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A workplace for pros.

Space and visibility with Skyline view

The generously sized cab offers plenty of space and room to feel comfortable. You have a perfect view to the table, stubble, unloading auger and, thanks to large electrically adjustable mirrors or the standard camera function in the Varioterminal 10.4”, also towards the rear.

Best comfort for relaxed working conditions

Our combines are equipped with the latest generation of comfort seats. Air-sprung as standard and you can adjust the range of settings to suit your own style of working. The 3-way adjustable steering column makes it easy to find a relaxed working position. A roomy storage and cooling compartment is located under the passenger seat.

Powerful work lights

The lighting concept on the Fendt C-Series offers bright and far-reaching illumination in the field and on the road. The extensive standard lighting system, with adjustable work lights, also ensures excellent illumination at night. Additional stubble/row finder lighting is available as an option.

Work in peace and quiet

The Skyline cab is quiet enough to protect your hearing, so you can concentrate on the job no matter how long your working day. This is made possible through the use of the latest laminated glass technology for the windscreen.

Direct sight line

A good view to the table and stubble, and to the spreading pattern of the straw chopper with the camera, enables the best performance in the field.

Unloading tube in full view

Excellent visibility to the unloading area for fast unloading at up to 105 l/sec.

All-round visibility

The large, electrically adjustable heated mirrors are easy to adjust and offer an outstanding view to the rear and sides.

Lighting concept

The comprehensive lighting concept ensures good working conditions – even at night.

Automatic climate control

The automatic climate control automatically controls the temperature for a pleasant working environment.

Light operating panel

Clear overview of activated work lights in light operating panel.

Making your work clear and easy.

Intelligent control

The central control element for your Fendt combine sits securely in your hand. Our multi-function joystick in located in the front area of the Variotronic armrest, and contains all the operating elements required for controlling all the key parts of the machine during the harvest. The armrest can be adjusted in height and length, so that you can find the ideal sitting position.

Everything in sight

The large Varioterminal 10.4" has intuitive menus and can display up to 4 different applications, giving you a constant and full overview. You can choose the screen layout flexibly and according to your needs. With up to 2 integrated cameras, you can see into additional areas – for example, when reversing or unloading.

Automatic machine settings

The Varioterminal allows you to save as many of your own machine settings as you like for all the main types of crops. By clicking on the saved setting, the machine automatically adopts it.

Fendt Variotronic

Like in our tractors, the clearly structured armrest is the most important operating unit. Here you can make all the necessary machine settings. The soft surface of the armrest also provides you with maximum comfort.


Functions multi-function joystick

1 Cutter position

2 Header stop

3 Reel position

4 VarioGuide activation

5 Automatic cutting height control

6 Grain tank unloading on/off

7 Grain tank unloading tube on/off

8 Reel speed

  • Mosaic

    Functions multi-function joystick

    1 Cutter position

    2 Header stop

    3 Reel position

    4 VarioGuide activation

    5 Automatic cutting height control

    6 Grain tank unloading on/off

    7 Grain tank unloading tube on/off

    8 Reel speed

  • Mosaic

    Functions rocker switches

    1 Threshing unit on/off

    2 Cutter on/off

    3 4WD on/off

    4 Handbrake

  • Mosaic

    Functions membrane keypad

    1 Threshing cylinder speed

    2 Concave clearance front/back

    3 Fan speed

    4 Sieve opening top/bottom

    5 Straw chopper spreading pattern (optional)

    6 Open/close grain tank

    7 Side cutter on/off

    8 Transport mode/VarioGuide standby

  • Mosaic

    Main information page

    The main information page, top left, shows the engine rpm and travel speed. Next to it are the displays for fuel, AdBlue, oil and engine temperature. This graphic shows the current status of the grain tank unloader system and the combine's unloading auger.

  • Mosaic

    Main menu

    The current and pre-set data, such as cutting height, straw walker and sieve grain loss as well as the returns volume are shown in the main menu. Below are the settings for the threshing cylinder speed, concave clearance, fan speed and sieve opening. These can be quickly adjusted with the short cut keys on the screen.

  • Mosaic


    Info Plus menus can be shown in the lower area of the Varioterminal. Here you can choose submenus, which deliver further information on the various areas of the machine. VarioGuide can be displayed in this area.

  • Mosaic

    Camera view

    Up to 2 camera views can be shown at the bottom of the terminal window at the same time. You can choose whether you want the camera view to be shown continuously or only at certain times, like reversing. The image can be enlarged per touch, so that it fills the entire screen.

Get even more from your machine.

VarioGuide – always on track:
The optional VarioGuide uses the latest technology to guide your machine precisely through the crops. This gives you higher threshing performance by reducing unnecessary passes and optimising the field division. The integrated automated steering system is adjusted in the Varioterminal with just a few clicks.

Identify areas of potential: Yield mapping:
Adding location data to the yield reading gives you a useful map view with subsection-specific yields using a field database. This helps you quickly identify the strengths and potentials of each run-out and coordinate your follow-up work where it is needed. A separate satellite receiver is required for yield mapping.

Clear overview at all times.

Yield and moisture content measurement:
The grain tank lift is equipped to measure the yield and moisture content on the machine. You can opt for the full system, including a separate computer and sensors to check the grain's moisture and volume as it enters the grain tank. These values are shown on the computer screen and stored in a standardised file format. You can print the data immediately on an optional printer – which is especially useful for contractors, who can then give the customer an overview by run-out.

Call up machine data from any location: Fendt Connect:
Fendt Connect is the central telemetry solution for Fendt machines. With Fendt Connect, machine data is collected and evaluated, so farmers and contractors can monitor, analyse and optimise the condition and use of their machines. Mobile data transmission means you can check your realtime machine data anywhere – from the office PC, tablet or smartphone. You must have a Box (AGCO Connectivity Module) to use Fendt Connect. This exports relevant machine data and sends it to Fendt Connect (app or web application). Data is sent via the mobile network.

The next step to your Fendt C-Series