the better the compression, fermentation and forage digestion. The combination of a high number of knives (PR=40, XR=45) and a pulling cut combined with a small gap of 3.5 mm between the knives guarantees a cleanly-cut forage package. The Fendt Tigo uses elongated knives made of hardened tool steel with a special serrated edge. This prolongs the service life of the Tigo and cuts along the entire length to produce the best quality silage. The necessary flexibility is provided by the easy cutting length adjustment. The tool lever can be used to effortlessly half the number of knives, and therefore to change the cutting length from 37 mm to 74 mm.

The table frame is sub-divided into 2 groups, so that you can easily switch between a cutting length of 37 mm and 74 mm or uncut.

The elongated knives with serrations on one edge ensure an efficient, pulling cut, and can be removed without the use of tools.

Reliability thanks to Trimatic

Each knife is protected by a separate single knife guard with the unique impact guard system. If the rotor pushes a foreign object onto the knife, the spring buckles and immediately reduces the force onto the knife. This tension automatically returns the knife to its operating position after the foreign body has passed through. The innovative spring-based trigger system protects the knives and rotor, and guarantees constant functionality even in the harshest of operating conditions.

Easy maintenance

The open table frame reduces your maintenance and cleaning work, as the open geometry of the frame allows any dirt to simply fall through it onto the ground. The central knife release allows you to change individual knives quickly and easily.

The aim is to make work as easy as possible for you. The combi wagon guarantees quick and easy handling through its knives which can be removed without the use of tools. Move the table bars from the operating to service position from the comfort of your terminal or by pressing the buttons on the side. It’s easy to change the knives by swinging the knife frame to the side. Each knife can be unlocked by the central knife release, and removed individually at each point in the frame.