Fendt Rogator Applicators - One Machine for All Seasons

Introducing the industry’s only rear boom applicator with two-height adjustable clearance.

Elevate your operation with the Fendt Rogator® 900 Series.


  • Go from standard-clearance to high-clearance application in less than 45 seconds
  • Change from liquid to dry application in under two hours for unmatched ROI optimization


  • Integrated and intuitive Fendt Varioterminal™ gives you full machine control
  • AWD SmartDrive™ continuously and independently powers each wheel for superior traction

More versatility for more profitability.

With a common chassis and interchangeable systems, the Fendt Rogator® 900 Series applicator can handle a wide variety of terrains and crops with ease. The RG934H and RG937H also offer the ability to perform high-clearance applications for late-season work with the elevation package.



AirMax Precision R1/R2

AirMax Precision Micro Bin


900 gal.

1,100 gal.

1,300 gal.

L4500 G4

L5000 G5



RG934 | RG934H

900 gal.

1,100 gal.

1,300 gal.

L4500 G4

L5000 G5



RG937 | RG937H

900 gal.

1,100 gal.

1,300 gal.

L4500 G4

L5000 G5




One Machine All Seasons

Spring Preplant/Fall Fertilizer

With combo capabilities, flexible clearance and a flotation chassis, improve your year-round utilization, from liquid or dry preplant to a head start on next season.

Postemerge Short Crops

Perform early-season spraying or catch up with delayed preplant work in the standard clearance mode to reduce stress and strain on both the machine and operator.

Postemerge Tall Crops

The H Series can be used for late-season liquid or dry applications. Whether it’s fungicide work, liquid UAN, urea or cover crops, the 900 H Series has you covered.

Adjustable suspension options to take your operation to new heights.

Standard Clearance

High Clearance


56 in.


RG934* | RG934H*

56 in.

56 & 72 in.

RG937** | RG937H**

60 in.

60 & 76 in.

*70 in. tire diameter

**80 in. tire diameter

Standard Clearance and High Clearance

The H Series with elevation package offers the industry-unique, dual-position chassis for late-season applications throughout all four seasons. Standard clearance chassis are available where high clearance is not needed.

Flex Frame

Proven Flex Frame provides continual tire contact on the ground to maintain better traction and keep the machine moving through the field and rough terrain.


Sizes of 70 and 80 inches are used based upon machine selection, to increase the unit’s footprint, reduce ground disturbance and enhance traction.


Four-corner airbag suspension and patented dual struts allow for 16 inches of travel and greater stability and control on the road and in the field.

See more suspension options

  • Roughly a 10-40% reduction in ground pressure is achieved with low sidewall (LSW) tires for pre-plant applications in 480-, 680- and 710-inch widths based on machine configuration.
  • A four-corner airbag suspension and patented dual struts allow for 16 inches of travel and a stabilized platform. That means minimized side-to-side movement, all while maintaining a soft and highly comfortable ride.

Serious hours deserve serious comfort.

Every inch of the 900 Series sprayer cab has been specifically designed to enhance your spraying experience — and productivity.

  • A larger cab with 10% more glass for unobstructed views and exceptional visibility
  • Heated air-ride seats with lumbar support and contouring to keep you comfortable all day long
  • Rear-view camera displayed on the Varioterminal™ for clear views behind the machine
  • State-of-the-art filtration system with a carbon filter and in-cab pressurization fan creates a continually clean cabin environment
  • Superior in-cab sound quality with four high-end speakers and smartphone playback via USB, AUX-IN and Bluetooth
  • Extendable mic for hands-free calls

LiquidLogic: Spray smarter, not harder.

Conventional spray systems require priming of the boom and waste time and money while introducing the risk of misapplication, weed resistance, re-sprays and loss of yield.

LiquidLogic® maintains circulation and self-primes in just 45 seconds, eliminating clogging and settling — and maximizing your time and product.


