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Fendt Agronomy solutions to collect and process your data.

In your already busy everyday life, there's no avoiding that paperwork – annoying, but necessary. The good news is that your Fendt machine will help you document your field work in the best possible way.

Job-related documentation system

Fendt Task Doc
+ Share data regardless of manufacturer agrirouter
+ Process data regardless of manufacturerNEXT Machine Management

Save time in the office – VarioDoc, VarioDoc Pro / Fendt Task Doc.

With the order-led documentation system VarioDoc or VarioDoc Pro / Fendt Task Doc, your tractor collects all necessary data as you work. You can then transfer the data into a field map.

Basic documentation perfected – VarioDoc

With its onboard computer, your Fendt machine can collect various data on the job. You can make use of this data with VarioDoc and conveniently document it in a farm management system as part of an order. You can make all the documentation settings onscreen:

  • Job name, field name and current crop
  • Address of the company/customer
  • Plant protection product used and application volume
  • Current driver
  • Attachment used
  • Current weather conditions

Alternatively, you can create a job in one of the many compatible field databases and upload it to your terminal via USB stick or Bluetooth. The processed job is imported into the field database as a standardised ISO XML file in the same way.

Each Fendt machine with a Varioterminal 10.4" is equipped with VarioDoc as standard.

Advanced documentation: VarioDoc Pro / Fendt Task Doc

On a tablet one can see various areas that can be expanded with Fendt Task Doc.

VarioDoc Pro / Fendt Task Doc adds machine parameters and position data to the info provided by the onboard computer. This data is then accessed by the VarioGuide / Fendt Guide tracking system. This location-specific information is provided and recorded every five metres. VarioDoc Pro / Fendt Task Doc is the basis for the subsection-specific Fendt Variable Rate Control application.

  • Send data via the mobile network or USB
  • Perfect for contractors and machine communities with a shared data management system
  • Files processed in ISO-XML format and application maps in Shape format; for Shape application maps, data transfer is by USB only

Exchange cross-manufacturer data with agrirouter.

Solving a core problem.

As digitalisation progresses, agricultural machinery is becoming smarter. Tractor and attachment communicate with each other – in the same language, thanks to ISOBUS. In recent years, the range of agricultural software, i.e. apps, digital farm databases and advanced farm management solutions, has become more and more extensive and the interfaces to share agronomic data on a farm are increasing. This growing complexity can quickly lead to difficulties. Each interface requires more effort to set up and maintain, and compatibility issues often create additional hurdles. It was against this background that various agricultural technology manufacturers – including here at AGCO/Fendt – joined forces to develop a cross-manufacturer, independent data exchange platform with the agrirouter. The agrirouter enables mobile data exchange between machines and agricultural software from any manufacturer*, minimising the number of interfaces your team has to use.

How you benefit from the agrirouter:

  • Accessible data transfer between machines and agricultural software used on your farm, even for mixed machinery*
  • Uncomplicated data exchange with customers and service providers: Connecting two agrirouter accounts means data can be shared very quickly and securely
  • Transparency and data monitoring: Only you define the routes on which you want to transfer your data
  • Data protection: Your data will not be stored

Find out more

Graphic of data transfer without agrirouter. Numerous lines connect employees and tasks in an unclear manner.
Tasks and employees are linked together via the agrirouter and receive the information there.

Without agrirouter:
The more communication interfaces, the more complex the data exchange: increased risk of compatibility issues, more effort required to set up and maintain the interface.

With agrirouter:
The agrirouter functions as a central data exchange platform based on which a wide range of players can share information seamlessly. The number of interfaces is minimised.

Use FendtONE offboard together with the agrirouter

The interface between FendtONE offboard and the agrirouter widens your options: In the future, you'll also be able to map mixed fleets* in FendtONE and use them in your order management. You can also connect other agricultural software solutions* to the FendtONE offboard application. Use FendtONE initially as an easy introduction to job-specific documentation, and later transfer data from FendtONE to advanced farm management systems for further processing.

*Provided that the agricultural machinery or software manufacturer is registered with the agrirouter.

Process data regardless of manufacturer – NEXT Machine Management.

Making smart use of your machinery

The agrirouter ensures seamless data transfer between the machine and farm management systems from different manufacturers. The question now is which system you want to use to evaluate cross-manufacturer machine data in the best possible way, so that your business also benefits from it. Against this background, various companies in the agricultural sector – including AGCO/Fendt – have joined forces and, with their combined expertise, developed the NEXT Machine Management platform. In the NEXT Machine Management mobile app, you use the data sent via the agrirouter for an efficient planning, production and documentation process with machines from different brands.

How you can benefit from NEXT Machine Management:

  • Wirelessly send job data to your machines
  • Make efficient use of your machines by making the most of your mixed fleet
  • Save time by automatically documenting your actions
  • Future-oriented with the highest data security

Fendt Smart Farming – your next steps.