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Task data management system

The documentation and data work you do off the field is just as important as the work you do on it. VarioDoc Pro wirelessly and securely transfers task files between your machine and your office without a data card or USB device, saving time and unnecessary work.


Basic documentation in perfection

When you choose the Fendt Variotronic with Varioterminal 10.4”, you’ll get VarioDoc as a standard feature. And the huge benefit that comes with this? You can directly transfer all data relevant to the documentation into your ISO-XML-compatible field database and analyse the key parameters such as “worked area” or “required time” via Bluetooth or USB stick with a minimum of fuss. If you opt for a Fendt Vario with the ProfiPlus configuration and Varioterminal 10.4”, the extensive, job-related VarioDoc documentation system is already integrated as standard.

Using the Varioterminal 10.4” and VarioDoc Pro, you are able to transfer your data to your field database via GPRS at any time, regardless of where you are, to make it available for immediate further processing.

Another advantage are the 10 integrated on-board calculators, which allow you to record data on areas worked, time and fuel consumption, among others.

Much more than mere documentation

The VarioDoc and VarioDoc Pro allow you to utilise the full performance capacity of your field database. Using jobs in your work was already an option in the past. Now you can, for the first time, also transfer your application maps and record actual application rates. Thanks to VarioDoc and VarioDoc Pro, you can have the same field boundaries and tracks that you already use at your fingertips on any Fendt tractor.

Document by all means, but do it right

Documentation is not only an obligation for farming enterprises. If one looks at the extensive opportunities that exist in terms of data evaluation and optimization, documentation also makes absolute financial sense. VarioDoc not only supports you in complying with ever-expanding statutory documentation obligations quickly and easily. It also enables you to plan your job management effectively with low effort and, above all, helps you lower your operating costs substantially. VarioDoc and VarioDoc Pro are 100% ISOBUS compatible and support the ISOBUS standards TC-BAS and TC-GEO (only VarioDoc Pro). This facilitates the collection and processing of data even further.

Free choice of field databases

You have free choice of using whichever field database you prefer. Fendt VarioDoc works with systems from a wide range of manufacturers and can therefore be put to immediate, universal use. As with all Fendt Variotronic components, the well thought-out system is intuitive to use. Simply transfer data to Fendt VarioDoc or VarioDoc Pro, and you have your most important parameters at hand.

Compatible field database VarioDoc and VarioDoc Pro:

  • BASF
  • Helm
  • FarmFacts
  • FarmWorks
  • Farmplan - GateKeeper
  • SMAG - Agreo, Atland
  • Others*

Guidance line transfer

VarioDoc and VarioDoc Pro also offer the option of not only transferring documentation data, but also exchanging data with your VarioGuide system, even if you use third-party automated guidance systems! This allows guidance lines, field boundaries and application maps (only with the VariableRateControl option) to be easily transferred via a field database, either from your VarioGuide system to the third-party system via a compatible database or vice versa.

“Professional” comes from VarioDoc Pro

Optional documentation with Fendt VarioDoc Pro offers even wider options. Thanks to GPS-based records and the transfer of certain parameters via a mobile network, the most important data is documented immediately, without any extra input. All you need is a single SIM card (NTRIP or VarioDoc Pro). VarioDoc Pro users additionally benefit from VariableRateControl (VRC) and the collection of additional parameters such as fuel consumption and engine speeds.

The benefits of VarioDoc Pro

  • Complete jobs quickly and securely from and to the machine
  • Perfect for contractors and machinery cooperatives with shared data management
  • Use of Prescription maps using VariableRateControl (VRC)
  • Using of Prescription maps can be processed in ISO-XML format or in Shape format (with USB stick only)
  • Additional information can be provided through GPS position recording

* Claas E-Systems KGaA mbH & Co KG, Connected Farm - a Division of Trimble Navigation, F4F/Adaptris, 365FarmNet GmbH, Adaptris