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A farmer driving the Fendt IDEAL in the field

Your IDEAL Story:
A focus on customer experiences

What is your IDEAL story? We asked Fendt IDEAL customers around the world this question to find out what motivates them and how satisfied they are with their Fendt combine harvester.

Join us on a journey around the globe – discover inspiring stories and what our customers have to say about the Fendt IDEAL.

The Project
“Your IDEAL Story”

Development of the Fendt IDEAL combine harvester began back in 2011. And since then, it’s been one of AGCO's largest investments. From the very beginning, we have attached great importance to taking into account the needs and requirements of our customers. That's why we were particularly curious about their experiences with the Fendt IDEAL. We set off to find out what their personal IDEAL stories are. Our journey has taken us to customers all over the world, whom we have accompanied during the harvest. This gave us the opportunity to obtain their feedback directly from the field.

In addition, three of the customers accepted our invitation to the Swiss Future Farm, where we initiated an open dialogue among them and our AGCO IDEAL experts. This allowed us to find out in more detail how satisfied they are with their Fendt IDEAL combine harvesters.

Stories from around the world

Fendt customers tell us their IDEAL story.

We have made contact with Fendt IDEAL customers from around the world. No matter where we were – in every country, we were able to listen intently to what moves our customers and how satisfied they are with their combine harvesters.

The feedback speaks for itself: The Fendt IDEAL exceeds all expectations. Farmers and contractors worldwide confirm its outstanding performance. Get a first impression of the IDEAL Stories in the video.

Expert interviews at eye level

What challenges do you face during the harvest?

Marco Bidin is our IDEAL expert from Product Marketing. He talks to our IDEAL customers at the Swiss Future Farm about the customer benefits of the unique features of the Fendt IDEAL. Together, they discuss regional challenges and take an exciting look into the future.

Which technical feature would you describe as outstanding?

Francesco Camelotto was involved in the development of the Fendt IDEAL combine harvester from the very beginning. The development team works every day to make the combine harvester even better. It was therefore particularly important to him to find out which features customers particularly like and where there is room for improvement.

Where is good manufacturing quality particularly noticeable?

Quality is an important issue in the manufacture of our Fendt IDEAL. Katia Brazzale talked to our customers about this. She and her colleagues also work every day to satisfy customers with the best production quality. We were very keen to find out what our customers are particularly satisfied with and where they still see a need for change.

How important is good service to you?

If something does break during the season, Thomas Schmid's service team is on hand to help. When talking to our customers, it was important to him to find out what role good service and good availability of spare parts played when buying a new combine harvester and how our customers rate the ease of maintenance of the Fendt IDEAL.

What is important to you when buying a combine harvester?

Konstantin Stahl is a global product manager and is primarily concerned with the worldwide customer requirements for the Fendt IDEAL. In dialogue with our customers, he talks about their satisfaction with various combine harvester performance data such as grain and straw quality or ease of operation.

What makes the Fendt IDEAL special

Helix Processor CGI

Superior rotors

The unique helix processor combines the highest throughput, best grain quality, low energy consumption and optimal straw quality into one unique concept.
Close-up of the IDEALdrive joystick steering

Everything under control

With the revolutionary IDEALdrive joystick steering system, the steering wheel is completely done away with, allowing an optimal view of the cutterbar. The combine harvester is controlled with a joystick on the left armrest.
IDEALharvest™ close-up

Automatic combine harvester adjustment

IDEALharvest™ is a revolutionary system that will automate your combine harvester. Acoustic MAD sensors provide the data required for the Fendt IDEAL to automatically adjust to your pre-selected harvest strategy and achieve the best threshing results.
Distribution of the crop on the two return floors

Efficient crop distribution

The IDEALbalance™ system on Fendt IDEAL combine harvesters ensures that the crop harvest is optimally distributed on the two return floors. This reduces losses on slopes and only clean crop enters the grain tank.

This is what makes the Fendt IDEAL so impressive

Icons_Fendt_IDEAL Schneidwerk_128x128.svg

Reliable cutter bars

Icons_Fendt_IDEAL Helix-Prozessor_128x128.svg

Efficient helix processor

Icons_Fendt_IDEAL Innovative Technik_128x128.svg

Innovative technology

Icons_Web_Fendt_IDEAL_128x128-Kabine-03 (1).svg

Cabin with top comfort

Harvest more!

Comparison test of 05/08/2020 in association with the DLG TestService team.

With the help of the DLG, we pitted the Fendt IDEAL 9T against a competitor putting them both through their paces under the same conditions and criteria. Here were two mighty machines competing against each other, both equal in terms of their threshing capacity. The measurements focused on output, loss, broken grain and straw quality. The Fendt IDEAL 9T delivered not only good but excellent results in all these aspects. More output with lower losses, significantly less broken grain and far better straw quality.