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The Rogator chassis: Stay on track with OptiRide.

Plant protection means protecting plants

Optimal weight distribution protects the soil and therefore protects your yield potential. Regardless of the tank contents, the Rogator always has a weight distribution of 50:50 in its operating position. Four wheels of the same size of up to 2.05 m high and 710 mm wide and a large diameter (710/75R34) offer the maximum possible contact area. The Rogator’s four-wheel drive adds flexibility and stability to its handling. There are no inner rings as in trailing axles; this reduces crop damage to a minimum. The rear axle can be easily controlled manually at all times, if for example, you need to actively correct slope drift. The HydroStar CVT drive performs a differential lock function via an intelligent power distribution. In extreme situations, each axle can transmit up to 100% power.

Single-beam chassis

The unrivalled single-beam chassis creates an optimal layout for all components. This ground-breaking chassis design forms the basis for optimal weight distribution, excellent ease of maintenance, and maximum agility due to the wide steering angle, even in combination with high tyres. Nevertheless, the vehicle remains practical and compact with an outer width of just 2.55 m.

Adjustable and spring-mounted OptiRide chassis

The Rogator is equipped as standard with an hydropneumatic spring-mounted chassis and active chassis stabilisation – for excellent ride and roll-over stability even on slopes. In order to ride even in tall crops without damaging the plants, Fendt offers the OptiRide adjustable chassis with up to 120 cm ground clearance. The hydraulic cylinder of the hydro-pneumatically spring-mounted chassis allows a height adjustment of 45 cm. Combined with the smooth underbody, the Rogator can therefore also be used in tall crops such as maize for late treatment or flowering treatment in oilseed rape.

Flexible track widths

The hydraulic track adjustment axle is a boon, in particular for professional contractors who need to adapt to the track widths of their customers. When driving, the track width of your Rogator 600 can be infinitely adjusted from the cab from 1.80 m to 2.25 m. If you often need to switch between different track widths, there is an option to pre-set two track widths which can then be quickly and conveniently selected from the armrest.

Unrivalled agility: Thanks to 4WD steering, the rear wheels follow the tracks of the front wheels precisely to keep plant damage to a minimum.

Inner turn radius of just 3.14 m with 2.05 m high tyres.

AGCO Power and HydroStar CVT: Because efficiency is, what really counts.

Fendt Rogator engine

The 6-cylinder engines from AGCO Power mounted between the Rogator’s axles have a maximum power of 235 to 307 HP. The engines meet emissions stage IV through the use of a SCR catalytic converter and AdBlue exhaust after-treatment. Thanks to the integrated ControlDriveSystem (CDS), the continuously variable HydroStar CVT gearbox and the rotary pump only use the power that the Rogator actually needs. The Rogator reaches a transport speed of 40 km/h at an engine speed of just 1,750 rpm, even with a trailed load of up to 16 t; 50 km/h is even possible, depending on countryspecific limits. Regardless of the driving conditions: Fuel consumption is always kept low. None of the crop or pollen get into the cooler unit thanks to its position high up directly behind the cab. If dirt does find its way into the radiator, it can be easily accessed for cleaning through the main platform.

Superlative design

The inclusion of a hydro-mechanical and dynamic braking system allows operators to brake the Rogator using the joystick, even at top speed. Over-revving of the engine when braking with the joystick is prevented by the automatic rev limiter. The Rogator 600 also boasts continuously-active traction control and permanent 4WD. The drive unit, consisting of engine, transfer box, hydraulic pumps, and HydroStar CVT gearbox is the heaviest module in the Rogator, and it has therefore been positioned to provide a low centre of gravity between the axles. As a result, the Rogator is always perfectly balanced, regardless of how much fuel is in the tank. The engine installation position therefore plays a key role in virtually eliminating noise in the cab. All servicing of the drive unit can be done quite easily from the ground.

The OptiRide axle provides 45 cm height adjustment and variable track widths. Flexibly adaptable to your needs.

Connections for air and light are easy to access.