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Fendt Slicer Mower

Perfect down to the last stalk: The Fendt Slicer disc mowers

Fendt tractor with slicer mower working in a green field

Perfect forage can only be harvested by perfect machines. Fendt Slicer disc mowers give you a perfect, consistent cutting height – for impressive mowing results. You'll be thrilled with the feed quality.

Power par excellence – we combine a Slicer front mowing unit and a butterfly mowing combo at the rear; it's an unbeatable mowing experience that's all down to a whole host of clever details.

Nothing is more versatile. Mowers to meet your every need.

Your practical requirements are what makes a Fendt Slicer disc mower. Intelligent lightweight design and maximum service life go hand in hand at Fendt, ensuring ease-of-use and low fuel consumption. Innovative drives reduce fuel demands.

Choose from a variety of front and rear mowers of different working widths and specific accessory adaptations - the right combination for all terrains and harvesting conditions.

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Fendt Slicer cutter bar - With our drive you make a good cut.

The heart of the innovative slicer - Our Fendt Streamline cutter bar in an animated film. Technical advantages and features dynamically and informatively staged.

The Fendt Streamline cutter bar - better cutting

The Fendt Streamline large-disc cutter bar impresses with its wide range of applications and high efficiency under all conditions. Its remarkable gliding properties, ease of pulling and powerful crop flow support economical mowing, high forage quality and protection of the turf in equal measure.

Sustainable, safe and effective

Fendt mowers with the new Streamline cutter bar can be operated with a reduced PTO speed of 850 rpm under good weather and crop conditions. The complete drive train is designed to achieve optimum power utilisation depending on the requirements. Fuel-saving mowing is thus possible with consistent cutting and forage quality. The overload protection and the integrated freewheel in the gearbox prevent expensive damage to the machine in emergencies. The integration into the lightweight and dimensionally stable support frame is designed to create a large forage swath and plenty of space for tine or roller conditioners.

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Alles fließt

Die flache Bauweise des Mähbalkens ist auf eine Schnitthöhe von 5-7 cm ausgerichtet, was eine ertragsoptimale Nutzung ermöglicht. In Kombination mit den serienmäßigen Gleitkufen verringert sich der Rohascheanteil im Futter erheblich und es wird ein bodenschonendes Mähen und ein schneller Wiederaufwuchs nachhaltig unterstützt.

Perfectly stable

Tub and lid are made of very strong material, positively connected and fully welded. The overall construction is therefore incredibly robust and permanently sealed. The reduction of screw connections also has a positive effect on the forage flow. The cutter bar is also equipped with outriggers and lintel profiles on both sides. This results in massive horizontal dimensional stability - particularly advantageous for large working widths.

Direct drive

The power is applied to the first mowing disc and ensures a direct drive with high efficiency.

Top geared

One special feature of the design is the overlapping interlocking. With 3.5 engagement points, the finely ground and hardened gears ensure reliable function and power transmission as well as optimised noise/wear and vibration behaviour.

Powerful in unison

Large dimensioned gears, arranged in series, achieve high efficiency values through straight-line power transmission and result in very smooth running even under alternating loads. A decisive advantage for drive and mower pinions with a large circumference is in lower rotational speeds. This ensures less wear and tear on the drive components and thus lower costs.

In great shape

The large and clearly profiled mowing discs ensure clean transport of the mown material and perfect forage placement even with high crops. The larger the mowing discs, the fewer mowing modules per metre of working width. The reduction of delivery points increases the efficiency. In addition, they achieve a wide overcut and lift the mown material through the suction effect, a crucial aspect especially with horizontal material. This enables an even and deep cut without damaging the turf. The outer mowing discs with feed drums ensure clean forage clearance even in the marginal area.

Firmly connected and easy to maintain

The drive modules are bolted throughout the Fendt Streamline cutter bar, which stabilises the unit and the overall construction in equal measure. In the event of blockage by foreign objects, the overload protection provides lasting protection for the drive and the mower unit can be easily replaced.

Cut on both sides

The Fendt Streamline cutter bar has no attachment points on the blade suspension. It can rotate all the way around, so it can be used on both sides and also wears less. With the Comfort Change system, the change is made in no time at all with the special onboard tool.

Change-out in short order

The counter blades are user-friendly, plugged in and fixed by the skids. The exchange of both components is simple and fast.

Wear in view

Due to the lifetime oil filling, the Streamline cutter bar requires very little maintenance. A magnetic screw facilitates wear control - metal filings collect on it and thus allow an assessment of the condition of the inner workings.

Working widthNumber of cutting discs
Slicer 310 F/F KC/F RC3,10 m6
Slicer 310 FQ/FQ KC/FQ RC3,10 m6
Slicer 360 FQ/FQ KC/FQ RC3,60 m7
Slicer 3160 TLX/TLXKC/TLXRC3,10 m6
Slicer 3670 TLX/TLXKC/TLXRC3,60 m7
Slicer 860 /KC/RC8,30 / 8,60 m2 x 6
Slicer 9609,30 / 9,60 m2 x 7

The compact angle drive - traditionally strong

The heart of the compact angle cutter bar is the continuous hexagonal shaft that drives the individual angle drives and on whose flanges the mower discs are mounted. The result is a uniform power output that guarantees the highest cutting quality. The hexagonal shaft and the compact angle drives run in a lifetime oil filling for optimum lubrication in every situation. A predetermined breaking point on the hexagonal shaft means that work can be continued quickly by replacing the shaft in the event of damage. Every Fendt Slicer disc mower with compact angle drive has multiple overload protections. All models are equipped with either a V-belt drive or a slipping clutch in the drive train and also have an overload protection on each mower unit.

