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FendtONE is your future – jump onboard.

Until now, fieldwork was completely separate from office work. Although the two activities are interrelated, they happen separately and are carried out on different systems. As a result, people often think it's too much effort to get started with automatic and system-based documentation, preferring instead to keep recording jobs on pen and paper. With FendtONE, we at Fendt are taking a new path into the future. A path that connects your office work with your activities on the field. Simple and intuitive.

FendtONE is the operating system that will make things easier for you in the future:

  • First holistic operating approach on the market
  • Enables a unique fusion of the onboard and offboard world
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Local and round-the-clock data management on different devices
  • Identical operating logic on the machine and in the office
  • Optimises the entire work process
  • Open system that ensures future access and connection to other systems (e.g. FMIS) through interfaces

Connect your field and office work.

FendtONE for fieldwork (onboard):

With the new FendtONE driver's workstation*, you can make your fieldwork even more effective:

  • Additional display areas
  • Better ease of use
  • Adaptable to your needs in every way

*Available for the first time on the new Fendt 200 Vario, Fendt 300 Vario, Fendt 500 Vario, Fendt 700 Vario, Fendt 900 Vario and Fendt 1000 Vario.

FendtONE in everyday office tasks (offboard).

FendtONE offboard complements the existing applications on the machine with practical complementary functions. For example, Fendt Task Doc, which records agronomic data / output figures during fieldwork (onboard), has been enhanced with the job planning and management function in Fendt Task Doc (offboard). This means you can instantly use tractor and attachment data, already exported and recorded by the machine, for your reports. Farmers and contractors can use their time more efficiently and productively.

  • Manage your fieldwork, the machine and the team from the office or on the go on any mobile device
  • Create jobs and upload them to the tractor's terminal
  • Manage field data
  • Access job reports

It's never been so easy.

Whether on the machine or out and about – FendtONE features the same symbols and interface on all devices. This makes it extremely easy and intuitive to use. When you switch between media, you already know your way around.

The FendtONE Terminal in the cab is divided into six smaller screens.
The tablet with FendtONE, held in front in the kitchen. Here too, the screen is divided into 6 smaller parts.

Wireless and realtime data transfer.

Offboard and onboard. FendtONE keeps your machine connected to your PC or tablet at all times. Your machine data is transmitted from the tractor terminal to your end terminal in real time via mobile radio.

  • Local and round-the-clock data access
  • Incomplete or duplicate records are a thing of the past
Florian Langenbuch stands next to a Fendt tractor and looks into the camera

"Fendt's vision is to ease the farmer into these digital products so they're happy to use them on an everyday basis. Only once we've done that can we say we've achieved our goal."

Florian Langenbuch

Fendt Product Specialist for digital products

*Availability FendtONE: DE, GB, FR. Other countries to follow.

Fendt Smart Farming – your next steps.

Fendt Smart Farming

Fendt Smart Farming

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