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Efficient threshing – increases your yield.

Heavy, high inertia threshing cylinder

The weight of the threshing cylinder is increased by 8 bars, which are attached between the rasp bars. The massive inertia ensures smooth and uniform running. This significantly reduces the load on the drives as well as the power requirement and fuel consumption.

Smart concave

The concave features different wire spacing. The clearance in the back section of the concave is twice as big as in the front area. This arrangement provides the best threshing and separation results. To optimise the threshing quality, you can adjust the concave spacing both at the front and back from the comfort of your cab.

2 systems in one

The Multi Crop Separator (MCS) Plus separating concave has a giant separating area. As much grain as possible is separated out before the crop even reaches the straw walkers. What is also special about our MCS Plus combines is that the separator concave can be swung up over the rotary separator. An electric motor brings the concave into the desired position as need; tools are not required.

Separator concave

Electrical threshing unit

Perfect at the front, and at the rear too: the front and rear concave openings can be adjusted independently and electrically. You can adapt the threshing unit to any possible harvesting conditions from the comfort of the cab.

MCS Plus, swung in

The separator concave is rotated under the Multi-Crop Separator (MCS). This setting improves the separation performance in long straw and wet conditions, enabling high output, even under difficult conditions.

MCS Plus, swung out

The separator concave is completely above the Multi Crop Separator. This setting is recommended primarily for crops that only require light threshing and in dry conditions.

Optimal chopping and spreading results.

Residual grain and straw management

Optimal residual grain separation

The long straw walkers on our C-Series each have 4 steps with “active back walls”. The 210 mm-high vertical sections of the steps have open gratings. You can be sure that even the last grain is separated efficiently. Gentle handling of the crop maintains the structure of the straw optimally.

6-row straw chopper is standard

For conservation soil tillage and direct seeding operations, very short chopped material is essential to ensure fast decomposition of the straw. The new 6-row straw chopper has been specially developed and delivers the best chopping and spreading results. The serrated knives ensure a clean cut and reduce power consumption. The infinitely adjustable counter knives, an additional pivoting dimple plate and electrically adjustable straw deflectors guarantee complete control over the quality and spreading of the chopped material.

Your choice

With only one hand movement, you control if the straw is to be swathed or chopped. The straw is handled gently during the threshing process, so you produce the best quality straw for bales, fodder, bedding or energy production.

High-performance sieves
600 mm threshing cylinder
Multi Crop Separator Plus

Straw walkers

The active back walls of the steps promote effective grain separation. We have strengthened the first step for grain maize harvesting.

  • Mosaic

    Straw walkers

    The active back walls of the steps promote effective grain separation. We have strengthened the first step for grain maize harvesting.

  • Mosaic

    Straw chopper

    An adjustable dimple plate is standard and ensures a uniform length of the chopped straw.

  • Mosaic

    Electrically adjustable deflector plates

    Electrically adjustable distribution plates are also available as an option, so you can set the exact distribution from inside the cab.

  • Mosaic

    Moving a lever

    Just move the lever to quickly and easily toggle between swath-laying and reaping.

Efficient performance – in any type of crop.

Exchangeable sectional concave

For arable farmers and contractors who need to harvest many different crops, the Fendt C-Series can be converted in a flash with the new sectional concave. The front concave segment can be removed easily and can be exchanged through the open stone trap. There are two front concave segments, one with 14 mm wire spacing for intensive threshing when harvesting grain and a segment with 24 mm wire spacing for maize, soybean or sunflower harvesting. For enhanced grain separation, the universal segment has a wire spacing of 24 mm at the rear.

Rice – the special version

Since harvesting rice poses very special challenges for a combine, we offer you a dedicated model for this application. To minimise material wear, many components here have been strengthened and manufactured from very low-wear material. We have replaced the bars on the threshing drum with pins to ensure gentle handling of the sensitive grains of rice. For harvesting on very moist ground, our rice model is equipped with crawler tracks.