Eliminate Waste

The FlowLogic™ recirculating boom provides immediate flow throughout the boom and quick priming, which eliminates wasteful stationary spraying. Engaging the recirculation system before unfolding ensures that you’re ready to spray as soon as the booms are extended.

  • Mosaic


    OptiStop™Control prevents damage to management zones (grass waterways) for improved field water control management practices.

    1. OptiStop control replaces leaky diaphragm check valves with reliable and durable electronic ball valves, which provide instantaneous on/off section spray control and eliminate damage to management zones caused by troublesome valve dribbles.
    2. OptiStop control system uses e-stops to accurately control up to 36 boom sections, reducing overlap and wasted product.

  • Mosaic


    OptiMotion™auto-agitation automatically adjusts as the tank empties, freeing operators to focus on applications rather than valve adjustments.

  • Mosaic

    The Cost of Manual Priming

    Looking at how operations are affected, a recent report from Purdue University’s agronomy department released estimates that chemical costs for corn are around $58 per acre. With about 4 acres of wasted product every time a prime is performed, this amounts to $11,600 of wasted product per season when priming two times per day.

  • Mosaic

    Maintain Optimal Mixture

    FlowLogic’s constant circulation throughout the boom and back to the tank enhances filtration and keeps all chemistries in suspension. FlowLogic easily mixes any settled materials during product recovery after rain-outs.

  • Mosaic

    Reduce Buildup and Clogs

    Shutting off the master apply keeps the product in motion and prevents settling, clogging and risk of contamination being trapped in the boom after a product rinse.

  • Mosaic

    Eliminate Waste

    The FlowLogic™ recirculating boom provides immediate flow throughout the boom and quick priming, which eliminates wasteful stationary spraying. Engaging the recirculation system before unfolding ensures that you’re ready to spray as soon as the booms are extended.

The rear-mounted boom advantage.

Front-mounted engine, air filters and cooling components allow you to spend less time cleaning plugged filters from pollen — and more time covering acres and improving yields. Rear-mounted booms also minimize your exposure to chemicals and reduce spray residue on the machine that can otherwise be transferred into the cab during entry or exit.

Steel Boom

Steel booms of 90-, 100- and 120-foot lengths with 10-, 15- and 20-inch nozzle spacing are available to suit your specific width, volume and broadcast needs. New cast hinge folding joint also increases reliability and extends the life of the boom.

Aluminum Boom

The optional aluminum 132-foot boom is 5% lighter than a 120-foot steel boom, offering less compaction, improved stability, and greater nozzle and plumbing protection with the A-frame structure.


Optional Fendt OptiHeight boom height management uses radar technology to detect both the ground and the crop canopy for the most accurate system on the market, with sensors that can read up to 196 inches off the ground — even in full-canopy crops.

See all boom offerings

The 900 Series sprayer’s two-height adjustable clearance provides ample boom height for any situation:

Standard Clearance

High Clearance

RG932 | RG934 | RG934H

26.5-86 in.

26.5-101.5 in.

RG937 | G937H

30.5-90 in.

30.5-105.5 in.

Pairing optional OptiHeight

Pairing optional OptiHeight radar technology with the center pivot bearing provides independent motion from the chassis. A chassis roll sensor and electronic dampeners on the center tree and boom tilt sensors help predict the necessary movement of the boom to provide a smoother boom ride and maintain an accurate boom height.

Accessory Kits

The optional Fendt Direct Injection system is available as a 2-tank, 2-pump injection system that helps to manage chemical residue and complex weed resistance programs. The ground-fill and rinse system minimizes cross-contamination and allows for quicker reloads.

