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The Fendt 1000 Series. One Purpose. All Purpose.

Fendt 1000 Vario: Because success requires both brain and brawn.

Tractive power combined with intelligence - with up to 517 hp, the Fendt 1000 Vario is a true powerhouse. Thanks to the uniform FendtONE operating system, handling on the Fendt 1000 Vario is intuitive and management from the office has never been easier. This saves time, money and nerves.

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1042 Vario320435
1046 Vario350476
1050 Vario

Rated power ECE R 120

Experience the Fendt 1000 Vario series

Fendt Spotlights are unique innovations that make your work more productive, profitable, and easier. Click on the hot spots below to learn more about some of these unique innovations.

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integrated tire pressure control.

Flexible tire options

Flexible tire options for row crop or heavy tillage work

Dual pump/circuit hydraulics

up to 113.5 GPM.

Flexible ballasting

30,800 lbs. - 52,000lbs.

Reverse drive

- Extends the range of applications
- Quick 180° rotation of the entire operator's platform thanks to pneumatically assisted turning device
- Optimum view of implements at the rear

Self-cleaning air filter

FendtONE platform

- Dual 12" touchscreen:
customizable touchscreen displays and easy to
use multi-function joystick.

Fendt Stability Control

- Reduces side lean at speeds above 12 mph
- Actively suppresses body roll when cornering
- Increased safety and improved ride comfort

Fendt iD low-speed concept

VarioDrive CVT

- Seamless operation from 65 ft. per/hr to 33 mph
- Independent drive of front and rear axle to reduce slip - No manual all-wheel drive selection necessary
- Optimum engine/transmission matching in conjunction with Fendt iD low-speed concept
- No range changes

FendtONE: Intuitive operation and unique connection for better machine and data management.

The new FendtONE operating experience provides even greater control, customization, and convenience. FendtONE offers dual 12” tablet-like displays that integrate all tractor functions and allow you to customize your controls. Integrated guidance, wireless data transfer, and ISOBUS enable greater operational efficiencies.

Learn more about FendtONE

The driver's workplace of the new Fendt 1000 Vario with FendtONE and all associated equipment.
3L joystick with reverse button
Color coding of the different function groups, also for function reassignment
Up to three displays available: 10" dashboard, 12" terminal on the armrest, 12" terminal retractable into the cab roof
Flexible key assignment via the Individual Operation Manager (IOM)
New armrest with sleek design

*All illustrations show standard equipment and optionally available front linkage

More efficiency - Performance combined with economy.

Fendt 1000 Vario Tillage

Fendt iD low-speed concept

  • Perfect combination of all vehicle components such as engine, transmission, fan and hydraulics and all auxiliary consumers to ideal engine speeds
  • Reach the highest torque even at low engine speeds
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Exceptionally low fuel consumption
  • Extended service life
View of Fendt VarioDrive.

Intelligent VarioDrive

  • Ultimate speed control from 65 ft./h to 33 mph
  • Independent drive of front and rear axle
  • No manual all-wheel drive necessary
  • Optimum engine/transmission matching in conjunction with Fendt iD low-speed concept
  • Smallest possible turning circle due to pull-in turn effect
  • No need to change driving ranges

Self-cleaning air filter

  • Air filter is blown out during work by means of short air blasts
  • Reduced maintenance and increased reliability

More comfort and control.

Two Fendt Vario showing the Fendt Stability Control.

Fendt Stability Control

  • Automatically reduces side lean at driving speeds above 12 mph and actively suppresses roll when cornering
  • Increased control and improved driving comfort
Close-up view of the Fendt bonnet camera.

Hood Camera

  • Direct view of the front linkage
  • Easier attachment and removal of front weights

More grip - Unrestricted traction.

Close-up of the Fendt VarioGrip tyre pressure control system.

Integrated tire pressure control system VarioGrip

  • Fully integrated tire pressure control system with on-board valve and air guide technology
  • Reduces compaction, improves ride quality, and reduces tire wear
  • Simple operation via the terminal

Ready for the future. With smart solutions from Fendt.

Smart Farming Modules - individually selectable

  • Four modules from which to choose as required
  • Each module consists of a basic package with all necessary start-up applications
  • Can be extended as required with options: Fendt Contour Assistant, Fendt TI Headland, Fendt Section Control, Fendt Variable Rate Control and many more
  • Regular software updates to keep you up to date with the latest technology

Extended range of functions for Fendt Section Control and Fendt Variable Rate Control

  • Automatic section control for up to five implements or application units simultaneously, support for up to 144 sections at a time
  • Variable control of the application rate per part-width section (zone) when the implement is suitably equipped, support for up to 144 zones
The Fendt 100 Vario working the soil with a cultivator.


Includes tractor preparation for guidance and the Fendt Guide application.


  • Choice of different receivers (NovAtel or Trimble).
  • Fendt Contour Assistant
  • Fendt TI Headland

Learn more about track guidance

A man sitting in front of his computer using Fendt Task Doc.

Data Management

Includes the Fendt Task Doc application: easy job management and holistic overview after work is completed.


  • Agro Link

*External software

Learn more about data management

Front view of the Fendt 1000 Vario with drill combination and Smart Farming icons.


Fendt Connect as a central telemetry solution for Fendt machines. Location-independent retrieval of machine data.


  • Fendt Smart Connect (free of charge)

Learn more about telemetry

Rear view of the Fendt 1000 Vario with drill combination.

Machine control

Simple and intuitive control of ISOBUS implements.


  • Fendt Section Control (SC)
  • Fendt Variable Rate Control (VRC)

Learn more about machine control

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