Fendt 1100 Vario MT

Achieving bigger things.

Think BIG with the new Fendt 1100 Vario MT.

If you weren’t already good at what you do, you probably wouldn’t be looking at a Fendt tractor to begin with. Fendt’s long-time reputation for uncompromising excellence is further enhanced by the 1100 Vario MT. Technologically advanced, relentlessly dependable, and comfortably easy to operate, the 1100 Vario MT provides a solid, reliable return on investment while simultaneously managing risk and minimizing downtime. An internally developed single-range VarioDrive transmission which maximizes efficiency and simplifies operation. The Fendt iD low speed engine concept allows for greater low-end torque at lower engine RPMs, which means you cover more acres but burn less fuel.

The large footprint provided by the Mobil-trac system reduces compaction and helps maintain track-to-ground contact, allowing an operator to run comfortably at higher speeds. That equals more work done with less fuel expense—and a greater ROI. A redesigned primary suspension and cab interior increase ride comfort over long operating hours. Combined with a standard 3-year full machine warranty PLUS all scheduled maintenance PLUS a loaner guarantee, the Fendt 1100 Vario MT delivers efficiency, productivity, fuel-savings, comfort and profitability in a track tractor bigger and better than ever.

Quick Specs and Features

Min/Max Weight

42,000 / 59,000 lbs. (19,051 / 26,762 kg.)


15.2L or 16.2L, 6 cylinder, Tier 4F

Constant Engine Power ECE R120

511—673 HP (376-495 kW)

PTO Power


Maximum Speed

25 MPH (40 KPH)

Hydraulic Capacity

Std. 58 GPM (220 LPM) / Opt. 116 GPM (440 LPM)

Rear Power Lift Capacity

Up to 20,000 lbs. (9,072 kg.)


VarioDrive Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Track Sizes

18'— 36'

What makes a Fendt, a Fendt?

Two major traits stand out: Efficiency and Reliability. This page is full of both, and it only scratches the surface. Fendt has always been BIG on building uncompromising excellence with unmatched customer care into every machine. And with the 1100 Vario MT, your opportunity for a BIG return on investment has never been BIGGER. Your timing couldn’t be better.

An incredibly smooth, quiet, high-torque-at-lowengine- speed MAN power plant drives more power to the ground. With an rpm band ranging from 1,000–1,700 engine rpms with peak torque achieved from 1,000 rpms, the 15.2L MAN engine (1151, 1156, 1162 Vario MT) or the 16.2L MAN engine (1167 Vario MT) provides for an incredibly smooth and quiet operating experience, but with BIG torque and BIG fuel savings.

Convenient, comfortable, easy-to-use. A 10.4" touch screen terminal with integrated guidance, paired with a customizable multi-function joystick puts everything you need to operate the Fendt 1100 Vario MT literally at your fingertips. The radio can be controlled via the patented steering wheel with optional radio controls

Our patented VarioDrive continuously variable transmission now brings the same BIG, record-setting efficiencies to the 1100 Vario MT providing ease of operation with no range changes required.

The hydraulic system is fully dedicated to the implements it powers—the optional dual-pump, dual-circuit system provides up to 116 GPM of hydraulic oil flow designed to handle the largest air seeders and planters.

We want to help you control as much as you can. That’s why every 1100 Vario MT comes standard with a 3-year/3,000-hour full machine warranty, PLUS all factory recommended maintenance and a loaner guarantee. (Optional: Gold Star+ offers up to 5-year/5,000- hour coverage.)