Fendt 700 Gen6

Perfected for every kind of work.

This adaptable tractor, ranging from 144-237 hp, is your powerful partner for all kinds of work – fromrear or front mounted hay tool applications, to row crop work, to tillage, or loader work, this is a tractor that won’t sit still very long.. A new driver’s workstation sets standards in terms of functionality, customizing and ergonomics. The new FendtONE operating philosophy is also unique, connecting your office seamlessly with your machines for the first time.



Fendt 714 Gen6



Fendt 716 Gen6



Fendt 718 Gen6



Fendt 720 Gen6



Fendt 722 Gen6



Fendt 724 Gen6



Making the best even better.

The new driver’s workstation is the ultimate space for more functionality, customizing and ergonomics.

  • New armrest with familiar Fendt elements
  • Incorporates up to three display options: digital dashboard; 12" terminal on the armrest; additional terminal stows into the roof liner
  • Customize your terminals
  • New multifunction joystick with even more functions
  • Flexible button assignment with Individual Operation Manager (IOM)
  • Logical color coding
  • Infotainment package
  • Premium sound system
  • New end-to-end operating philosophy FendtONE
  • 4 USB ports on the armrest

Tried and tested a thousand times over.

Front power lift with load-relief control

With this easy-use front hitch with load relief control, you can transfer some of the implement weight to the front axle. Fine-tune the degree of load relief with a special double-acting front power lift valve. This ensures both the safe steering of the tractor and that the front-mounted implement only applies the pressure it needs for the work it is doing.

ISOBUS interfaces

An ISOBUS socket is available in both the rear and front, to control ISOBUS-enabled attachments. All the controls you need are in the armrest.

Front loader valve for more options

With the third valve for Fendt Cargo front loaders, you can run up to three functions at the same time. This helps when using a round bale forklift, for example. Lower the front loader, extend the bale forks and open them at the same time.

Engine properties

The 6-litre 6-cylinder engine delivers 144 to 237 hp. The high-end model, the Fendt 724 Vario, reaches its maximum torque of 790 ft. lbs. (1,058 Nm) at just 1,450 rpm. This saves fuel and cuts down the low noise levels.

Automatic steering axle lock

The optional automatic steering axle lock automatically unlocks the steering axle at a predefined speed on trailers with self-steering axles. On straight stretches, the rigid self-steering axle ensures stable handling. Operators do not need to lock the self-steering axle manually outside of the preselected speed range and when reversing.

Vario CVT transmission

The FendtVario transmission is a hydrostatic-mechanical power split drive. With increasing speed, the share of the mechanical power transmitted through the planetary set increases. The hydrostats can be swung 45 degrees and have a high operating pressure of max. 7,977 psi (550 bar) – this ensures exceptional efficiency.

Turn your work routine into perfection.

The new 700 Gen6 has it all – strength, agility, precision, reliability, functionality and comfort.

  • Power segment 144 to 237 hp
  • Self-levelling front axle suspension
  • Front power lift with load-relief control
  • Front loader valve to simultaneously activate 3 functions
  • TMS pedal mode that adjusts deceleration by detecting thrust
  • Automatic trailer steering axle lock
  • 100% differential locks for front and rear
  • Increased lift capacity of 23,303 lbs (10,360 daN)
  • Max. permissible overall weight of 27,557 lbs. for 714, 716 and 30,864 lbs. for 718, 720, 722, 724
  • High payload of up to 13,670 lbs (6,200 kg)
  • Load-sensing pump with 29 GPM (109 l/min) as standard, and an optional 40 GPM (152 l/min) or 51 GPM (193 l/min)
  • 4-speed rear PTO
  • 1000E economy PTO
  • ISOBUS socket in the front and rear
  • digital camera ports