The Fendt OptiPulse Nozzle control system is a pressure-based system for precise application. Pair this with the OptiStop™ control system to increase the system’s flow capabilities to open up a wide rate range. The OptiPulse system can be completely disabled to run fertilizers through the OptiStop Nozzles. Various modes that increase the versatility of the system include:

  • Standard
  • Variable Pressure (VP)
  • High Flow
  • On/Off
  • Bypass (Conventional)
  • Tiered Nozzle

EZ-Drops is a premium lightweight system for late-season nitrogen applications. Heavy-duty stainless steel breakaway springs and high-wear tips ensure durability, and operators can fold the system from the cab for great convenience.

The crop-guided system has flexible yet rigid distribution tubes at the bottom that put gentle pressure on the crop and deliver nutrients on target to the base of the plant. Because of this, the system is lighter, doesn’t weigh the boom down and allows for a full boom installation on a system as wide as 120 feet.

AirMax® Precision R1/R2 for the ultimate in accuracy.

Responding to new regulations, fluctuating prices and more in the midst of tight timeframes and weather have led some operators to rely on multiple machines to accomplish application tasks.

However, a single Fendt Rogator® 900 Series combo chassis can not only complete early season applications for pre-plant, but it also produces higher asset utilization when used for late-season applications of nitrogen or cover crops — a great tool for spoon-feeding the crop as it requires the nutrients or placing the cover crop at the optimum time.

Learn more about AirMax Precision

Single-bin and twin-bin variants provide flexibility for operators who require multi-season capabilities. With the R2, a single lever changes the bin configuration from 50/50 to 60/40 to suit the field’s specific capacity needs. Samples can be taken from the front platform of either configuration to check for density. With the R2, samples can also be taken from the rear platform.

  1. Add the optional micronutrient bin to spread micronutrients or small rates of seed. The hydraulically driven system has two metering wheel options for rates of 8-80 pounds per acre and 40-240 pounds per acre.
  2. Bin capacities make staying ahead of the planters in the spring a possibility while adding the flexibility to apply late season products as well.

Single-Bin Capacity

Dual-Bin Capacity

Granular-Bin Capacity

235 cu. ft.

215 cu ft.


275 cu. ft.

255 cu. ft.

22 cu. ft.*

*Reduces main bins by 40 cu. ft.

70-foot booms made of six 304 stainless steel tubes leverage a suspension system of hydraulic cylinders, and accumulators increase stability and spread pattern accuracy. The 67- or 71-inch ride height provides a double overlap pattern for even coverage across the boom.

GatorTrak Steering and Handling

Get unrivaled maneuverability with our optional steering system controlled through the Varioterminal™ .

Optional GatorTrak™ 4-wheel steering system provides tight 16.5-foot turns and only two tracks for dramatic improvements in field maneuverability as well as reduced soil disturbance and crop damage.

GatorTrak Capabilities

2-Wheel Steering: Rear wheels are controlled to the straight-ahead position.

4-Wheel Steering: The rear axle automatically adjusts to the front axle for coordinated steering.

Auto 4-Wheel Steering: The rear axle follows the front axle when turns exceed six degrees, allowing the RoGator to operate as a standard 2WS machine in rows.

Crab Steering: Rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front, allowing the machine to move horizontally in steep side hill operations and keeping the wheels off the row. Also great for shifting sideways to avoid obstacles while maintaining precise, even coverage.

Operator Benefits

Minimizes Crop Damage -
GatorTrak’s tight turning radius means far fewer rows are crossed and compaction is reduced, significantly reducing crop damage and enhancing yields.

Saves Time and Improves ROI

For those without headlands, a standard 2-wheel steer machine may require a three-point turn after each pass. If each turn takes an average of 18 seconds, and an average field is 80 acres, by eliminating this time-consuming and tedious task, GatorTrak’s 4-wheel steering allows you to cover an additional 100 acres per day and 4,500 more acres every year.

Better for Bedded Crops

Improved maneuverability in tight spaces reduces impact on both crops and beds.

Gold Star Customer Care

Fendt® Gold Star maintenance, service and warranty programs are the best in the business — and provide the kind of after-sale care that rewards you with exceptional resale value.

