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Fendt 200 Vario

For the world's greatest job

Performance knows no limitations, we have equipped the new Fendt 200 Vario with everything that you need for successful work results. Compact dimensions and an airy, spacious cab make it not only unbelievably comfortable but also the perfect partner for use under all conditions. FendtONE is beyond intuitive.

Reliable and innovative

Performance, comfort and versatility know no size. With the Fendt 200 Vario, you have a real all-rounder. This tractor is the perfect machine for versatile uses. The Fendt 200 Vario is the perfect companion for a wide variety of jobs thanks to its well thought-out design.


207 Vario58 kW*79 hp*
208 Vario62 kW*84 hp*
209 Vario69 kW*94 hp*
210 Vario77 kW*104 hp*
211 Vario91 kW*124 hp*

* Maximum power ECE R 120

**Maximum power with Dynamic Performance ECE R 120

Made for YOU.

Fendt 200 Vario – Attention to detail makes the difference

What makes the Fendt 200 Vario special? It sets standards in technology and comfort for compact tractors. Discover the features that make your everyday life easier.

Light, manoeuvrable and comfortable.

The Fendt 200 Vario combines the best features and small size.
Soil protection, tight bends or even working on slopes are no problem for this tractor.

Light and manoeuvrable stepless gliding – only 34 kg/hp.

Soil compaction reduces yield, and that's true for arable farming and grassland. Extensive tyre options and the low weight-power ratio of the Fendt 200 Vario are gentle on your soil. At just 4,280 kg or 34kg/hp, the Fendt 211 Vario is a real lightweight. And it can ballasted to your needs. At the headland, benefit from its outstanding manoeuvrability with a min. turning radius of 4.2 metres.
4.3 t
Operating weight

Superbly manoeuvrable due to slender design

The wasp-waist design ensures exceptional manoeuvrability and a 52° steering angle (depending on tyres). With its low tare weight from 4.1 tonnes, the Fendt 200 Vario guarantees soil-friendly tillage.

The superior driving and working comfort of an HGV

The smart 3-in-1 system guarantees maximum ride comfort and ease-of-use: self-levelling, lockable front axle suspension, mechanical cab suspension and active shock load stabilising. The front axle therefore has an even load, all wheels are in contact with the ground at all times and steerability is maintained. Together with the sensitive Fendt Reaction steering for safe straight-ahead work, the Fendt 200 Vario offers truck-level driving and working comfort.


The Fendt 200 Vario is perfectly customised for you: choose between 3 equipment variants and numerous other features and find the tractor that’s perfect for you.

From Power to Profi+ – find the equipment that’s right for you.

Power equipment variant: The perfect basic equipment

With the Power equipment, you have everything you need for your daily work.

  • Comfort cab with 100 degree viewing angle
  • FendtONE workplace
  • Central TFT dashboard
  • Comfort seat
  • Swivelling steering column
  • Built-in cable ducts
  • Fendt 211 Vario with Fendt DymanicPerformance
  • Fendt Vario increased output: up to 7% time saving and 9% less diesel consumption
  • 40 km/h at a smooth 1,550 rpm
  • Electrical valves
  • 3 front power lift variants: standard, position control and with comfort front lift
  • Low centre of gravity

Three equipment variants for more individualisation:
Power, Profi and Profi+

Compared to previous model, the Fendt 200 Vario boasts a total of 31 innovations. 23 of these are packed into the standard configuration, Power. The Profi version offers additional innovations embedded in the terminal. The Profi+ has five further innovations linking the vehicle to the office with a range of options in terms of guidance system, machine control and agronomy. The detailed table below shows all the added options offered with the new Fendt 200 Vario.

Two different settings can be selected for each equipment variant. The illustrations show the different lines with optional accessories.

Power Setting 1

  • No crossgate lever
  • Two fingertip spools (rocker pair) for operating hydraulic valves

Power Setting 2

  • Cross-gate lever
  • No fingertip spools (rocker pair)

Profi Setting 1

  • Cross-gate lever
  • Two fingertip spools (rocker pair) to control hydraulic valves

Profi Setting 2*

  • 3L joystick – Two fingertip spools (rocker pair) for operating hydraulic valves
  • 12" terminal

Profi+ Setting 1

  • Cross-gate lever
  • Two fingertip spools (rocker pair) to control hydraulic valves
  • 12" terminal

Profi+ Setting 2

  • 3L-Joystick
  • Two fingertip spools (rocker pair) to control hydraulic valves
  • 12" terminal

Engine and gearbox

Compact size says nothing about power and performance – as the Fendt 200 Vario proves. Here you get reliable performance, precise power transmission and the comfort of stepless driving.

Enjoy Vario added power – save up to 7% on time and 9% on diesel

The built-in extra power of the Fendt Vario comes from always working sensitively at the perfect speed and optimum efficiency to achieve maximum area coverage. It taps into power reserves that power shift gears just can't touch.

