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The self-propelled machine for professionals

In the plant protection sector, there’s one name that gives you precise boom control, easy handling and optimal, reliable application: Rogator. Our many years of experience and a number of key technologies have all gone into our innovative plant protection self-propelled machine, the Rogator 600, to create the perfect all-round solution.

Rogator 645Rogator 655Rogator 665
kW/hp*173 / 235200 / 272 226 / 307

Nominal capacity (litres)

3850 / 50003850 / 5000 / 60006000

Boom widths (m)

24 - 27 - 28 - 30 -

32 - 33 - 36 - 39

24 - 27 - 28 - 30 -

32 - 33 - 36 - 39

24 - 27 - 28 - 30 -

32 - 33 - 36 - 39

*Maximum power ISO14396

Efficient plant protection for healthy crops.

The self-propelled Fendt Rogator 600 meets all the requirements that customers expect of a cutting-edge plant protection implement. Flexible and agile, efficient and gentle in action, powerful and easy to handle.
  • Perfect boom position and ground following
  • Low centre of gravity
  • 3850/5000/6000 l tank capacity and 500 l clean water
  • Induction hopper with OptiFlow control centre
  • Inner turn radius of just 3.14 m
  • Up to 2.05 m tyres and 35° steering angle
  • Smooth undercarriage with up to 120 cm ground clearance for maximum plant protection
  • HydroStar CVT gearbox in combination with engine wheel hubs
  • Thanks to the integrated ControlDriveSystem (CDS), the continuously variable HydroStar CVT gearbox and the rotary pump only use the power that the Rogator actually needs
  • 40/50 km/h at reduced engine speed
  • Rotor pump with 785 l/min pump capacity
  • Fendt VisionCab with > 4 m³ volume, perfect visibility and climate control
  • Category 4-certified cab as standard
  • 16 t trailed load


Single-beam chassis : An optimal layout for all components

The unrivalled single-beam chassis creates an optimal layout for all components. This ground-breaking chassis design forms the basis for optimal weight distribution, excellent ease of maintenance, and maximum agility due to the wide steering angle, even in combination with high tyres. Nevertheless, the vehicle remains practical and compact with an outer width of just 2.55 m.

The manoeuvrability of the Rogator 600 pays dividends especially in sensitive crops like potatoes, maize or sugar beet.

Flexible track widths: Hydraulic track adjustment axle OptiTrack

The hydraulic track adjustment axle OptiTrack is a bonus, especially for professional contractors who need to adapt to the track widths of their customers. When driving, the track width of your Rogator 600 can be infinitely adjusted from the cab from 1.80 m to 2.25 m. If you often need to switch between different track widths, there is an option to pre-set two track widths which can then be quickly and conveniently selected from the armrest.

Adjustable and spring-mounted OptiRide chassis

The Rogator is equipped as standard with an hydropneumatic spring-mounted chassis and active chassis stabilisation – for excellent ride and roll-over stability even on slopes. In order to ride even in tall crops without damaging the plants, Fendt offers the OptiRide adjustable chassis with up to 120 cm ground clearance. The hydraulic cylinder of the hydro-pneumatically spring-mounted chassis allows a height adjustment of 45 cm. Combined with the smooth underbody, the Rogator can therefore also be used in tall crops such as maize for late treatment or flowering treatment in oilseed rape.

Pump and OptiFlow control centre.


High-performance pump

The rotor pump with a maximum output of 785 l/min has a separate hydraulic drive, works without pulsation, and responds rapidly. For perfect plant protection.
  • Mosaic

    High-performance pump

    The rotor pump with a maximum output of 785 l/min has a separate hydraulic drive, works without pulsation, and responds rapidly. For perfect plant protection.
  • Mosaic

    Ground-breaking controls

    The straightforward, logically-designed OptiFlow control centre with clear display controls all valve functions, and makes it easy for the operator to fill the sprayer, even when wearing gloves.
  • Mosaic

    Electronic fill level indicator

    The OptiFlow control centre allows convenient control of all functions during filling. Electric control valves ensure even greater comfort and safety.

Induction hopper & spray tank.

Practical induction hopper

The 60 l capacity induction hopper has an output of up to 200 l/min. Even large quantities of crystalline products can be quickly and easily dissolved at a rate of up to 33 kg/min. The operator fills the induction hopper from a comfortable height and can fold it in and out easily using the gas pressure springs. The canister cleaning diffuser is used as an easy means of flushing the spray liquid canister, and helps you get every last drop from it. The induction hopper can also clean itself when the lid is closed.
High-performance diffusers on the internal wall and in the overflow optimise the rinsing process.
Use the rotating flushing nozzle in the flushing valve to easily and safely rinse out measuring cups and canisters.
The high intake capacity of the induction hopper ensures short downtimes and high daily output.
The spray tank on the Rogator is made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene). Various tank sizes are available according to the model. The tank’s shape is a perfect fit for the machine frame, guarantees an optimal weight distribution, and can be completely drained through a 3” transfer fitting. The filling tube stretching down to the tank floor prevents foaming. The fill level is determined by pressure sensors on the tank floor.

Boom & Pivot.

Unique pivot

The parallel linkage and articulation of the lift arm fitted in front of the rear axle keep the centre frame close to the rear axle, and transfer very little chassis movement to the boom.

The central boom pivot ensures that all diffusers are ideally positioned and remain stable above the uncut crop.

