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The IDEAL work place with the ultimate in comfort.

The ultimate overview. The Fendt VisionCab was designed to offer you the perfect workplace with the best view over the attachment. It does this with a window area of 5.75 m2 and a 180° panoramic view. The low noise level of just 73 db creates a pleasant working atmosphere. The generous operator’s cab even means long-legged operators can enjoy a comfortable seat.
Seat comfort. On the Fendt IDEAL, you have the choice between two seat variants: the standard fabric variant, or the deluxe leather seat with active ventilation. The instructor’s seat is produced from leather on request. There is a 28.5 litre cooling compartment below it. Fold down the backrest to reveal two practical bottle holders and a document holder.

Everything under control

The simple and intuitive operation of the Fendt IDEAL, entirely in line with the Fendt Vario tractor concept, is all down to the armrest. It features a handy joystick and the membrane/toggle button for machine functions. There is also a small digital display for the most important machine settings. The Varioterminal 10.4" also allows you to easily adjust the machine by tapping or by pressing a button. For the advanced machine functions of the IDEALharvestTM, click your iPad into the stable and practical holder and run the application.

Reel speed
Automatic table levelling ON/OFF 1
ParaLevel ON/OFF/Transport mode
Automatische Schnitthöhenführung EIN/AUS
Table height
Manual ParaLevel adjustment
Straw deflectors
Discharge quantity
Grain tank cover
Rotor speed
Top/bottom sieve
Fan speed
Oilseed rape knives Aux buttons
Differential lock
Gear shift
Hookup mode
Road mode switch
C1/C2 Cruise controls
Engine speed
Table ON/OFF Reverse
Threshing mechanism ON/OFF Reverse
Hand brake
Table control
Discharge tube Swing in/out
Discharge ON/OFF (press)
Activate automatic cutting height
Activate automatic steering
Headland management
Reel control
Emergency stop for table and crop elevator

Adding a whole new dimension to automation.

Happy harvest.

With IDEALharvest, the Fendt IDEAL sets new benchmarks in the field of automated machine settings – IDEALharvest is a revolutionary system that will automate your Fendt heavy-duty combine. Acoustic MAD sensors provide the data required for the Fendt IDEAL to automatically adjust to your pre-selected harvest strategy and achieve the best threshing results.

The driver can quickly and easily select from the 3 key harvesting strategies – minimise breakages, minimise grain loss or optimise grain purity. You can also use the slider to prioritise throughput performance. The Fendt IDEAL's rotor and fan speed, top and bottom sieve openings and forward speed are continually optimised to suit the selected strategy.
IDEALharvest also displays the machine's crop flow in realtime, so you can use the data to assess crop distribution in the machine. Based on the realtime values of the installed sensors, the transfer volumes and grain losses are displayed onscreen. The Grain Quality Cam helps optimise the grain quality.

The IDEAL solutions for a relaxed harvest.

Easy documentation:
With the Fendt VarioDoc and VarioDoc Pro, the work done can be documented with just a few clicks in the Varioterminal, and transferred to your field database. VarioDoc comes with every Fendt IDEAL. The option of VarioDoc Pro offers an extended range of functions, including wireless data transfer.

Ideal time yield mapping:
Thanks to the real time yield mapping of the Fendt IDEAL, the current yield at every position in the field is displayed on the terminal as you work. You can also display the moisture content for that location. The system only works via GPS and the moisture and yield gauges fitted to the elevator.

You have the choice

The Fendt VarioGuide automatic guidance system gives you a choice of different receivers from NovAtel® or Trimble®. Both offer a wide variety of correction signals with accuracies of up to +/- 2 cm. With the NovAtel receiver, the correction signals SBAS, TerraStar-L & C and RTK keep you on track. Choose a Trimble® receiver to use SBAS, RangePoint™ RTX™, CenterPoint RTX™ and RTK. If you lose your RTK signal due to the terrain, VarioGuide continues to work reliably up to 20 minutes thanks to the Trimble®-xFill™ or NovAtel® RTK Assist solution.

Different correction signals, which allow you to carry on working for a period even if you lose the signal, are available for both NovAtel and Trimble systems.