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Harvest intelligently. Increase your efficiency!

Our C-series stands for the ultimate in efficiency, cutting-edge solutions and high flexibility. With its numerous features, it defines the premium segment of the new upper mid-horsepower class. Automated steering with VarioGuide, a new appearance and the 6-row straw chopper are only a few of the many highlights.

5275 C306 hp*225 kW*
5275 PL306 hp*225 kW*
5275C PLI306 hp*225 kW*
5275 Rice306 hp*225 kW*
6335 C360 hp*265 kW*
6335 C PL360 hp*265 kW*

6335 C PLI

360 hp*

265 kW*

6335 C Rice360 hp*265 kW*

* Max. performance with PowerBoost (ECE R 120)

Keep a cool head, even on hot harvest days.

The Skyline cab is quiet enough to protect your hearing, so you can concentrate on the job no matter how long your working day. The automatic climate control system provides a unique feel-good factor – at the right temperature, at the right time.

Low on fuel and eco-friendly

To meet Emissions Stage V, Fendt has fitted the C-series with a diesel oxidation catalyst, a diesel particulate filter and an SCR catalytic converter. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after-treats exhaust gases with a urea solution (AdBlue). This not only significantly reduces particulate matter and CO2emissions, but also drastically cuts fuel consumption. The variety of fuel filters means the engine is well protected no matter how poor the fuel quality.

Modern 6-cylinder

Our C-Series is equipped with modern 6-cylinder engines from AGCO Power. With a cubic capacity of 7.4 l (5275 C) and 8.4 l (6335 C), they deliver a maximum output of 306 hp (5275 C) and 360 hp (6335 C).

Fendt C Series Virtual Showroom

Fendt Virtual Showroom

Discover the Fendt combine harvester in our virtual machine showroom.
The detailed 3D all-round view gives you insight into selected features such as the cab, cutterbar, grain tank and more.

Use the arrows to click your way through the Fendt Forum to the interior of the machine.

The next step to your Fendt C-Series