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Smart solutions meet huge tractive power.

Always on track – Fendt VarioGuide with Contour Assistant

With VarioGuide – the central track guidance system for Fendt machines – you always work with the utmost precision. Choose from two receiver options (NovAtel® or Trimble®) and a variety of correction data signals. The Fendt VarioGuide Contour Assistant helps you work even more efficiently and easily with the new VarioGuide wayline types, Contour Segments and Single Track. With Contour Segments, you can use different waylines at the same time. The tractor automatically switches to the right wayline based on its current direction and position. The guidance system is a big help on the headland.

Realtime display with Smart Connect:
The optional Smart Connect app visualizes machine parameters in real time without storing any data. You can also intuitively set the maximum load control based on the retrieved data in the Smart Connect App. As a trusted brand of agricultural solutions, data security is extremely important for Fendt. Using digital Fendt devices is subject to strict European IT security standards.

Needs-based management with SectionControl and VariableRateControl:
Easily control both the fully automated SectionControl and the section-specific application of products with VariableRateControl on the Varioterminal.

VariotronicTI automatic headland management

You can make all the key settings for the lane guidance and other systems on the Varioterminal 10.4". You can also control the innovative and extensive headland management VariotronicTI auto. Sequences can be programmed both from the stationary vehicle (offline editing) and while driving. Stored sequences can additionally be optimized from the stationary vehicle at any time. The system automatically detects the headland line from a GPS signal and executes the stored sequence fully automatically.

Telemetry System - Fendt Connect

Our basic telemetry package is the best way to analyse and manage your fleet. Fendt Connect can read, store and analyse machine data as part of the package. This makes it easier to plan usage times and machine capacity, which ultimately helps you increase the cost-effectiveness of your vehicles. Call up extensive machine data on your PC or Smart Device:

  • Position and route of the machine (map view)
  • Fuel consumptionSpeed
  • Working hours- Machine capacity
  • Error messages
  • Upcoming service intervals
  • And more.

ISOBUS attachment and Fendt VarioGuide automated steering are displayed in an overview on the Varioterminal.

The next step to your Fendt 900 Vario MT