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Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2 at sunset

Fendt Rogator 600 – From knowledge to perfection.

Never before have you worked so precisely and efficiently in crop protection and felt so comfortable doing so. The self-propelled crop sprayer from the Fendt Rogator series shows how high performance can be combined with optimum comfort. Nothing is left to be desired here.

Crop protection has never been better.

The Fendt Rogator 600 is impressive in every respect. Thanks to its design, it can cope with a wide range of conditions. Whether it's challenging conditions in the field or tall crops – the Fendt Rogator 600 is up to the task. Thanks to its adjustable ground clearance and unique four-wheel drive, it can overcome any obstacle. In combination with the intelligent boom height management, the crop can be processed perfectly.

The Fendt Rogator 600.

Fendt Rogator 600 in the field in early summer

Model overview

Rogator 645173 kW*235 hp*5000l**
Rogator 655200 kW*272 hp*5000/6000l**
Rogator 665226 kW*307 hp*6000l**

*Maximum power according to ISO 14396

**Nominal performance


Fendt Rogator 600 – crop protection technology perfection

Optimum crop protection does not just start in the field. It starts with choosing the right machine. The Fendt Rogator 600 combines crop protection technology and efficiency. With its balanced weight distribution, 35° steering angle, all-wheel steering, height-adjustable chassis and optional adjustable track axle, it adapts perfectly to all conditions. The HydroStar CVT enables precise spray applications, while the intelligent four-wheel drive ensures the best possible drive. Thanks to the standard all-wheel steering, the front and rear axles run perfectly in one track, which minimises crop damage. Perfect for versatile applications in crop protection.
Side view of the Fendt Rogator 600
Fendt Rogator 600 with booms folded in the field

Top-class cab

Take a seat in the most spacious field sprayer cab on the market! Operating your Fendt Rogator 600 is so intuitive and convenient that you can concentrate on the most important things: Precise work. Regardless of the conditions.
Fendt Rogator 600 interior of the cab with driver

Visionary and practical

The AGCO Vision cab with its curved windscreen, thin pillars and large glass surface provides a better view.
6.4 m²
Glass surface

Comfort in every respect

This workstation is there to help you. Thanks to many comfort features, the Fendt Rogator 600 feels like a second skin.
Armrest with additional EHS valve and two terminals
Familiar controls
Food and drink cool box in the cab of the Fendt Rogator 600
For refreshments during work shifts
Cool box
Radio with hands-free phone system in the cab Fendt Rogator 600
Hands free at all times
Hands-free equipment
Sockets in the cab of the Fendt Rogator 600
Goodbye battery worries
Charging sockets
Two terminals on the armrest of the Fendt Rogator 600
Everything at a glance
Varioterminal 10.4
Mobile phone holder in the armrest of the Fendt Rogator 600
A safe place for your smartphone
Mobile phone holder
Drone image of a Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2 in work

Unique chassis

Have an unrivalled driving experience in the Fendt Rogator 600. This is made possible by the unique chassis, which has been optimised to meet the requirements of crop protection. You benefit from more soil protection, better power transmission and less maintenance – and more comfort.
CGI of the Fendt Rogator 600 chassis


The single carrier chassis is the key to many of the advantages of your Rogator 600. It keeps the centre of gravity low by positioning the engine between the axles. It ensures a large steering angle even with wide tyres and keeps the outer width narrow. The 50:50 weight distribution ensures that your Rogator 600 is always gentle on the ground.
CGI of the Fendt Rogator 600 independent suspension

Single wheel suspension

Good for the crops, the soil and the driver: the patented independent wheel suspension of the Rogator 600 has been specially adapted and is fitted as standard. It helps to keep the machine at the optimum height from the crops. It gives you the choice between 75 cm or 120 cm ground clearance – simply at the touch of a button and regardless of the track width. You will feel a significant increase in comfort from the very first moment you set off.
Front view of the Fendt Rogator 600 at 75 cm working height

Low position

The Fendt Rogator 600 with a working height of 75 cm proves its worth in low crops. The track width adjustment offers additional adaptability, ideal for precise work in narrow row crops. This combination of low working height and variable track width optimises the efficiency of crop protection and enables gentle cultivation in different field conditions.
Front view of the Fendt Rogator 600 at 120 working heightfor tall crops

High position

The Fendt Rogator 600 handles taller crops with ease due to it's generous working height of 120 cm. This enables a gentle pass and ensures effective distribution of pesticides during plant growth. The versatile height adjustment of the Rogator 600 therefore optimises its use at different growth stages.
Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2 with raised booms at sunset

Intelligent linkage

Perfect application of pesticides is only possible with a perfect boom. Stability, adaptability and precision come together here to ensure that the spray agents are distributed evenly and efficiently over the crops, thus providing optimum protection.
Schematic depiction of the boom height control on the Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2

Ideal positioning at all times

Everything is designed for precision and an exact distance to the target surface: The OptiSonic boom height control actively controls the centre frame and thus avoids deviations from the desired target surface distance even more effectively. The special combination of gas pressure dampers and rubber blocks gives the frame outstanding stability and efficiently prevents horizontal movement. With 4 or 6-sensor options, OptiSonic guarantees precise detection of the terrain and enables adaptive adjustment of the boom for even more precise and uniform application of pesticides.
Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2 with angled boom in the field

Boom widths and special folds

How much impact can it have? With boom widths from 24 to 39 metres, you have the choice – and the same even goes for folding! The booms are double or triple-folded, special folds are available. If things get too tight, the standard collision protection prevents damage to the booms.
24-39 m
Boom width

Single nozzle control as standard

The Rogator has a large selection of nozzle holders. Depending on the nozzle holder, one or more nozzles can be controlled electro-pneumatically. So the sky’s the limit with SectionControl and VariableRateControl, The nozzle spacing is 50 cm, which minimises overlapping at the headland. This helps you to use your pesticides as efficiently as possible.