The compact angle drive ensures uniform power delivery to all mower discs and thus a clean cut with low power requirements.

The Fendt driveGUARD overload protection system reliably protects the mower unit and transmission from damage in the event of foreign objects in the crop flow. The overload disc is connected to the drive train and the mower disc. If a single mower disc is blocked, the DriveGuard disc shears off at six predetermined breaking points and interrupts the drive train. In just a few minutes, the DriveGuard disc can be inexpensively replaced and work can continue. The DriveGuard disc guard is located outside the cutter bar. Opening for repair is therefore not necessary.

The screwed compact angle gearbox can be adjusted in the direction of rotation. The changeover from central to paired running of the mowing discs is made by simply exchanging the angular gears - without any additional components.

Working widthNumber of cutting discs
Slicer 260 FP/FPS2,50 m4
Slicer 310 FPK3,00 m6
Slicer 270 P2,55 m5
Slicer 320 P3,00 m6
Slicer 350 P3,50 m7
Slicer 4080 TL4,00 m8
Slicer 4590 TL4,50 m9
Slicer 991 TLKC9,30 m2 x 7
Slicer 9314 TLKCB9,30 m2 x 7
Slicer 313 TKC/TRC3,00 m6

The spur gear drive with small pulleys - the lightweight

These Fendt Slicer disc mowers with front drive feature a lightweight design, which reduces ground pressure. The cutter bars are very flat, which gives an excellent cutting pattern and optimum forage flow. The drive is provided by an elastic V-belt drive, which drives the first mower disc with the spur gear from above via a cardan shaft. Further power transmission is from spur gear to spur gear, ensuring uniform power delivery to all mower discs. Working widths of over 3.00 m can also be achieved with smaller tractors.

The V-belt ensures good power transmission and also serves as an overload protection.

The lightweight yet robust tractor frame supports a good horsepower/surface performance ratio, especially on smaller tractors.

The mower discs are protected by a shear bolt against overload in case of hitting an obstacle.

Working widthNumber of cutting discs
Slicer 2460 ISL2,42 m6
Slicer 2870 ISL2,82 m7

Always the right solution

The Fendt Slicer disc mowers offer different cutter bars for different applications. The innovative Fendt large-disc spur gear cutter bar has a robust and flat design. It impresses with a high degree of efficiency, optimum crop flow and great flexibility of use. The indirectly driven, stable compact angle cutter bar is characterised by durability and reliability even in difficult conditions. Fendt Slicer disc mowers with the very light standard spur gear cutter bar combine a weight-reduced design with easy handling.

All disc mowers can be equipped with the convenient Comfort Change quick-change blade system. The lockable special tool makes changing blades child's play. The blade locks automatically and is reliably secured. Comfort Change reduces downtime, saving money and valuable time in the tight harvest window.

Experience a floating cut with the unique TurboLift.

Maximum soil protection, minimum forage contamination

On the Fendt Slicer rear mowers with centre suspension, the mower combinations and the Slicer FQ front mower, the patented hydropneumatic cutter bar relief "TurboLift" ensures a floating cut. The TurboLift system constantly ensures the optimum ground pressure during the mowing process and can be quickly and continuously adjusted to the conditions, even while driving. This increases turf protection and forage quality. Especially in damp and wet areas, the crude ash content in the feed is significantly reduced.

Working widthAttachment
Slicer 860 /KC/RC8,30 / 8,60 m

Rear mower combination

Slicer 9609,30 / 9,60 m

Rear mower combination

Slicer 991 TLKC9,30 m

Rear mower combination

Slicer 9314 TLKCB9,30 m

Rear mower combination

Slicer 3160 TLX/TLXKC/TLXRC3,10 m

Rear attachment

Slicer 3670 TLX/TLXKC/TLXRC3,60 m

Rear attachment

Slicer 4080 TL4,00 m

Rear attachment

Slicer 4590 TL4,50 m

Rear attachment

Slicer 310 FQ/FQ KC/FQ RC3,10 m

Front towing bracket

Slicer 360 FQ/FQ KC/FQ RC3,60 mFront towing bracket

Infinitely adjustable

Before mowing, set the relief pressure you want in the TurboLift system. The mower pressure can then be relieved further at any time on the go, and the preselected pressure restored. This allows it to react extremely flexibly to changing conditions. On headlands, the system always calibrates itself. Alongside perfect forage quality, TurboLift means that little tractive power is required and also means significant fuel savings. At the push of a button on the TurboLift valve block, you can completely relieve the cutting unit pressure and park it safely and easily.

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