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The telemetry solution from Fendt – Fendt Connect

There's little point collecting and analysing data unless our customers can benefit from it. With this in mind, Fendt has combined its data processing with the service work that follows.

View and analyse machine data anywhere with the Fendt Telemetry solution

Fendt Connect

+ Show machine parameters on an additional display

Fendt Smart Connect

The left smartphone shows the screen for fuel consumption of the machine, the middle screen also shows the login for the Fendt App and the right screen shows the driving path of the machines

Call up machine data from any location

Fendt Connect is the central telemetry solution for Fendt machines. With Fendt Connect, machine data is collected and evaluated, so farmers and contractors can monitor, analyse and optimise the condition and use of their machines. Mobile data transmission via 4G/LTE means that realtime machine data can be retrieved anywhere – from the office PC, tablet or smartphone. With Geo-Fence you always keep track of your fleet. You receive a message on your smart device when your machines leave or reach previously defined areas. You will also be notified of unplanned machine activities.

Fendt Connect tells you about:

  • Machine position and route
  • Fuel consumption and AdBlue level
  • Speed and working time
  • Machine capacity
  • Error messages
  • Upcoming service intervals
  • etc.

Find out more

Screen Connect Performance Reporting

Connect Performance Reporting

With the new performance report, you can easily monitor and document the performance data of your machine over time. The report shows you the key performance indicators in a simple and easy to read format (of particular interest to fleet customers and contractors):

  • Overall summary of the key performance indicators of your entire fleet
  • Detailed breakdown for each machine
  • Graph of daily fleet productivity over the reporting period

Your benefits:

  • Machine idle time – efficiency savings
  • Diesel and AdBlue consumption
  • Engine utilisation of the machine - Adaptation of the machine to the task

How you benefit from Fendt Connect

  • Optimised logistics decisions will improve your operating efficiency
  • Reduce input by monitoring consumption as you work
  • Maximise uptime through smart service scheduling
  • Minimise downtime – use the diagnostics support for your decision-making
  • Flexibility: Call up realtime machine data from wherever you are
In front of a Fendt tractor one sees a man holding a tablet that shows the review of his machines for Fendt Connect.

Telemetry basic package

The telemetry basic package includes all components for the use of the telemetry solution Fendt Connect

  • ACM Box
  • Licence for five years of use of Fendt Connect
  • Fendt Connect web application and app

Check now if your machine is ready for Fendt Connect:

Check compatibility with Fendt Connect

Register and connect your machine in 4 easy steps:

Everything in sight – Fendt Smart Connect

On an iPad one sees the visualization of the machine parameters in the Fendt Smart Connect App.

Fendt Smart Connect shows machine parameters on your iPad. With your machine equipped with the telemetry basic package, you can show specific machine data in the free Fendt Smart Connect app. Data is sent via WiFi. With Fendt Smart Connect, the driver gets an extra, customisable display. The system does not permanently store any data.

Fendt Smart Connect gives you an overview of:

  • Engine speed
  • Slip
  • Fuel and AdBlue consumption
  • Engine load
  • Lifting capacity
  • etc.

Smart Connect includes a Weather Snap-In. This enables you to display the current weather data and forecasts on an iPad.

Inside the cab, one sees the driver's view with an extra screen for Fendt Smart Connect in addition to the terminal and the joystick.

How you benefit from Fendt Smart Connect

  • Free extra displays in the cab
  • Intuitive operation with familiar hardware and controls
  • Full data control – no permanent data storage

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