Ideal positioning at all times

Horizontal and vertical boom movement, which can be attributed to the terrain or to the acceleration and slowing of the vehicle, are almost completely eliminated by the special Rogator damper cylinder. At the same time, the system reduces the main frame load to a minimum. Due to the low yaw, there is no overlapping and no gaps which can often be caused by a swinging (forward/back) boom.

Single diffuser switch

The Rogator has a huge selection of diffuser adapters: 5x DualSelect 2+2 and QuadSelect. Distance between diffusers is 50 cm. Depending on the diffuser adapter, one or more diffusers can be controlled electrically, so the sky’s the limit with SectionControl and VariableRateControl, systems that help you get the most out of your pesticides.
  • Mosaic

    Single diffuser switch

    The Rogator has a huge selection of diffuser adapters: 5x DualSelect 2+2 and QuadSelect. Distance between diffusers is 50 cm. Depending on the diffuser adapter, one or more diffusers can be controlled electrically, so the sky’s the limit with SectionControl and VariableRateControl, systems that help you get the most out of your pesticides.
  • Mosaic

    QuadSelect diffuser

    The QuadSelect diffuser adapter enhances comfort. The optimal diffuser combination is selected at any time in combination with OptiNozzle.
  • Mosaic

    OptiSonic height control

    Thanks to the OptiSonic boom height control system, the right, middle and left sides of the boom automatically and separately follow the ground. Up to 4 ultrasonic sensors keep the spray height constant at all times. The boom is of course protected against damage by an impact guard.

VisionCab Cab.

Immediately get your bearings and work safely

As in any Fendt, all controls are ergonomically and handily placed. This ensures intuitive, straightforward and logical operation. Using the multi-function joystick, all the machine’s key functions are safely under control. 3-stage active carbon filters clean the intake air effectively before it gets inside the cab, and the generous auto climate control creates a pleasant climate in the cab with slight positive pressure. Not only does this enhance air quality, it also prevents dust or vapour from getting into the cab, and means that the Rogator 600 meets the strict category 4 cab air filter requirements of EN 15695 in every respect.
On long work days, the cool box provides plenty of room for drinks and snacks.
All controls are handily arranged in the tried and trusted Fendt console. You can opt to extend the display area by adding a second terminal.
The multi-function joystick – everything under control in one stick.
The lowerable step ensures maximum comfort and minimal plant damage.

Fendt Smart Farming.

VariableRateControl (VRC)

Dosing of pesticides and liquid fertiliser

VariableRateControl (VRC) shows its strength when it comes to precise dosing of pesticides and liquid fertiliser. The TC-GEO (Task Controller geo-based) ISOBUS standard gives you the option of working with location-specific application maps, and recording the output quantities in your field database. Just transfer the relevant application maps to the terminal via USB, Bluetooth or mobile network before application. The exact application quantity is then sent to the Rogator 600 via the ISOBUS interface, and applied with great precision thanks to the VarioGuide steering system. VRC can be used to avoid returning to the yard with leftover liquid – which can be laborious to deal with – helping you buy in pesticides more efficiently.

Section engagement.

For increased efficiency

The automatic section engagement facility is absolutely essential for those who need 100% efficiency. Valuable liquids are not wasted by going over the same place twice, neither is there any overlapping or gaps. This applies to large areas as well as to smaller, winding runouts. Simply start the Rogator 600 and all parameters will be sent fully automatically. The ISOBUS standard function TC-SC (TaskController SectionControl) automatically engages sections depending on the GPS position and the required degree of overlapping. SectionControl also produces higher yields whilst saving 5% to 15% of the spray liquid costs. All key functions such as switch to clean water, internal cleaning or switch off agitator can be controlled directly from the cab.

Nozzle combinations

Pressure (bar) / Speed (km/h)

Nozzle combinations

OptiNozzle fully automatically combines the use of different nozzles. Automatically combining nozzles enhances the machine’s application range at a consistent pressure and drift reduction, and allows for higher driving speeds.

Headland management

Headland management activates a range of functions at the touch of a single button. Turn on/off the application process, OptiSonic boom control, boom flushing, rear axle control, or toggle the cruise control and VarioGuide guidance system. All this helps take the stress out of your working day. If field boundaries are stored, there’s no risk that application of liquid will start if the boom moves beyond the field boundary. Even if the run-out limits are unclear or if you work at night, you’ll only treat your target area.

VarioGuide Contour Assistant

The VarioGuide Contour Assistant adds Contour Segments and Single Track to the existing VarioGuide wayline types, to enhance both efficiency and convenience. After creating the contour segments, the VarioGuide system automatically selects the right segment according to direction of travel, angle and distance. Waylines can be automatically created based on the field boundary, and do not have to be changed manually. Using Single Track, all tramlines can be recorded as one contour line during plant protection. The track is recorded by driving in the tramlines, and can be used for the next application.

Right on track with VarioGuide

Regardless of the country, whether in town or far from mobile network masts: Fendt VarioGuide guidance system allows you to work to an accuracy of millimetres using the available GNSS signals. The system uses GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO satellite systems (as soon as available), and enhances their information with the help of a wide variety of correction services. If the RTK signal is lost due to an obstacle, the VarioGuide is kept on track for up to 20 minutes thanks to the NovAtel RTK AssistTechnology or Trimble®-xFill™ technology. VarioGuide is compatible with a range of signals. The SBAS (EGNOS and WAAS) satellite-based signals are just as welcome as ground-based RTK signals via radio or mobile network (NTRIP).

The next step to your Fendt Rogator 600