Nozzle holder

With our diverse range of nozzle holders, we offer you the option of adapting your spraying technology precisely to the individual requirements of your crops. Our nozzle bodies allow you to tailor the application to maximise the effectiveness of your crop protection measures.
SingleLine nozzle holder
QuadLine nozzle holder of the Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2
TwinLine nozzle holder
QuadLine nozzle holder

Smart Farming

With intelligent technology, the Fendt Rogator 600 takes your crop protection to perfection. Benefit from the full potential of modern software and experience smart farming in its most advanced form, which increases efficiency and promotes sustainable agriculture.


The perfect nozzle or nozzle combination at all times – with OptiNozzle this is completely automatic. The Fendt Rogator 600 selects the right nozzle or nozzle combination based on various application parameters. It takes the legal requirements for drift reduction as a foundation.

Speed Control

SpeedControl automatically adjusts the speed depending on the nozzle combination, so that the pressure at each nozzle is always just right. This not only ensures the precise application of pesticides, but also the efficient utilisation of resources.

Fendt TaskDoc

Fendt TaskDoc offers more options for optimised documentation. With GPS recording and specific settings sent over the mobile network, the key data is documented instantly and directly. This enables the automatic, seamless exchange with ISOXML-compatible field management software and mapping. Data including remaining time, remaining surface area and fuel required is sent and shown on the Varioterminal while you are working.
The application accuracy and manoeuvrability of the self-propelling machine are of a particular advantage when the weather is changeable – with the conditions changing within a matter of minutes, the legal requirements still need to be complied with.
Eliska Nováková
Documentation, application maps and compliance with the drift requirements were the most important things for me when I bought my two Fendt Rogator self-propelled sprayers.
Chris Ireland, arable farmer in Sleaford
Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2 in use

Spray agent tank

The starting point for efficient pesticide work is the product spray tank. That is why the Fendt Rogator 600 offers a particularly well thought-out system that not only ensures high capacity, but also simple filling and precise dosing.
Exposed cross-section of the Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2 product tank

Excellent tank properties

You can see it at first glance: The product spray tank is wide and flat, improving the centre of gravity and thus the driving stability of the Rogator 600. It is made of the particularly durable polyethylene material LMDPE and is at least 12 mm thick at all points. The corners are specially reinforced. You can clean it seamlessly – smooth surfaces prevent pesticide residues.
Close-up of Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2 product tank with filling and return hoses

Simple tank filling

All filling and return hoses pass through a single, central tank manifold. This reduces maintenance work and maximises convenience when filling. The sophisticated design not only enables time-saving filling, but also helps to minimise potential sources of error, which increases the reliability of the overall system.
Exposed CGI cross-sectional view of the product tank on the Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2

Effective agitation

Leave the agitation entirely to the technology. Smart nozzles based on the Venturi principle ensure maximum agitating force – without any impairment of the application rate. This minimises foaming, which not only improves the efficiency of the mixing process, but also promotes the homogeneity of the spray solution and thus contributes to a precise distribution of the spray products.
CGI rendering of the Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2 clean water tank

Clean water tank

The Fendt Rogator 600 carries up to 660 litres of fresh water. Thanks to the pressure sensor, you can see exactly how much is on board at any time electronically. You simply fill it with a separate connection to the OptiFlow filling station and the precise electronic monitoring of the filling level enables efficient planning and implementation of crop protection measures.


Tank cleaning of crop sprayers is essential in order to prevent contamination, spray damage or the carry-over of active ingredients when changing crops. Regular cleaning not only ensures that your products are effective, but also that they are safe to use.
CGI cross-sectional view of the tank cleaning on the Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2

Automatic tank cleaning

This makes tank cleaning child's play. By simply selecting on the terminal, you can decide whether the entire machine or just the boom should be cleaned. You can keep the Rogator 600 perfectly clean thanks to a wide range of additional setting options.
Exposed CGI rendering of the cleaning system on the Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2


With the Fendt ContiRinse feature, the machine is cleaned step by step during spraying. A second pump cleans all pipes and hoses that are part of the fluid system. This means that cleaning starts while you are still working. The operator can decide for themselves when the cleaning process should also flush into the main tank. This effectively counteracts unwanted dilution of the spray liquid.

Technical Specifications

Rogator 645
Rogator 655
Rogator 665
Maximum capacity (litres)
Capacity (litres)
Maximum pressure (bar)
Volume (litres)
Fluid intake capacity (l/min)
Boom widths (m)
24 - 27 - 28 - 30 - 32 - 33 - 36 - 39
24 - 27 - 28 - 30 - 32 - 33 - 36 - 39
24 - 27 - 28 - 30 - 32 - 33 - 36 - 39
Track width* (m)
1,80 - 2,25
1,80 - 2,25
1,80 - 2,25
Maximum power ISO14396 (kW/hp)
173 / 235
200 / 272
226 / 307
Max. ground clearance* (cm)
Empty (depending machine options) (kg)

The way to your new Fendt Rogator 600

Next steps

Do you want to know more about the product? Our Fendt dealers will be happy to advise you. Find a dealer near you now.


You would like to test the machine beforehand or are interested in financing? Fendt offers you a comprehensive range of services.
Exposed view of the Fendt Rogator 600 Gen2

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