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Key visual action area high-quality & innovative products and services

Fendt develops and produces intelligent, reliable and resource-efficient products. Fendt offers concrete solutions for climate-friendly and resource-conserving agriculture.

We achieve the strongest impact for environmental sustainability where it counts: with our products. In this way, we help our customers to make an important contribution to a sustainable future and to meet political requirements, for example, those set by the EU Green Deal.

DLG Powermix test
We put great emphasis on the efficiency of our products and, according to the DLG Powermix, are the tractor manufacturers with the lowest fleet fuel consumption in the high HP segment. By using our Vario transmission farmers can reduce their fuel consumption by up to ten per cent. In total, that means about 336 million litres per year for all Vario tranmissions in use. This is made possible by environmentally friendly technology: from the demand-oriented fan drive to our low-speed concept and the separate oil circuit for hydraulics and transmission. Thanks to our lightweight construction, we also reduce material and fuel consumption.
Fendt VarioGrip
Fendt Smart Farming solution icons
The FendtONE is all about holistic Smart Farming solutions. In addition to optimising yields by using track guidance systems, we also use these solutions to optimise the use of fertiliser, reduce fuel consumption and provide transparency and predictability in the field and in the office.
Fendt e100 Vario

Fendt e100 Vario

When developing products, we constantly work on new solutions for the agriculture of the future. We are working flat out on developing the award-winning Fendt e100 Vario. The Fendt e100 Vario is a fully-electric driven and thus emissions-free tractor. Not only can our customers optimise their energy costs, but also maintenance and servicing costs. Ecological electricity (solar, wind, biogas) generated on the farm can also be reused directly. We are currently testing this concept in a research project under real conditions with a variety of partners. This also applies to our prototype of a hydrogen-powered tractor.
Fendt Xaver

Fendt Xaver

Another model project is the Fendt Xaver. This system uses small robot units that work in a swarm to precisely plan, monitor and document the sowing of maize with the help of a cloud-based solution. The low weight of the robots means fields are worked particularly sparingly and with the highest security. They also ensure the economical and efficient use of fertiliser or pesticides – around the clock, day and night.
Key visual sustainable supply chain

Sustainable supply chain:

Fendt takes responsibility for its upstream value creation. We will achieve a resilient and sustainable supply chain through targeted actions.


Key visual action area climate-friendly & resource-efficient production

Climate-friendly & resource-efficient manufacturing:

Fendt acts as a technological pioneer. In this position, we drive forward the decarbonisation of our production and continuously increase our resource efficiency.


Key visual action area focus on employees

Focus on employees:

On the basis of a strong corporate culture, we offer our employees a safe and attractive workplace in all situations and phases of life. We secure our future success through consistent training and further education as well as company health management.


Key visual action area hand in hand for sustainable agriculture

Partner for sustainable agriculture:

We work closely with our partners from trade and science, as well as with our customers. We make an important contribution to sustainable agriculture together.


Key visual action area adding value to society

Adding value to society:

Fendt commits itself both locally and nationally to issues such as biodiversity, education, equality of opportunity and inclusion. In this manner, we make an important contribution to a sustainable society.