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Ideal driving, ideal operations.

The Fendt 500 Vario has the ideal prerequisites to make your operations more fun and to help you garner the best results: powerful, robust engine technology with lively driving characteristics, the unique Vario transmission, numerous automated assistants and even an electronic immobiliser.

The engine on the Fendt 500 Vario. The ideal engine for your farm.

Economy and low emissions with Tier 4 final

The dynamic, powerful 4-cylinder engine proved itself for all operations in the power segment witha maximum output of 131 to 171 hp. The 4-valve technology with common rail injection enables efficientfuel consumption for the best overall efficiency. Through the combination with the SCR exhaust aftertreatment and passive diesel particulate filter CSF, the Fendt 500 Vario complies with the latest emissionsstandard Stage 4 / Tier 4 final and has an especially economical diesel and AdBlue consumption.

Efficient exhaust technology

The exhaust after-treatment and diesel particulate filter clean the exhaust, reduce AdBlue consumption and ensure a long lifetime with low operating costs. The external exhaust gas recirculation (AGRex) already reduces nitrogen oxides before they reach the exhaustline, so less AdBlue is required. The passive diesel particulate filter (Coated Soot Filter, CSF) cleans unburned hydrocarbons and particulate matter out of the exhaust. The integrated heat management regenerates the diesel particulate filter (CSF) automatically while driving. It is maintenance-free and does not increase fuel consumption or costs.

More cooling for more power

Areas that develop a lot of heat need to be cooled accordingly. Radiator, intercooler, transmission oil and fuel cooler form a highly efficient cooler unit for an efficient and powerful engine. The powerful water pumps delivers 312 l/min for ideal engine cooling. An additional fuel cooler enables effective utilisation of energy. The Fendt 500 Vario delivers the best performance, even under extremely high temperatures.

The Fendt 500 Vario reaches its final speed of 50 km/h at a low engine speed of 1700 rpm, 40 km/h already at 1400 rpm.

Additional fuel cooler for ideal power delivery.

The air filter on the Fendt 500 Vario has a long life thanks to a precleaner and is easy to access for maintenance work.

Always informed about everything – e.g. via the consumption indicator in the terminal.

Take off! With the stepless Fendt Vario transmission.

Nothing drives like the Fendt Vario transmission. The Fendt Vario stands for continuosuly-variable, dynamic driving with plenty of engine power at any speed from 0.02 km/h to 50 km/h. This allows you to work accurately for each operation with the Fendt 500 Vario and to tap extra performance that is not available to powershift transmissions. The separate oil supply protects the gearbox against oil mixing and contamination. Furthermore, the Vario transmission ensures high efficiency with low engine speeds and low consumption. And driving the tractor, either per joystick or with the pedal, is always a relaxed matter. Trust the expertise gained through more than 250,000 assembled gearboxes.

Drive simply – The Fendt Vario transmission

The Fendt Vario transmission is a hydrostatic-mechanical power split drive. With increasing speed, the share of the mechanical power transmitted through the planetary set increases. The hydrostats can be swung 45° and have a high operating pressure of max. 550 bar – this ensures exceptional efficiency.

Ideal interplay of transmission and engine

The automatic maximum output control 2.0 regulates the engine speed (engine load) dependent on the power requirement, so that the engine works in the optimal range in terms of fuel consumption and the preset driving speed. There are different optimum values that can be set as the load limit for different operations, for example transport, heavy draft work or for work with PTO-driven implements. The tractor automatically sets the ideal engine speed. Alternately, operators can also set the automatic maximum output control 2.0 manually.

The automatic maximum output control 2.0 regulates the engine speed (engine load) dependent on the power requirement, so the engine is always working in the optimal range in terms of fuel consumption and driving speed.

Well-balanced and efficient with TMS

Frequently changing operations are on the agenda for an all-rounder. Whether for transport or heavy draft work, the Fendt 500 Vario has been designed for ideal performance, low fuel consumption and reduced wear on components. The tractor management system TMS controls the engine and transmission so that they are always working at an economical optimum without you having to think about it. You just have to specify the desired speed. The TMS software gives your vehicle more zip and drive in practical use.

You can easily control the transmission functions on the armrest, e.g. the driving pedal range with the rotary control. TMS, four-wheel drive or PTO speed with a click oft he keypad.

Three-speed rear PTO with 1000E economy PTO

The direct force path from the engine to the PTO stub means the Fendt 500 Vario transmits power to the PTO especially efficiently. With 540, 540 E and 1000, the Fendt 500 Vario offers three PTO speeds for different kinds of work. The optional 1000E PTO lowers the engine speed and thus saves more fuel, even at higher PTO speeds.

High PTO efficiency through the direct drive line from the engine to the PTO stub.

Ideal suspension for your ride comfort

The standard specification front axle suspension guarantees ideal ride comfort on the road and in the field. During tillage work, the front axle suspension ensures optimal transfer of traction.

Self-levelling front axle suspension

The Fendt 500 Vario is standard-equipped with a self-levelling front axle suspension, which enables high payloads with the best ride comfort and up to seven percent higher traction in heavy draft operations. Suspension travel is +/- 50 mm, so uneven ground is absorbed over a long suspension travel. The 8° swing angle ensures stability while driving. The 52° steering angle of the front axle guarantees maximum manoeuvrability. The suspension function can be switched off, e.g. to pick up the front weight.

Easy and relaxed driving with Vario:

The driving mode can be freely selected. Operators can either select the pedal mode or control the speed of the tractor with their foot. Alternately, joystick control with up to four different acceleration rates is also possible.

The integrated shock load stabilising prevents the tractor and implement from bouncing by actively counteracting movements using the hydraulics. It reduces pitching movements so you benefit from improved steering safety and higher ride comfort.

Like every Fendt, the Fendt 500 Vario facilitates daily work through practical details, such as the automatic blinker reset: The tractor blinks until the turn has been completed and then automatically switches off.

Practical driver assistance systems


With VarioActive you can go through a full steering angle with only one turn of the steering wheel.

Reaction steering system

The Fendt Reaction steering system ensures ideal straight-ahead driving. After negotiating a curve, a hydrostat quickly brings the steering wheel back into the starting position and provides the driver with steering feedback. This makes sensitive steering much easier.

Automatic Steering Axle Lock

The automatic steering axle lock automatically unlocks the steering axle at a predefined speed on trailers with self-steering axles. At high speeds and when reversing, the locked steering axle automatically keeps the tractor and trailer straight.

Your investment secured: the electronic immobiliser

To ensure that your Fendt 500 Vario stays with you as long as possible, it has an optional electronic immobiliser – already standard on most automobiles, new for tractors. With the immobiliser, the tractor has a special ignition lock and ignition key.