The warranty

  • Three years or 2,000 engine hours warranty, $0 deductible, full-machine coverage.

The maintenance

  • All parts and labor required to perform each factory-recommended maintenance. 2,000 engine hours warranty period is included with Gold Star.

The parts

  • Fendt dealers use only AGCO Genuine Parts, so your Fendt is always 100% Fendt. All parts are covered for one year, and all labor for six months, under the AGCO Parts Advantage warranty.

The service

  • Fendt dealers and their factory-trained, certified technicians use only the highest-caliber diagnostic tools.

Annual inspection

  • Get the most out of your machine after the annual inspection to identify repairs prior to the busy season.

Engine and AWD SmartDrive™ System

Torque it to the limit with a drive system optimized for fuel efficiency and power.

The AGCO Power™ 8.4-liter engine maximizes power and reliability while minimizing components and service needs. This Tier IV Final (T4F) rated engine uses AGCO’s selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions technology in combination with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) in a single canister located on the side of the cab to prevent visibility obstruction.

The single turbo and hydraulic lift adjusters minimize engine service needs to keep the Rogator running longer in the field.

These engines comply with Tier 4F emissions regulations without sacrificing fuel economy, horsepower or torque, resulting in one of the most powerful lines of agricultural application equipment in the industry.

AGCO Power

Optional programmable auto-reversing fan keeps the cooling package clean and free from debris for long, uninterrupted days of application.

The standard AWD SmartDrive system with traction control continuously and independently controls each wheel to ensure it gets the torque it needs when it needs it. Wheel slip is automatically countered by sending more power to the gripping wheel while managing the slipping wheel to regain traction, all without user input.

  • The tractor management system (TMS) automatically increases engine RPM when more power is needed and reduces RPM when it’s not to reduce fuel consumption and noise in the cab.
  • VarioCruise and shuttle speed controls enable multiple speed settings at the touch of a button, allowing the operator to focus on more critical activities.
  • The advanced anti-lock braking system (ABS) prevents skids and lock-ups for more controlled stopping in emergency situations.
  • Turn-compensated wheel speed provides independent control of each wheel, driving the outside wheels faster to assist in tight turns and reducing soil disruption and crop damage.
  • An optional hill-climb package for the Fendt Rogator 937 increases power to the ground for efficient handling of steep and rugged terrain.

Rinse System

Increase your safety by decreasing chemical concentration during rinsing.

Improper cleanout after switching weed-management chemicals can negatively impact yields and result in thousands of dollars of lost revenue. Fendt’s boom cleanout is designed to effectively flush chemicals to ensure clean lines and safe applications every time.

  • If a rinse procedure is ineffective or complicated and leaves the boom contaminated, those contaminates are initially applied to the first 3 to 5 acres, damaging or killing that portion of the field. According to the USDA, it takes $368 to raise 1 acre or 200 bushels of corn. Considering revenue and input costs, that means only a few minutes of spraying has a potential loss of nearly $1,600.
  • If this was to happen over 30 acres or in multiple fields, these product changes could represent a cost of $9,600 in crop and input losses.

RoGator’s field-proven boom cleanout system efficiently pushes product out of the boom plumbing.

  • Rain Out: If a rain event prevents application, a recovery can be completed to capture and reuse the chemical. Boom cleanout then pushes remaining product from the nozzles. Boom rinse can be performed to ensure tips are not plugged the next time you try to spray.
  • Product Rinse: Boom cleanout used to push the product out of the plumbing prior to any rinse procedure will minimize chemical concentration.

The OptiLoad™ electric reload system minimizes chemical entrapment and saves operators time and effort during the rinse procedure. OptiLoad transforms time-consuming rinsing procedures into a simple one-button task accomplished inside the cab or at the reload station, and ensures that every area of the machine is rinsed.

