Fendt Gold Star Program Momentum (Planters)

With the introduction of the Fendt Momentum planter, we felt it was important that we show the pride in quality and workmanship just like all other Fendt products. Through the Gold Star program, the Fendt Momentum planter will have the same three year warranty as the other Fendt equipment. Three years/ 6500 acres for the forty-foot models, and three years/ 10,000 acres for the sixty-foot models.

3 Year full machine warranty + annual inspections

Your Fendt dealer will also perform annual inspections on the Momentum planter, so it will be ready for you when you are ready to go to the field. All the labor required to complete the annual preventative maintenance inspection is included with the Gold Star program.

We understand the importance the planter plays in your operations. If you can’t plant your crops when the time is right, it costs you money. That is why the uptime assurance program for your Momentum planter includes enhanced parts stocking levels for your dealers so they have the parts needed to keep you in the field.