Fendt Momentum Planter - Reducing Compaction

Shallow compaction (0-6 inches deep) directly in the root zone is the most detrimental to yield. Visual symptoms like stunted plant height is often a key indicator that soil compaction is present. Just how much does soil compaction at the time of planting impact your yield potential? Experts estimate that average yield loss from compaction ranges from 10-20%, but can range as high as 60% in extreme situations.

Can you afford to give up a minimum of 10% in yield potential to compaction? Even if you could afford to, why would you want to?

The Fendt Momentum planter equipped with Load Logic provides you with a solution to the compaction issues that are otherwise created in non-optimal conditions.
Fendt Momentum’s “Load Logic” system, automatically transfers weight off the row units of the planter by lifting and adjusting the planter frame to minimize row unit downforce. The system has two automatic modes of operation, Load Balance, which distributes weight across the entire frame, or Controlled Traffic, which shifts compaction pressure to follow tractor path.

Weight Management

Weight transfer cylinders located on both wings, in concert with the weight management system, push and pull the left and right wings to complement the smart spindles

The Fendt Momentum planter also integrates all of the latest Precision Planting technology from the factory, including DeltaForce, auto-downforce system, which provides automatic, individual row unit down pressure to ensure only the right amount of down force is applied per row unit to plant at desired planting depths.

Momentum’s exclusive “Smart Spindle” technology monitors weight distribution across all tires on the planter, and is automatically adjusting tire pressures while operating in the field. By utilizing the latest “VF” tire technology, all tires are reduced to very low PSI levels, increasing the gross flat plate area and reducing compaction.

Smart Spindles automatically adjust the pressures and control all planter tire pressure from the console of the cab, reducing compaction, improving ride quality, and increasing tire longevity.

Not only are these automatic weight distribution adjustments to the planter frame and tire pressures assisting in reducing compaction, but so too is the tire configuration. The planter features in line center tandem wheels, which follow the affected row path already created by the tractor tires, thereby controlling traffic through the field and limiting compaction. This design, along with its front of frame mounted tire configuration, completely eliminates pinch rows, whereas conventional row unit planters have upwards of 6 compaction affected pinch rows.

In-line tandems not only eliminate pinch rows, but the patent-pending transport carriage system is also an integral part of Momentum's weight management and inflation systems.