  • RoGator’s reload area uses sweeping elbows and “Y” fittings in place of hard 90° “T” fittings, reducing product build-up. This means an easier and faster rinse procedure so you can get back to spraying faster.
  • RoGator’s continuous recirculating boom plumbing eliminates dead-end spots that chemicals can get trapped in and removes the need to pull end caps. A recent Purdue study determined that the FlowLogic™ recirculation boom plumbing can be rinsed to effectively remove water-soluble contaminants by 99.6% or more with a triple rinse using the Fendt RoGator recommended procedure.

The industry-leading ClearFlow™ product recovery system helps you manage product around rain, wind and a hundred other things that can stop a job before it’s done, letting residues settle in the plumbing.

  • ClearFlow flushes unused product from the plumbing back into the tank prior to rinsing, where it can be re-agitated or off-loaded, minimizing waste and contamination.
  • In the event of a rain-out, product can be recovered back in the tank, and then the booms rinsed, preventing any plugged nozzles at the start of your next job.

Fendt Direct Injection increases your flexibility in the field. Whether using it for adjuvants or chemicals, this system allows you to inject variable-rate product into the system before the booms, all while reducing your risk of cleanout contamination.

  • The system leverages a dual high-volume pump (5-200 ounces per minimum pump) with dual 40-gallon tanks mounted on opposite sides to keep the machine balanced.
  • Reload or drain from ground level when in use or rinse from ground level if changing between chemicals.

Technology Packages

ProTechi: Easy-to-learn technology to maximize your operation’s efficiency.

Fendt Varioterminal

The integrated Fendt Varioterminal™ offers intuitive control and monitoring of machine functions, including the chassis, steering, data management and system functionality. This single terminal declutters the cab and ensures efficient operation.

The AgControl® handling of product control and system functions ensures highly accurate rate control while quickly achieving rate.

  1. AgControl manages up to five products via straight rate or Rx maps, and provides the ability to create coverage and as-applied maps as well as task reports for fast, easy document reporting.
  2. AgControl for LiquidLogic® controls the liquid system functionality.
  3. AgControl for SpreadLogic™ controls the AirMax® Precision R1/R2 functionality.

The OptiStop™ nozzle control system uses small ball valves at each nozzle body for instant on/off control and regulates 36 sections regardless of boom width when run through the AccuTerminal®.

Guidance Technology

AGCO’s Fendt guide system is integrated into the Varioterminal for easy one-terminal control and provides a comprehensive guidance system with waylines such as:

  1. AB or A+ heading
  2. Contour
  3. Pivot
  4. Contour segments
  5. Adaptive curve

Guidance Technology

The standard NovAtel 7 receiver is a rugged, self-contained GNSS receiver and antenna with GPS and SBAS support. The base GPS option is SBAS but can be upgraded for higher accuracy levels with:

  1. TerraStar L (decimeter) - One year free of TerraStar L. Work with your local dealer to activate.
  2. TerraStar C (centimeter)
  3. TerraStar C Pro
  4. RTK Assist
  5. RTK Base Station
  6. RTK available through NTRIP using cellular

Guidance Technology

The optional Trimble AG-482 solution offers a high-performance, dual-frequency GPS and GLONASS smart antenna receiver for very high levels of accuracy and performance. The base correction source is SBAS but can be upgraded for higher accuracy levels with:

  1. RangePoint RTX - One year free of RangePoint. Work with your local dealer to activate.
  2. CenterPoint RTX
  3. CenterPoint RTX Fast
  4. xFill
  5. RTK Base Station

Data Management

Using the integrated terminal, the Fendt TaskDoc® wireless data transfer can manage your application data as it records as-applied, weather and field data including boundaries, waylines and obstacles.

  1. Export/import data via ISOXML or .SHP file format
  2. Easy data transfer from PC to machine and back
  3. Compatible with Trimble Ag Software (FarmWorks) and AgroLink wireless data solutions

Weather Station

Weather station data can be viewed from the Varioterminal or the Viper® 4+ and allows data to be recorded as a snapshot in time or throughout the field. This data can be used for documentation of the application.

