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Part width control, precision, profitability: Fendt Variotronic with SectionControl.

Precision right on the mark. Automatic SectionControl is indispensable for anybody wanting to work as efficiently as possible. Whether field sprayers, fertiliser spreaders, planters or seed drills – never apply valuable farm inputs twice but rather work without overlaps or gaps. This applies equally to large areas and to smaller, irregularly shaped fields. Simply couple the ISOBUS implement you wish to use, and all parameters are transmitted to the Varioterminal fully automatically.

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SectionControl ensures that you work with superior precision to save not only fertiliser and seeds, but also avoid residue. This simplifies your logistics.

Intensive savings

SectionControl is perfectly integrated with Variotronic operation to make your work easier by using GNSS positioning (a global satellite navigation system), whether in the day or at night. Thanks to up to 36 individually controllable width sections, fields are cultivated as intensively as necessary and as ecologically as possible, even in poor visibility. This allows savings of up to 17 per cent to be achieved. The main job that is left for you to do is to enjoy your cost savings!


The Varioterminal 10.4” clearly displays the status of the various sections, a map of the worked area and the current VarioGuide status in three panels.

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    The Varioterminal 10.4” clearly displays the status of the various sections, a map of the worked area and the current VarioGuide status in three panels.

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    SectionControl saves time and money

    With full ISOBUS compatibility and the ability to precisely control 36 or even more width sections, automatic SectionControl saves you time and money. The system is closely integrated with VarioGuide track guidance and applies seeds, fertiliser and pesticides economically and without overlaps even on irregularly shaped fields. The automatic SectionControl is available in the Fendt 500 Vario to 1000 Vario ProfiPlus version tractors, and in the Fendt 900 Vario MT track tractors. SectionControl is included as standard in the Rogator 600 self-propelled sprayer and the Rogator 300 trailed sprayer.

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    SectionControl Assistent

    Your field sprayer uses SectionControl, but keeps activating too soon or too late? Not a problem! The SectionControl Assistant guides you through all necessary settings step by step to achieve optimal results in no time. Settings are saved automatically to ensure that perfect results are achieved consistently whenever the implement is coupled again.

Field boundaries

Field boundaries in particular offer great savings potentials. The system additionally reduces operator strain, as section control is handled automatically. Savings potentials are even greater if there are no tramlines, for example with pre-emergence methods of farming or on grassland.

Worked area from the first tramline
Overlap of worked areas without SectionControl = savings potential
Currently worked area from the second tramline

A solid partner in achieving sustainable efficiency: Fendt VariableRateControl (VRC)

The more variable the conditions are within a field, the more efficiently Fendt VariableRateControl (VRC) works for you. Section-specific farming furthermore ensures that precisely the quantity of fertiliser or pesticides that is actually needed for each field section is applied. This means that plants with a poor supply of nutrients will be fertilised more intensively, while partial overfertilisation and resulting environmental burden is avoided only a few metres further on. Use yield potential maps to define the maximum product application rates.

Increased comfort, decreased costs

Maximise your acreage yields and save fertiliser, seeds and pesticides. VRC is integrated with the Fendt VarioDoc Pro documentation software to ensure that you are always able to apply precisely the correct product rates to precisely the areas you want. Simply use a compatible field database to plan farm inputs with superior precision in the application map and then transfer the data via the ISOBUS standard TC-GEO. As for the rest – while it might seem like magic, it is simply the most efficient solution conceivable for your farm.

Perfectly measured efficiency

Maintain flexibility and comfortably control a wide range of implements via the Varioterminal. Thanks to ISOBUS, this is quickly and easily done with implements from many manufacturers.

VariableRateControl (VRC) metering

VariableRateControl (VRC) in the Fendt ProfiPlus tractor variant really shows off its strengths when applying up to five different farm inputs simultaneously, each as precisely metered as the next. This is easily done by transferring the relevant application maps to the tractor via VarioDoc Pro. The precise application rates are then transferred to the application implement via an ISOBUS interface, and the VarioGuide steering system ensures that they are executed with superior accuracy.

Up to 5 farm inputs

VariableRateControl allows up to 5 farm inputs to be applied at the same time. With single-seed drills, for example, the application rates of seeds, fertiliser and micro-granular can be metered independently of each other.

Easy operating concept

Transfer the application map from your PC to the tractor, switch on VarioDoc and your field sprayer, and you are ready to go!

5 application maps simultaneously

VariableRateControl (VRC) allows you to process up to 5 application maps simultaneously. An as-applied map of the actually applied quantities is additionally created for later verification.

Hervorragende Zusammenarbeit

Während VariableRateControl die Applikationsmenge kontrolliert und anpasst, schaltet SectionControl nicht mehr benötigte Teilbreiten (z. B. an Feldgrenzen, bereits bearbeiteten Flächen) ein bzw. aus.


Use VarioDoc to transfer application maps easily from compatible field databases.

The precisely right quantities of farm inputs at precisely the right places.

Geo-specific evaluation maps of yields, soil samples, plant nutrient availability etc. can be used to create application maps that reflect actual needs in the field database. These maps then form the basis for section-specific application rates.