Independent tests show that this saves you up to 7% in working hours and up to 9% diesel compared to shift gears, depending on the type of farm*. For a 50 ha forage farm, that's up to 34 working hours** in the year and 6,500 litres of diesel saved over 5,000 operating hours! In terms of cash benefits with the continuous system, that's over €12,000*** in 5,000 operating hours.

Basic data:* Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt Westfalen-Lippe, 5-2001; 50 ha forage farm;** Own calculations: 100 hp tractor, 500 operating hours (Bh) year (J) – running time 10 J and 5,000 Bh; average consumption 11 l diesel/Bh;*** Saved operating costs: Rental costs for 100 hp tractor – €16.50 / Bh***- 340 Bh = €5,610/5,000 Bh; (Machinery syndicate adjustment rates 100 hp – https://www.mr-bayreuth.de/images/inhalte/verrechnungsheft2018.pdf)
A green Fendt 200 Vario cultivates the field with a cultivator.

Perfect handling: stepless at 20 metres/h – reverse and two cruise controls without changing gear

From a dead slow 20 m/h up to 40 km/h at just 1550 rpm, work with continuous power transmission without changing gears. Even on slopes you can come to a smooth standstill thanks to the active stop control – gently and without any jolting. This protects you and your soil.

Large diesel tank

The large diesel tank with 125 litres of diesel on the A-pillar ensures a long range. There is also the 16-litre AdBlue tank at the front on the bonnet. Work longer without refuelling.

Accelerator pedal and joystick control

Accelerator pedal or joystick control: The driving mode can be selected individually: The speed can be controlled either using the accelerator pedal or the joystick. Change drive direction either with the joystick or the reverse lever with built-in stop and go function.

Viscotronic fan

The new Viscotronic fan is electronically controlled and adapts extremely sensitively to actual cooling requirements. This saves up to 1.4% in fuel and runs more quietly than a conventionally controlled fan. It also reduces repairs and increases service intervals even in dusty conditions.

Smart Farming

With FendtONE, your machines and your office merge into one operating unit. FendtONE combines the familiar operation of the tractor with the terminal for planning or control tasks that classically would take place in the office. You can schedule field data and orders on your computer or smart device wherever you are, and send them to your machine.

Fendt Guide guidance system – always on the right track

With Fendt Guide you can drive steadily and accurately, even in poor visibility. Fendt Guide lets your machine work at full capacity, because you can stay on track without actively steering, even at night or with large working widths. With Fendt Guide, the tractor automatically maintains the ideal line so that you can concentrate fully on the implement. Overlaps are reduced and savings of three to ten percent are achieved depending on the attachment. You can choose between two different receiver systems, either Trimble® or NovAtel®.

Headland management made easy

This smart assist is a real benefit for repeat processes, especially headlands. Our Fendt TI headland management system saves you up to 1,920 daily hand movements in 160 turns. Both manually at a standstill and while driving, you can record all the functions as a sequence and save them in the terminal. Later, all it takes is a touch of a button to activate the automated sequences when entering and coming out of the headland. Work without having to reposition. Five triggers (route, time, front power lift, rear power lift and manual) and 13 function groups help you control an impressive 74 functions. Shift smoothly between the individual sequence steps.

Top software for superior productivity

For the first time, you can use all the Fendt guidance system and documentation options with the lightweight Fendt 200 Vario. The Fendt Contour Assistant adds the wayline types Contour Segments and Single Track to the existing types. With Contour Segments, you can record the various segments of the field with just one round-trip, a quick and easy way to add field boundaries. Use Single Track to record an almost endless track with an open contour. Parallel tracks are not automatically generated and tramlines are stored as contour lines.

Work profiles can be stored for perfectly adjusted equipment, even with different drivers working on the same machine

With these work profiles, you can save each implement with its own settings. This saves you from having to enter the settings each time. Even if you have different drivers, they can then work efficiently and optimised without making any settings.
Until now, the 200 Vario series stood for simple operation. You used to have to call in his big brothers for complex jobs. Not anymore. With the new armrest and FendtONE, the 200-series has the same intelligence and almost the full toolbox of the bigger ones.
Agrarheute (agricultural trade magazine) – Issue 12/2020

Technical data – Fendt 200 Vario

207 Vario
208 Vario
209 Vario
210 Vario
211 Vario
Rated power ECE R 120 (kW/hp)
Max. torque at 1600 rpm (Nm)
Rear PTO
Front PTO option
Dual hydraulic pump (l/min)
Max. lift capacity of rear power lift (daN)
Max. lift capacity of front power lift (daN)
Unladen weight (base tractor with cab - full tanks, without driver) (kg)
Max. permissible overall weight (kg)

The way to your Fendt 200 Vario

Next steps

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