Technology Packages

ProTech+: The most advanced technology in the industry to always stay ahead of the competition.

The OptiStop™ nozzle control system uses small ball valves at each nozzle body for instant on/off control and regulates 36 sections regardless of boom width via the rate control module (RCM).

The Fendt Viper® 4+ field computer delivers the ultimate combination of operating power and program capabilities:

  1. 10-product variable rate application (VRA)
  2. Real-time data mapping
  3. Record keeping
  4. Intuitive touchscreen control
  5. High-quality graphics
  6. Previous coverage application zones

The Fendt OptiPulse control system is a pressure-based system for precise application. Each nozzle is controlled by its own individual pulsing valve to give a consistent spray pattern as speed and conditions change. Other features include:

  1. Extended speed range from nozzle tips maintaining consistent droplet size and spray pattern for maximized field speeds.
  2. Nozzle-by-nozzle turn compensation adjusting duty cycle to minimize over- and under-applications.
  3. Multiple pressure settings allowing for application preplanning with lower pressure for sensitive areas and normal pressure for field interiors.
  4. The base package providing 16-section control regardless of boom width. The optional HD unlock increases OptiPulse accuracy with individual nozzle controls.
  5. Individual valve diagnostics.
  6. Two-year warranty with registration.

Guidance Technology

Fendt Guide RS1 is a fully scalable steering solution that combines GPS and auto-steer into one intuitive, easy-to-use unit. Incredible accuracy at both high and low speeds with quick-line acquire improves efficiency and gives you the power to cover more acres in less time. Includes features such as:

  1. Enhanced steering performance in a wide range of terrain
  2. 3D compensation for rugged terrain
  3. Simple field calibration
  4. Diagnostics and health tests
  5. A base SBAS GPS offering that can be upgraded to:
  • Satellite GS-Lite (decimeter)
  • Satellite GS (decimeter)
  • Satellite GS-Pro (centimeter)
  • Slingshot RTK
  • Raven Corrections

Guidance Technology

Fendt Vision leverages a non-contact stereo vision camera to navigate crop rows, allowing the operator to focus on other aspects of effective application control. The system helps minimize crop damage, cover more acres in less time and provide easier machine operations such as:

  1. Requiring in-field calibration only for different crop widths
  2. Three control modes for accurate steering include:
    a. GPS/GNSS Mode - Uses traditional guidance lines
    b. VSN Mode - Will only use the VSN camera
    c. VSN+ Mode - Will fall back to GPS last pass if it cannot detect the crop row due to weed pressure or drown out
  3. Turn+ (included with the purchase of Fendt Vision) automatically performs headland turns. With the proper speed, the guidance system completes headland turns without the operator’s input, allowing them to prepare for the next pass.

Guidance Technology

When crops are too tall to effectively see the row, Raven VSN® full-canopy solution complements the VSN system with a non-contact radar sensor that detects stalked crops, such as corn, to keep the machine in between rows. Available through AGCO Parts.

  1. Mounted to the bottom of each front wheel leg, VSN can detect rows when crops are too tall for the standard Fendt Vision system to identify the crop row.
  2. Detects multiple rows to keep the machine on track, even with row skips. Permits application speeds of up to 20 mph with a minimum row spacing of 30 inches.

Data Management

Slingshot® is a suite of connected hardware, software and logistical services that optimizes the planning, executing and recording of field applications. This system delivers high levels of connectivity to RTK correction signals, online services, sophisticated data management capabilities and live in-field support and service. The system:

  1. Enables remote software updates and management capabilities.
  2. Sends VRA maps to and from the field, making office work more efficient and eliminating costly downtime caused by file problems.
  3. Allows remote support to see exactly what the operator sees, making issue identification much more efficient and accurate.
  4. Includes a one-year free Silver subscription.

Data Management

Job generator is a fast and simple way to set up a task and send it to the machine.

