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Fendt Lotus. The Lotus of the tedders.

The unique Fendt Performance tines make the Fendt Lotus one of the most efficient tedders in its class. The shape and position of the Fendt Performance tines ensure greater volumes of grass and hay are shifted. The Lotus models are extremely stable so you can enjoy high travel speeds and up to 50% more area coverage. For maximum impact and perfect results.

The anti-wrapping system prevents the crop from wrapping itself around the wheel axle.

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Because the wheel is close to the tines, the machine adapts beautifully to the ground, every time.

Thanks to their high flexibility, the dragging Fendt Performance tines can also avoid obstacles much more easily than conventional tines. On the Lotus, tine breakage just isn't an issue.

The extra stable tine arms are designed for high power transmission and maximum durability.

The special tine attachment with adjustable positioning angle means you

can easily switch to boundary spreading or night swaths while protecting against tine loss.

Large rotor plates mean the tine speed remains high at a low rotor speed.

Voluminous tyres on every rotor for excellent feed intake and ground adjustment.

Simply move a single bolt to easily adjust the spreading angle position. You have a choice of 5 settings from 10° to 17° – precisely adapted to your needs, every time.

Spread over the working width, there are several swivel joints between the rotors that make sure each one individually adapts to the ground. Low wear and clean feed, guaranteed.

The towed tedders have an extra grid frame for maximum stability, both for protection and to reinforce the main frame across the full machine width.

The maintenance-free double-cross joints ensure direct power transfer and means the tedder can turn even in the folded transport position.

The overload protection on the main drive joint shaft increases operational reliability and makes the Lotus tedder drive train exceptional durable.

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