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Everything under control with Fendt Tigo.

Stay on top of things

The similarity of the front side of Fendt Tigo with a trough has a very specific reason. The operator always has a perfect view in the loading space through the forward sloping body design. With loading spaces of 31 to 41 m3 (DIN) for the PR models and 38 to 54 m3 (DIN) for the XR models, you can transport your crop quickly and efficiently.

Robust and stable

The Fendt Tigo ensures maximum stability and lifetime. The robust and solid all-steel body with closely placed side stanchions is directly screwed together with the chassis frame and the profile frame bolted above. This makes it the most stable and the most compact loading wagon of its class.

Simple and without alterations

Versatility and maximum operational flexibility are the deciding factors for maximum economic viability. With the Fendt Tigo, you can quickly and easily switch from loading to chipper wagon without major adjustments. The structure of the forage wagon was designed without tubular frame and tensioning rope, and it is therefore ideal for filling with the chopper from above and from the front. At the end of the day, you profit from the low feed losses, high flexibility and fast operational readiness.


You can easily reach into the interiors of the Fendt Tigo. The boarding door on the side with integrated stair can be easily opened without much effort.

  • Mosaic

    Safeguard your load during road transport with the matching cover. This prevents dirt on the roads and therefore major safety risks.

  • Mosaic

    You can easily reach into the interiors of the Fendt Tigo. The boarding door on the side with integrated stair can be easily opened without much effort.

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    Thanks to the completely closed cowl, no crop is lost even during maize chaffing, without alteration.

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    The design of the Fendt Tigo without tubular frame allows simple filling from above, irrespective of whether the bucket or the chopper is used.

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    The hydraulic loading space cover is easy to operate via the terminal.

The Fendt Tigo leaves nothing to coincidence.

The right angle

The Fendt Tigo guarantees an efficient and comfortable loading and unloading process, where the feed does not have to be pushed up into a forage channel as the scraper floor is lowered by 250 mm. The forage wagon precisely sets its power. It requires less power while loading and thus lower fuel consumption thanks to an optimised arrangement of the conveyor elements.

The right speed

You can keep calm even in hectic situations with the forage wagon. The hydraulic 2-step scraper floor drive on the XR, optionally even in PR, can be adjusted depending on the crop and weight. The continuously adjustable form feed speed guarantees you the fastest possible emptying. If it must be really fast, you can engage rapid feed with up to 25 m/min for still more efficient and faster unloading. The Fendt Tigo is additionally equipped with a scrape floor reflux for the models with feed rolls. This drive equips them for even the toughest tasks.

The right distribution

A consistent output of crop while unloading improves performance while compacting in the silo. You can create a uniform blanket of feed on the silo with the high-performance profile of the closed feed rolls. Grass, maize or even GPS are milled off exactly from the feed stock. The Fendt Tigo ensures such a precise unloading process. A smooth drive guarantees the powerful spur gear with the large drive chains. In order to keep the dimensions lean, the drive transmission shafts are hidden in the frame. The simple structure of the rollers at the rear offers you the flexibility of additional 2 m³ more loading space.

All wagons in the Tigo PR and XR series can be supplied either with 2 or 3 feed rollers. For more load volume, the individual rollers can be simply extended towards the back.

You are steeled for the hardest operations with the flat link chains of Tigo XR with 60 t breaking load. The Tigo PR supports you with strong, durable round steel chains with 50 t braking load.

When the feed pressure is reached on the lower feed roller, the motion sensors stop the scraper floor feed automatically.

The galvanized, lowered steel floor provides the optimum anti-corrosion protection against everything during transport of maize silage.

Starting from Tigo 75 XR, there is the two-sided scraper floor operation by standard for safe unloading of high masses.

The Fendt Tigo provides the front to grass and maize.

The first component of VarioFill is the cowl.

More compact, easier, more manoeuvrable and shorter by at least 1 meter than other loading wagons in its class. With its 80° pivoting multi-functional bulkhead, the Fendt Tigo is one of a kind when it comes to loading. By using the space above the loading unit creates 6m³ more volume which simultaneously shortens the vehicle. The completely closed frame of the cowl offers the highest stability in turn. The combination of light weight and compact size make Fendt Tigo the payload champion. Combined with the Fendt tractor, it becomes an unbeatable team. You can profit from a better road holding during transport through the ideal weight distribution and optimum tongue weight.

Second component of VarioFill is the automatic loading.

Always exercise the right pressure with the Fendt Tigo. Each m³ of the loading volume is optimally utilised by the double function of the cowl as loading and precompactor wall, with integrated automatic loading and unloading. Adjust the 2 step automatic loading and adjust the compression pressure of the feed in a continuous manner through the terminal. The precompacting pressure can be customised optimum to the feed structure with this unique system. Whether it is higher pressure for a maximum loaded wagon or lower pressure to avoid crumbling losses in hay – as soon as the selected compression pressure is reached in the pressure sensor of the hydraulic cylinder, the scraper floors automatically sets itself in motion. If the complete loading space is filled, the cowl moves stepwise forward. You take maximum advantage of the loading capacity with the VarioFill and work efficiently and preserving the feed.

Third component of VarioFill is the automatic unloading.

Manual removal of feed residues at the end of the day is not required. The VarioFill makes unloading a relaxed affair. The unloading process starts with pressing a button. The trunk lid is opened and then the scraper floor and the cowl start simultaneously. The multifunctional wall gently pushes the feedstock through the declining movement and reduces the load of the scraper floor chains. The bulkhead presses the last feed wedge actively to the scraper floor through the arching position arising in the end position and ensures clean emptying of the wagon.

Your forage wagon is always optimally loaded with the continuously adjustable compression pressure.

The manual operation of the scraper floor no longer becomes necessary with the VarioFill automatic loading and unloading; you can sit back in the cab and just steer.

VarioFill: The combination of intelligent automatic loading and unloading and, multifunctional cowl.