  1. This system can set up nearly all operation parameters ahead of time, requiring the operator only to accept them.
  2. Configurable parameters include products, rates, field locations, entry points and Rx maps.

Data Management

Job Sync harnesses Slingshot to allow multiple machines to collaborate on a job simultaneously or days apart — a powerful tool that practically eliminates the potential for overlap or misapplication between multiple machines.

  1. Identical machines are not required.
  2. Machine-to-machine job status widget helps manage which machines can perform the application.

Data Management

AgSync Ground is a flexible and scalable tool that leverages Slingshot’s data transfer power. The logistics system streamlines otherwise complex tasks, such as:

  1. Work Order Management: Create work orders and build map information.
  2. Dispatch and Asset Control: Assign work orders and send them to one or multiple machines.
  3. Reports and Notifications: Send the work order for processing with the application report and information needed for billing.

Data Management

Weather Station

  1. Weather station data can be viewed from the Varioterminal or the Viper® 4+ and allows data to be recorded as a snapshot in time or throughout the field. This data can be used for documentation of the application.


SpreadLogic™ encompasses many new features and significant changes to the delivery system, including UltraSpread™, TurnLogic™ and a modular boom.

The low speed and high torque provided by UltraSpread’s radial piston hydraulic motors permit the conveyor chain to maintain consistent slow or fast motion under the load of product in the box, unlike gearbox designs that struggle to perform under load and at low rates.

  1. The rate sensors use 888 pulses per revolution, which provides 150% more pulses for every degree of rotation, increasing the accuracy of the overall product control.
  2. The UltraSpread motors support a large rate range, which eliminates the need for operators to change any box settings in order to apply throughout the window.

Agronomic accuracy is about proper product placement, soil health and yield improvement. TurnLogic automatically adjusts distribution rates to ensure even coverage during cornering. Rate is automatically controlled from the center point on each boom wing, adjusting up or down (based on the position of the steering axles) to ensure even fertilizer distribution over any curve. Continuous under- and over-application in the same spot over time can lead to plant lodging or soil nutrient deficits and result in yield reductions. TurnLogic helps maximize yields while improving soil and plant health.

Parts Kits

Drop hoses can be purchased through AGCO Parts to place late-season nitrogen or cover crops between the rows and below the crop canopy. This increases effectiveness of the application and prevents fertilizer or seed from becoming trapped in the whorl of the plant.

Parts Kits

Recon SpreadSense® is an acoustic sensor that provides real-time flow detection through a pneumatic spreader. Sensors installed on the back of each deflector monitor material flow and send sound pulses to an ECU, which then displays blockage information on an iPad® in the cab.

  1. This system has proven to reduce operator stress and prevent misapplications due to plugged nozzles.

NL4500 Spreaders and NL5000 Spreaders

NL4500: Increased box life and ease of use

Spinners from New Leader

The four MultApplier Ready models feature wide, tapered sides for quick filling, and a spread width of up to 120 feet (36 meters). In just a few hours, the LiquidLogic® system can be easily swapped out for a spinner, providing year-round usage and improved ROI.

Spinners from New Leader

The L4500 EDGE family of spreaders includes many new features to keep this box running accurately for many years. Standard features include:

  1. New Leader ISO interface for consistent product control regardless of terminal.
  2. Stainless steel durability with 304 stainless steel sills, cross tubes, mounts, a feedgate, spinner jacks and take-ups for extended box life.
  3. Independent spinner speed control for precise and repeatable patterns and the ability to slow one spinner down using the Boundary spread feature to keep product in the field.
  4. Feedgate optimizer that helps determine achievable rates based on gate height.
  5. Automatic belt tension that eliminates the guesswork out of setting tension and increases conveyor life.
  6. Centrally-located front/rear grease banks for easier access and servicing.
  7. Auto-chain oiler system that reminds operators of service needs at the end of the day to extend the life of the conveyor.

