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Fendt IDEAL 10T

Different. Better. IDEAL. Recolor your harvest.

Fendt IDEAL. A combine developed without limitations from a blank canvas, designed to open up new horizons in productive harvests. A machine ready for the current and future requirements of professional farmers and contractors. An innovative threshing system that always provides the most efficient output and cleanest results for every type of crop and under all conditions.









Max. performance with PowerBoost (ECER 120)









More power, more output, less effort. Time for new dimensions.

Exceptional conditions require exceptional performance – both from us and our machines. Bring new levels of efficiency into your working day – with a clear view of the header and in-feed, easy ergonomic steering and 790 hp. A larger separation area together with a new IDEALbalance™ can only mean the best harvest quality.

The ultimate rotor: The Dual Helix

Larger concave surface area

Two additional separator concaves bring the concave surface of the Fendt IDEAL 10 up to 4.54m². Compared to the Fendt IDEAL 9, this machine has a 12 percent bigger working area, which means even higher separating capacity and even greater output.

Full power: Cyclone Cleaning System

New cleaning system

From the preparation floor, the grain drops down to the top sieve through two curved double-drop steps. Thanks to the curved shape, the heavy grains gather in the lower part of the step, while the laws of physics mean the lighter parts of the crop flow are in the top section. The curved steps provide a wider air outlet, which can significantly increase the air volumes. This makes the cleaning system even more efficient. Most short straw and chaff are separated from the grain on the first drop between preparation floor and intermediate floor. The second drop to the top sieve then separates any foreign bodies.


The cleaning system on the Fendt IDEAL10 works over four sections, which meant a new design for IDEALbalance™. Two return floors ensure even distribution and coverage across the preparation floor. IDEALbalance™ compensates for slopes up to 15 percent.

Everything at hand: IDEALdrive.

Conventional steering

The steering wheel has been used since the development and production of self-propelled harvesters. In 1893 it was still a new invention and not commonly used. Today, it’s hard to imagine a world without a steering wheel. On a harvester it has its uses, but it can also be a burden; the steering wheel restricts your view of the header and the in-feed of the crop elevator. It also encourages an unhealthy posture. With today's lane guidance systems, the steering wheel is almost redundant on a combine harvester. A machine element that is rarely used can seriously restrict our daily work.

Joystick steering

For a better view of the table, the Fendt IDEAL offers a revolutionary concept – IDEALdrive. With IDEALdrive, there is no need for a steering column. Instead of using a steering wheel, you control the combine harvester with a joystick on the left armrest. The left hand steers while the right hand controls the speed. It means you have a great view to the front. The joystick's control and intuitive response are proportional to the driving speed and the steering lock angle on the wheel. It's easy and safe to control in every situation. IDEALdrive is optional. As a customer, you can choose how you want to drive your machine.

Ergonomic controls

As well as easy steering, IDEALdrive makes various functions very ergonomic to use; the joystick includes buttons for the indicators, dipped/high beam, the horn and the track guidance system. You can pivot the entire armrest backward, so it's easier to take your seat.

Buttons on the top - The indicator switch is on the top part of the joystick. The buttons are all within easy reach for great ergonomics.
Buttons on the back - On the back are the buttons for dipped/high beam, horn and track guidance.

IDEAL power release

Full power!

The Fendt IDEAL 10 features a MAN 16.2l engine with a maximum output of 790 hp, which meets European Emissions Stage V. The powerful six-cylinder engine is equipped with a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry. The VGT turbocharger helps maintain the maximum output and torque over a wide rpm range.