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The Fendt Momentum Planter

Welcome the newest member to your family farm.

The Fendt Momentum 30-Foot Planter

The Fendt Momentum 30-Foot Planter

Designed for smaller fields, with a groundbreaking 52" vertical range to tackle challenging terrain, making every single acre count, the Fendt Momentum 30' is a testament to human innovation and a boost to your bottom line.

With the highest capacity tanks in the 30' segment, 100 bushels of seed and 800 gallons of liquid fertilizer, you'll do more planting and less refilling.

No matter the size of your farm, Fendt's got you covered. The technology you want in the size you need, with the all-new Momentum 30' planter.

Details make all the difference.

New era

The potential for maximizing yield all starts with putting the seed in the ground and the details make all the difference, like ensuring accuracy no matter the field condition, or minimizing compaction, or simply covering more acres when they need to be covered.

Momentum Models

# of Rows162431323648
Row Spacing30"20", 22", 30"15"15"20", 22"15"

Developed to help you take on even more​

  • Twin, 65 bu. seed tanks​
  • Optional 1,000 gallon liquid fertilizer
  • Load Logic weight management system​
  • Automatic tire pressure regulation​
  • In-line center tandem wheel design​
  • Vertically Contouring Toolbar​ (VCT)
  • Power Beyond - delivers consistent and efficient hydraulic flow
  • All powered by the latest technology from Precision Planting™​

Consistently accurate planting

Whether the terrain makes you lose ground engagement or bury your seed in the ground, you'll be losing yield and profits.

Find consistent seed placement and planting depth with Momentum and its unparalleled 52 inches of vertical planting range. The Vertical Contouring Toolbar offers three independent toolbars following the topography of the terrain and flexing through the field to make sure your row unit technology can do its work and give you consistent emergence and a healthy crop.

Load Logic weight management system

Weight distribution strategies

The Fendt Momentum planter equipped with Load Logic provides you with a solution to the compaction issues that are otherwise created in non-optimal conditions.

Fendt Momentum’s Load Logic system, automatically transfers weight off the row units of the planter by lifting and adjusting the planter frame to minimize row unit downforce.

The system has two automatic modes of operation, Load Balance, which distributes weight across the entire frame, or Controlled Traffic, which shifts compaction pressure to follow tractor path.

Tire inflation system

The tire inflation system is part of the LoadLogic weight management system. Various sensors help automatically adjust the tire pressure.

In-line center tandem wheels

In-line center tandem wheels eliminate pinch rows

Not only are these automatic weight distribution adjustments to the planter frame and tire pressures assisting in reducing compaction, but so too is the tire configuration. The planter features in line center tandem wheels, which follow the affected row path already created by the tractor tires, thereby controlling traffic through the field and limiting compaction. This design, along with its front of frame mounted tire configuration, completely eliminates pinch rows, whereas conventional row unit planters have upwards of 6 compaction affected pinch rows.

Increased Capacity

Less time filling, more time planting – 130 bu. seed tank capacity and 1,000 gallon liquid fertilizer.

More capacity means less stopping, but managing that extra weight is key. Momentum not only adds capacity but also limits its negative effects through its in-line center tandem wheel design and its Load Logic weight management system.

Accurate results with high-precision technology.


High capacity liquid fertlizer

The Fendt Momentum planter offers an optional 1,000 gallon liquid fertilizer system, allowing you to cover more ground and make fewer stops. Single band Precision Planting Conceal options can be equipped directly from the factory.

  • Mosaic


    Higher capacity means fewer fills throughout the busy planting season, the Fendt Momentum features twin 65 bu. seed tanks for higher capacity and is easily accessed with a wide platform.

  • Mosaic

    High capacity liquid fertlizer

    The Fendt Momentum planter offers an optional 1,000 gallon liquid fertilizer system, allowing you to cover more ground and make fewer stops. Single band Precision Planting Conceal options can be equipped directly from the factory.

  • Mosaic

    vSet metering unit

    The vSet is easy to use, incredibly accurate and easy to maintain. It has an extremely high singulation accuracy.

  • Mosaic

    In furrow fertilizer placement

    The Conceal fertilizer application system is equipped with a single-sided application knife. The application knife is located between the depth control wheel and the double disc coulter. The application point is 3 inches beside the furrow at a depth of 0.75" to 1.5". As Conceal works directly next to the seed furrow, the application is perfectly placed next to the seed furrow, regardless of the terrain and cornering. A maximum of 71 GPM can be applied.

Details that make all the difference.

Row unit

The row unit consists of the metering unit, seed tube, gauge wheels, residue manager, tillage disc and other components. With this modular system, you can select the parts to give you the right solution whatever the conditions.

Hydraulic DeltaForce

Creates a specific downforce for each row for the right standing pressure for different soil types and planting conditions.


The row units are electrically driven. The vDrive is marked by its outstanding reliability and precision.

Every Row Counts!

Curve compensation

Reduces yield losses due to emergence variations in undulating rows and headlands. Conventional technology below; Fendt MOMENTUM with curve compensation above.

Test results

The picture below shows the influence of contours on the ear size when maize planting. Without curve compensation, the inner and outer rows show losses.

Residue Management

A variety of row unit residue manager options are available to tailor Momentum to your field's needs.

Closing Wheels

Choose from rubber or steel closing wheel options.

Monitor and manage every variable with ease.

Monitor all planter functions and individual row unit performance in real time with the 20/20 Gen3 SeedSense® monitor system, which comes standard on all Fendt Momentum planters. , 20/20 SeedSense tells you what you need to know about population, skips, doubles, speed, row unit ride, down force and ground contact. It enables you to seed precisely, maintain depth, avoid compaction and troubleshoot mechanical problems.

The Risk Manager

Fendt’s Gold Star Customer Care program helps you manage your variable expenses and your risk. You’ve invested in the best technology in the industry with Fendt, and we’re invested in ensuring your productivity, profitability, and overall experience is the best it can be as well.

  • 3-Year Full Machine Warranty*
  • Annual Planter Inspection
  • $0 Deductible
  • Parts Assurance –your ability to run must be uncompromised. That’s why all Fendt Momentum dealers are part of our parts assurance program, ensuring they have the right parts inventory on hand to keep you up and running. ​

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