Spinners from New Leader

All spinner systems use a 40 gallon per minute hydraulic flow to provide the most powerful spinner system available on any high-clearance machine. This allows the Fendt Rogator® to function at higher rates and higher speeds

NL5000 Spreaders

NL5000: Increased accuracy with 16-section control.

NL5000 G5 dry nutrient applicator with swath width control saves costs and places product where it’s needed by replicating 16-section swath width control via pinpoint fan-frame positioning. This 16-section control cuts 10-15% of overlap compared to spinner systems without section control.

  1. The G5 applicator provides an excellent ROI in point rows or tougher conditions (terraces, small fields, rolling ground).
  2. Remote spreading feature increases accuracy for independent left- or right-side spreading by eliminating application to areas where it’s not needed, such as those already covered and headlands.
  3. Last-pass spreading reduces material overlap and allows proper material placement on the last pass across the field.


Bin Struck CapacityUseRateSpeed
MultApplier Ready

253 ft.3 (7.1 m3)

Fertilizer & lime

Varies based on gate height

Varies based on product quality

MultApplier Ready

330 ft.3 (9.3 m3)


Varies based on gate height

Varies based on product quality

MultApplier Complete

195 ft.3 (5.5 m3) MultApplier 115 ft.3 (3.2 m3)


Varies based on gate height

Varies based on product quality


Bin 1: 137 ft.3 (3.8 m3)

Bin 2: 143 ft.3 (4 m3)
Bin 3: 23 ft.3 (0.6 m3)
Bin 4: 21 ft.3 (0.5 m3)


Varies based on gate height

Varies based on product quality

Optional Features

Keep your operation running smoothly with all the details that go the distance, like LED lighting, auto track adjust and more.

LED Lighting

Choose from the standard halogen or LED lighting packages.

Boom Lighting

Under-boom lighting makes spray patterns more visible at night to identify pattern oddities.

Auto Track Adjust

Choose between two presets or use offset widths to minimize compaction.

Additional Camera Monitor

For greater visibility around the machine or inside the bin (up to four cameras supported).

Configurable Belly Pan

Helps protect crops while guiding them under the chassis. Available in three different configurations to suit your crop heights.

Agro Link and Fendt Connect™

Optimize your planning, executing and recording of field operations.

Agro Link

Agro Link™ relieves growers and agronomy service providers from the chore of managing multiple data collection technologies by collecting, integrating and storing agronomic data files, regardless of equipment manufacturer.

  • Agro Link can consolidate current and historic agronomic data into a single location and file type, easily convert ISO XML files to shapefiles or vice versa, and save a tremendous amount of time and effort. Agro Link greatly simplifies data sharing with trusted advisors (e.g., your ag retailer, dealer or co-op) to help operations run more efficiently.
    (Include links for Setup, Sign In, Watch Video per Fuse page.)
  • Wireless data movement manages prescription formats and can move data between cloud storage, equipment telematics and your FMIS.
    Explore more
  • API-connected partners give Agro Link flexibility to collaborate with independent systems. Partners include: MyJohnDeere, Case AFS Connect, New Holland PLM Connect, Ag Leader AgFiniti, Raven Slingshot, AgBridge, Climate Fieldview, Farmmobile, Beck’s Farm Server and many more.

Fendt Connect

Fendt Connect™ is an integrated system that will allow customers to track and optimize individual machine and fleet performance.

  • Dealers will be able to support customers more efficiently and reduce downtime. Proactive service scheduling further improves uptime and machine servicing through remote-monitoring capabilities.
  • The AGCO connectivity module (ACM) includes a five-year subscription


The SmartConnect® app makes tracking key operational data, such as machine, coverage map and data visualization, a breeze on any compatible smart device.

  • The premium dashboard includes a histogram that provides a live 60-minute review of critical machine data.
  • A customizable widget layout can be set up to suit the operator’s needs. With up to four screen layouts possible, screens can easily be created for multiple operators or varying systems.