Besides the sectional concave, extensive maize equipment is also available for maize harvesting.

To minimise material wear caused by dirt entering the machine, we use very low-wearing materials in our rice combine version – especially for the machine components that come in direct contact with the crop.

The 14-mm narrow wire spacing of the sectional concave produces perfect threshing results when harvesting grain.

Harvest the best quality.

Best washing results – for the cleanest grain

The quality of the grain determines your profit. When developing the shaker shoe, the focus was therefore on the use of high-capacity sieves to harvest the cleanest grain. The special surface of the high-capacity sieves (HC sieves) enables optimised wind flow and the highest cleaning performance. To ensure that the crop remains uniformly distributed on the sieves even on slopes, high partitions are attached to the upper sieve. The returns system transports the material that has not been optimally threshed back to the threshing cylinder. This is done very gently and evenly, because an auger above the cylinder distributes the material over the full width of the threshing unit.

Large grain tank emptied quickly:
The grain tank has a large filling capacity of 9,000 l in the standard version and 8,600 l in the ParaLevel version. The unloading speed of 105 l/sec is one of the highest in this class. From the platform, you have easy access to the grain for sampling. For additional quality control, you also have a large window in the Skyline cab that looks directly into the grain tank.

Grain tank capacity

5275 C

5275 C

5275 C

5275 C

6335 C

6335 C


6335 C










Preparation floor


Grain auger

Rethresher auger

Lower sieve

Sieve extension

High-Capacity sieves (HC sieves)

Electrically adjustable sieves

You can control the electrically adjustable sieves from the comfort of the cab.

Returns sensor

The transfer flow is measured by a sensor and shown on the Varioterminal 10.4".

In very damp harvesting conditions, a clean preparation floor always ensures high throughput rate and optimal threshing quality. That’s why the preparation floor of the Fendt C-Series is easy and convenient to remove.

Chaff spreader

An adjustable chaff spreader with double rotor is available as an option.

The returns camera can be used to track the threshing quality at all times, and to react quickly and easily to the changing harvest conditions.

Intelligent slope compensation.

Optimum in-field and on-road characteristics

Besides the classic advantages of a chassis levelling system, the ParaLevel system offers additional beneficial features. For example, you can choose between a work and a transport mode. In work mode, higher stability and safety on slopes, because the outer width is increased. In transport mode on the other hand, the front axle is lowered and the outer width is reduced. With an outer width of 3.50 metres, both combine models – 5275C PL* and 6335 C PL** – comply with traffic regulations.

* 5 straw walkers with 800/65 R32. ** 6 straw walkers with 650/75 R32

Integrale – additional longitudinal levelling

While the ParaLevel front axle compensates for side-to-side tilt, Integrale compensates for fore-to-aft tilt. The system compensates for up to 30% tilt uphill and up to 10% downhill. With the combination of ParaLevel and Integrale, the machine can be kept completely horizontal, even on very steep slopes. This guarantees optimal, uniform crop flow in the feed area, threshing unit, straw walkers and the cleaning system guarantees a high threshing quality and clean grain sample. With our combines, you achieve the same high productivity on the steepest slopes as in flat terrain. With proportional valves, even the steering on the Integrale is fully variable.

Highly efficient – even on slopes

Our Fendt 5275 C and Fendt 6335 C combine models are available as a ParaLevel version. The system is based on a parallelogram and compensates for slopes up to 20%. The threshing unit and the entire separating and cleaning systems remain horizontal and the full power capacity is available for harvesting. ParaLevel machines can be equipped with 4WD and offer you more traction and greater safety – even on slopes. With proportional valves, steering is fully variable.

The axles and final drives are connected to each other through a parallelogram structure. Hydraulic cylinders that are located on the sides of the front axle shift the parallelogram. This raises or lowers the front axle and levels the combine on slopes.

On slopes, the parallelogram is shifted upwards or downwards. This can fully compensate for slopes up to +/– 20%.

The next step to your Fendt C-Series