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Fendt 900 Vario

You know the difference between break-even and profitable is defined in hours, gallons and data. The high-performance Fendt 900 Vario Series is the most efficient, comfortable, and reliable tractor you can buy.

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930 Vario
933 Vario239326
936 Vario261355
939 Vario283385
942 Vario305415

Fendt 700 Vario

The adaptable Fendt 700 series is a powerful partner for all kinds of work - from rear or front mounted hay tool applications, to row crop work, to tillage or loader work, this tractor won't sit still very long.

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714 Vario106144
716 Vario120163
718 Vario133181
720 Vario148201
722 Vario163222
724 Vario174237

Fendt 300 Vario

This series is perfect for dairy farms, livestock operations, feedlots, as well as municipalities and specialty applications that demand unmatched performance, quality, and adaptability.

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311 Vario83113
312 Vario90123
313 Vario98133
314 Vario104142